Friday, 25 January 2013

Candle Crazy!

Hello my Cupcakes! Some people who know me personally probably know I'm very obsessed with candles! I always find that candles give you that warm winter'y snug feeling. I have a very big bedroom, which is also a combined living space, and if you don't get the feel of the room right then it can feel very cold and boring. Now I am currently through a transition period in my room as I am getting new furniture and re-jigging all my stuff for a whole new style, which I will show to you when it is complete! Currently, as you can see in the picture my bed is against the back wall of my room where my door is, this will be changing! I always feel candles make me feel so much happier and I believe they always calm me down and relax me if I have had a stressful or tiring day. 
In the image on the left if 3 of the main candles I have in my room. The one on the far left is my Tropical glass pot candle with a lid. I bought this from Morrisons for a lovely £1.50. The scent isn't too strong or too weak. I have quite a big bedroom and the smell actually does surround the room, even when its the only candle I light! The middle candle is another one from Morrisons, its unscented and mainly use this one for photography projects and photo shoots  This pillar candle is usually on my draws with my heart dish and 2 photo frames (as you can see on the upper right!). The stand for the pillar candle is from Sainsbury's; I bought it for about £5 many years ago, but you could probably find cheap candle holders in a 99p shop or online! The candle on the right is, again, from Morrisons; this candle is another scented candle which I got in a deal pack with 24 tea lights both Strawberry and Pomegranate scented. The smell from these are absolutely outstanding! I adore the smell of these new candles, I got the small pillar candle and tea lights for an outstanding £1.50... This made me very happy! I buy loads of my candle stuff from Morrisons, they are cheap and they are still fantastic.
In the image on the left is off my cute little star candle holders which I bought for 50p each in yes, Morrisons! These have to be one of my favourite finds! Currently I am using up all my tropical tea lights from Morrisons for a pack of 24 tea lights costs you about £1! On the image on the right I have the same tea lights, but these candle holders I bought about 6 years ago from Partylite. I went to a friends mum's party and she had this company round, I also at the time bought some Black Cherry candles (these had a really deep but beautiful aroma to these candles but never got the chance to buy some more!) These tea light holder's are really unique and stunning, in the bottom of 2 of them is an orange glass look at the bottom of them and the other 2 is more like a deep purple glass effect on the bottom, they are also tear dropped shape, which works so well!