Sunday, 3 March 2013

Shopping Haul!

Hello my beauties! I am finally back - temporarily! I will explain the whole situation at the bottom of this post however lets blog on... Last month I have done a lot of shopping to make-up for the fact I won't be buying too much this month due to a lot of goings on! I have been out and about to various places and shops so I can't do a haul on just one particular shop, however, I will show to you everything I have bought! 

Starting with the products I bought from Boots. I realised I was running low on some of my beauty essentials so I decided to do a little boots haul! As you can see from the picture on the left I bought 2 Barry M Nail Polishes out of the 'Gelly Hi-Shine' collection. Barry M 'Intense Black Mascara 3 in 1', Natural Collection Loose Face Powder and a Soap and Glory Liquid Pen Eye liner  So starting with the Nail Paints. The red paint is called 'Blood Orange' and the gorgeous green/blue toned paint is called 'Greenberry'. I have already tested both of these and I am currently flaunting the Blood Orange. These do exactly what they say on the tin - they leave a glorious shine on your nails. I applied about 2-3 coatings on my nails to make the coating even. The only downfall of these gorgeous coloured nail paints is that they chip so easily! I painted my nails on wednesday night and I have already chipped 6 nails... Woops! I bought the nail paints for £3.99 each with a promotional offer on £1 off on 2 selected Barry M Products... Not bad! The next product is the Barry M Mascara. I usually have a Victoria Jackson Mascara however I am rather skint so went for a cheaper option on the actual packaging of the product they claim that it 'Volumises, Lengthens and Curls'. The mascara most definitely gives my eyelashes some volume and length however the curl? No way! I bought this mascara for £6.19, so not an awfully huge amount of money but as long as it darkens my eyelashes I'm happy! The next is the Natural Collection Loose Face Powder; I got this in neutral translucent as this was the lighter shade. I use face powder as it just helps to hold my make-up such as foundation on for a little longer then usual, which really helps if you are out all day or at work! I absolutely adore NC products, and this is another added to the list! I got this for a nifty little £1.99.. BARGAIN ALERT! The final Boots product I purchased was the Soap & Glory 'Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen'... I usually use the Collection 2000 liquid liner however it always stings when first applied so I decided to try another make and here we are! Ever since this eyeliner pen arrived to me I have fallen in  love with it! It is so easy to apply and runs super smooth when applying to your eye! You generally only need to apply one coat as it comes out super black anyway! This hardly ever smudges only if you rub your eyes really hard! They even say on the packaging of the product that it has a 'foolproof marker tip!' if you apply liner a lot or struggle with putting on eye liner then you should definitely purchase this eye liner  I bought this for £6.00 and every penny has been worth it with this product!
On the left you can see myself wearing my fantastic new scarf from Accessorize! I got this beauty scarf for £19, however I actually had a £20 gift card to use which I bought this with! The feel of this scarf if absolutely divine  Its super soft and so easy to add to an outfit! I love wearing this with a black dress about knee length and some heels and basic winged eye liner and make-up and a pink lipstick! Fab-u-lous!

The next product is the gorgeous kitsch flower wash bag! This is a John O'Donnell beauty accessories bag which I bought from my local Lloyd's Pharmacy for £10. I needed a new wash/make-up bag as my current bag is falling to pieces and looks very grubby! This beauty has a double zip to meet at the top and a compartment on the bottom of the bag. In the actual bag it has waterproof lining so if anything is damp or happens to spill in the bag then you just need a damp cloth to wipe it off and its good as new! I adore the pattern on this and the shade of blue is one of my favourites! 

Yes I have been to Body Shop! I never really tended to head towards Body Shop before as I could never really afford many of their products! However I was lured into their shop as mother's day is coming up and my mum loves Body Shop cosmetics! So I went in and I fell in love with pretty much the whole shop. I bought a gift set for my mum as she likes the coconut toiletries from BS. I got this for £16, which isn't a bad price - in the set you get; a body scrub ball, coconut soap bar, coconut body cream scrub, coconut body cream and a bottle of the coconut shower cream. You can also see that there is a Satsuma Body Butter as well, I got this as a free gift for signing up to the Body Shop gift card! I got this for £5, and every time you go to body shop you get 10% off your purchase, as well as this once you have got 4 stamps you get a free gift worth up to £5 and if you get 8 stamps you get a gift worth up to £10, also you get a free birthday gift and treats in your birthday month (mine being July!)

The last product I bought was from Claires. I am always one for trying out new and crazy things with my hair and decided I would try these 'hi-styles' by Scunci. I have had a love/hate relationship with this product so far. They have instructions on how to use the product and how to use it in different hairstyles, BUT I have had so much trouble trying to put this in my hair on my own! Maybe its just me I don't know but I always struggle! I got this for £5 so not a huge spend but I will keep trying till I succeed with this! I got this in blonde as I have blonde hair, you can get it in other colours to your hairstyle though!

And that is it! Now I said I would explain why I have been having problems with my laptop! My Dell N5110 laptop has caused me nothing but grief lately and I have had to get this fixed 3 times in 2 months! Costing me a bomb! I had my laptop fixed again this week yet I have 2 recurring problems; if there is a time that I haven't said why I am absent from blogging that is probably because of my laptop! I will try and let you know via my blog using my dad's laptop!

Much Love