Friday, 18 January 2013

Anladia Hot Pink Messenger Bag

Okay so this week I decided I needed a new handbag! I have quite a few but decided I needed a multi functioning bag! So on I went onto the beautiful world of the Internet and found a company called Anladia. On this website they have various things including; Hats, Bags, Clothing, Make-up etc. So as I browsed through all the bags on their website (some which I really liked some which I didn't) and came across the 'Oilcloth Polka Dots Body Messenger Saddle' bag in Hot Pink. I did have the dilemma of whether to get this bag in either a Sage or Hot Pink. After a debate with my mum to help me decide, I bought the bag in Hot Pink. The bag which I ordered on the 15th January arrived this morning (the 18th), with the bag in a protective vanity bag.  The bag is much more like a small handbag then it is a big satchel bag i.e not the sort of bag you would use to carry your college books around in, as the bag is a bit smaller in size. However, in this bag there are lots of little pockets all on the inside and out. As you can see from the picture on the upper right I already have my diary and also popped some lip products such as Vaseline and Maybelline Lip Gloss into my bag! Behind my cute spotty diary there is another little zip which is perfect for putting keys in (and yes keys with lots of Key chains  as well as a pen and maybe some loose change! On the front of the bag there is 2 pockets which are perfect for little bits and bobs. The quality of this bag is fantastic, the oilcloth material means that this bag is waterproof as well so perfect for the unpredictable UK weather! In this bag you still get the typical 3 pockets on the inside where you have a phone pouch and a nice long pouch or in this case 2 for change and odd bits! In the picture on the lower left you can see the back of the bag, there is yet another zip! Fab! This makes me so happy, 'cause I love bags with zips on the back, for me I usually tend to put my phone in this part
as its nearest my body and I usually have this bit tucked up on the side of me! Another great feature about this bag is the leather buckles on the front of the bag. These are so easy to use with this bag as on the front 2 pouches of the bag there is some poppers which secure the buckles down to close the bag, however, for an added security feature on this bag you can actually zip up the main compartment of this bag, so there is no worries if you are walking down a busy and crowded high street! Another handy feature with this bag that I usually find a very common negative with most other bag's I purchase is that the strap doesn't constantly fall off your shoulder if you are walking very briskly! The strap is a shade of beige which compliments the brown on the leather buckles on the front of the bag. The strap is adjustable as well and is very easy to adjust! On the outside of the bag there is also 2 open pockets on the side, I never usually tend to use these outside pockets as they make anything in them very visible to everyone, and I usually just ignore them as part of a feature on a bag. This bag is definitely my favourite as of now, its made of such a good quality and I'm sure that I will have this bag for a long time to come! I bought the bag for €18.75 plus €2.00 for shipping which converted equals to about  £17.71 including shipping! I myself see this bag as a bargain! Honestly, if you are looking for a messenger type or satchel bag them this one is for you! On the Anladia site they have various different colours for this bag, and you may also be able to get the bag in a pattern too!