Monday, 22 April 2013

Hair-Care Update!

Being super cheeky today, I am blogging at work!! (Best be sneaky!) So... If you have been following my blog updates on my hair growth and hair care then you would know that I have been using the Lee Stafford Hair Growth treatment products, I had a ritual for while I was growing my hair. I vowed I wouldn't use any heat products on my hair i.e Straighteners, hair dryer, curlers etc, and this already improved the condition of my hair straight away. I used the Lee Stafford products every time I washed my hair, it made my hair feel and look so much better, as it was super brittle and horrible! 


I have now stopped using the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment as I have now reached my desired hair length (just below my shoulders  its not too long and not too short, and still easy to tie up!) and now I am onto retaining and maintaining my natural blonde hair! I often have many urges to experiment my hair with semi-permanent dyes, but this can also really damage your hair condition but as well as the pigment of your hair, especially with blonde hair like mine! I found that once I had dyed my hair electric blue back in December, I was left with a pale pigmented blue tone on the top layer of my hair, and slowly began to get annoyed with the colour of my hair! So I began experimenting...

 I first began to decide to bleach my hair, yes I was going to strip my hair of the horrible tone my hair had gone... BUT, I spoke to my hairdresser and she absolutely refused to put bleach anywhere near my hair as it would take away my natural light blonde hair! So we had a chat about what I could do... We made a shampoo mix for my hair to a) maintain a good healthy condition and b) remove the top layer of blue tone on my hair. What did we use? We used a mixture of ; Johnson's Baby Camomile Shampoo & Conditioner (yes we used the conditioner in the shampoo!), John Frieda Sheer Blonde Shampoo, and Lemon Juice. Lemon Juice and Camomile are natural ingredients used to strip your hair, without the effect and damages of bleach! Yes it has taken a while, and I am no longer use my shampoo 'potion' for my hair, but now using the John Frieda Sheer Blonde 'Go Blonder' range products. The the shampoo and conditioner are a thick yellow substance, and have a beautiful smell! I always use more then the recommended amount I usually use a large
handful of both for my hair, and massage the products thoroughly into my hair and onto my scalp. I wash the products out of my hair with Cold water and this gives your have a nice sheen look once dried. I find with using these lovely products is that your hair, just like the Lee Stafford products give your hair a lovely silky feel! I love my hair feeling good! Again, with the Go Blonder Products there is no bleach contained in the products, so again no risk of damaging your hair! Fantastic!! I have noticed my hair slowly going back to its normal colour, still a long way to go but its getting there slowly!
I originally bought the Go Blonder Products from Boots at £4 each (£8 in total) but I made the magic discovery that Amazon does a monthly scheduled delivery and it turned out cheaper! I now get 2 bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner every month for an amazing £3.60 a bottle, in total adding up to £14.40, and for the same amount (2 shampoo's and 2 conditioners) from Boots was £16 and Waitrose was an astonishing £28 for the 4 bottles! So if you are like me and cannot resist a free bargain, and your products delivered to your door, then Subscribe upto the Amazon deal! 

Much Love and I shall be catching up on my blogging as I have a big haul coming up in the next week or sol!

Emma Victoria