Friday, 31 May 2013

Bargain Buy! - The Shoes.

I was on the Isle of Wight on Friday 24th May, to see some of my family but also for my big gig which I did with my friends! It was fantastic over there, apart from the yucky rain! After the show I met some of the lovely people who came to watch me sing and perform, and I met this girl, who had these studded creepers, and they were fantastic! On Saturday (the 25th) I met up with my very close friend of many years for lunch and a tad bit of shopping, and to my complete luck I found these beautiful black studded creepers in New Look, the last pair, in my size, and they were reduced!! These were originally £27.99 but I got these for a cheap £12! I know many people seem to have a love/hate relationship with New Look Shoes but I find these super comfy unlike some of the other shoes I have bought from New Look! Many people seem to not like the style of the creeper/Hamilton style shoe, but I adore them! I like to call these my 'Teddy' shoes as these are just like the shoes that Teddy Boys used to wear! 


Emma Victoria