Sunday, 13 January 2013

Hair Accessories

On Christmas Eve, I was just browsing on a website called Etsy, when I came across a site called Beauxoxo. All the products on the website are handmade by Georgie, who makes these fantastic hair accessories and runs the website. After looking through the website I just had to buy some of her delightful and beautiful accessories! All the products are made to such an outstanding standard! About a week after I ordered my products they arrived within a week! (Bare in mind that this was over the Christmas and New Year period!) As you can see the the Left, the products were wrapped in  a beautiful glittery pink tissue paper, alongside with some love hearts, and an extra little butterfly 
which can also be used as a clip (which is the image on the right!).

When I received my products I absolutely adored them and they take pride of place in my make-up and accessories basket in my room! The colours are vibrant and very beautiful and just give your hair that little sparkle to glow with the rest of your make-up!

The first product I opened is the "Knitted Bow Headband, Oversized Cute Kawaii Lolita Ear Warmer" in Glitter Baby Pink. This product is so comfy and easy to wear! I have worn mine a lot lately as its been very cold! You could wear this with a knitted jumper or cardigan or when you are lounging in the house. The actual headband is knitted in a pearl stitch, and is used with a baby pink wool which has glitter woven in the wool to give that extra little sparkle and glamour to your hair! I love wearing this with a oversized boyfriend cardigan, black leggings, grey ugg boots and a short sleeved cartoon top! Some products which use wool can be very uncomfortable and itchy if you wear them, this product however, is the complete opposite, its a soft wool which causes no irritation on your skin! I would definitely give this product a 10/10. I bought this from the Beauxoxo website for about £12.00 but the product is of a high quality and finish and definitely worth them extra penny's!

The next product I bought was a "Cute Lolita Kawaii Gingham Fabric Retro 
Pin Up Rockabilly Bow Headband" which I bought in Pink. This product is also made to a very high standard. In a picture the bow doesn't look as big as you'd expect is however, in the image on the right which is taken of myself wearing the bow, you can see the actual size of what the bow looks like when its being worn. When I wear this bow I usually wear it with one of my long 1950's style wiggle dress or swing dress, which are generally knee length. I usually have my hair up in either a pony tail or bun when wearing this bow, because I usually find that the elasticated back of the headband will ride up and cause the bottom of your hair to bunch, mainly if you have short hair.This headband again is very easy and comfortable to wear, but due to the back of the product riding up when I wear my hair down I would give this product a 9.5/10! I bought this pink gingham headband for £12.00, a very reasonable price for a robust and good quality product!

The final product I bought was 2 "Glitter Hair Bows" in Baby Pink (top bow) and in Lavender (bottom bow). This clips are very robust and have a crocodile clip on the back of them so they grip into your hair very easily! When you are wearing them, they don't feel heavy or tug on your hair. I generally find with a lot of products which has or contains glitter on them that they seem to shed a lot of glitter when they are handled, but with this product I don't have that problem. I adore this bows as they go with quite a few of my outfits which I enjoy to wear, and sometimes give that added sparkle which is required just to give that perfect edge on an outfit! I bought both of these bows for £5.00 each, and would definitely give these 2 bows a 10/10! Easy to wear, easy to put on, and very easy to put with a casual or smart outfit!