Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow Make-Up!

So when we have snowfall in the UK, the whole country usually goes into a meltdown, but who said you still can't look fabulous even if you do have to abandon your car or walk your dog?! When we have the snow, I have a very simple and quick make-up routine which I like to do! 

Step 1: Apply any facial products which you might use for acne or spots, always put these products on under your make-up, otherwise you will get no benefit from the usage of these products! As you can see in my other blog post 'Attack Those Spots!' I explain about the products that I use and how they benefit me personally! 

Step 2: Next apply your foundation, I use 2 liquid foundations by Rimmel. The first one I use is the 'Stay Matte' foundation in a shade 200 Beige. I usually use this as a base coat for my foundation. I usually spread my foundation very thinly onto my face and neck. The second foundation that I use is the 'Lasting Finish' foundation in 200 Beige again. This shade compared to the Stay Matte foundation is a little more darker, and I next time I buy this product will probably go one shade lighter. Again I put about a large pea sized amount of this foundation onto my fingertip and then rub this gently onto my face.

Step 3: I do love pastel shades in a lot of my stuff, and that includes some of my eye shadows! For my basic snow make-up I use the Natural Collection 'Mermaid' eye shadow. I am an absolute sucker for NC make-up, its cheap and brilliant quality! I also bought an eye shadow and a small blending brush from Superdrug for about £2, which was a bargain! I use the eye shadow brush and collect a small amount on my brush, I take the eye shadow up to the top of my lip where it creases, and then blend this in so there is no excess eye shadow dusting into your eyes! 

Step 4: Now you would apply some mascara, you don't want too much as your eyelashes may clump or bunch together. I usually use a Victoria Jackson Mascara, but any mascara will do! 

And then you are done! Here is an image of myself with the finished look, it is basic, and very simple, and takes hardly any time at all! You can also add a nice lip gloss, I usually use the Maybelline 'Watershine Gloss' in the shade named 'Cutie Pie' as this has a tint of pink and lasts for ages when applied!