Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Summer Shopping Haul!!

I promised you I'd do a haul! And here it is!! I have been super busy lately with party planning, building furniture for my room and work, that I have had to do all my shopping on-line. Never the less all the things I have bought are absolutely beautiful, and I have my mum to thank for introducing me to SimplyBe. 
Okay, so first of all, SimplyBe is a clothing company that caters for the non size 0 people of the community like myself! (They sell from sizes 14-32!) I am in fact Size 14-16 in SimplyBe (size 16 depending on the cut of the clothing around my bust area!).

So lets start with the beautiful clothes I bought! All the clothes this haul are from SimplyBe as mentioned above! I absolutely loved the Joe Brown range, it was so retro, and I just had to buy something! So lets start with my new denim gilet!

I absolutely adore this waistcoat/gilet! Its the perfect accessory to any outfit, whether its a dress or a pair of short/trousers and a cute tee! 
On the image on the left you can see the frayed detail on the arm hole. The colour of this jacket is a denim wash, and its the comfiest denim gilet in the world! This item is perfect if you are trying to achieve a rock chic/festival sort of look! This is even more perfect if you have  problems with finding these jackets to fit over your bust, this has a stretchy material so it is easy to fit over your chest and to button this up! You can wear this unbuttoned or buttoned up and you will achieve the perfect rock chic look! You can buy this for a nice round price of £30, this gilet will last you a while and it wont be part of the 5 minute fashion fad!

The next item is the Joe Browns Legacy Print Dress, now this item didn't actually look how I expected it to look when it arrived; in the catalogue it showed a pale purple (like the image on the right) but when the dress arrived it was a much more deep purple, however I was still very much in love with this dress! This has a sweetheart neckline which gives you a lovely cleavage, this dress also has a ruched area on the bust by the neckline, which also has buttons (however these cannot be undone). this dress pulls in at the waist perfectly, giving you a stunning figure. The skirt on this dress has a dipped hem, and is perfect to wear with a white flowy cardigan and a pair of wedges for a cute summer look. At the back of the dress, it also has a ruched area on the back, to pull in the dress to extend your stunning curvy figure! I bought the legacy print dress for £38.

The next item is the gorgeous Joe Browns Meadow Swing Dress, this out of all the items has to be my favourite!! I am a sucker for floral swing dresses, and if I could afford every single one I probably would buy them all, sadly I am not that rich... yet! Moving on, this dress has a mustard yellow sort of colour in person but always comes out brighter in pictures! The flowers on this are different shades or pinks and the green is a deep green. This dress is a dream to wear, it has a small slip skirt underneath the material, so another extra little bonus there! There is no zips or buttons on this dress and it has a stretchy waist so if you have any concerns about the dress fitting, may your worries be taken away! I bought this beautiful dress for £45 but it is worth every single penny, the quality of the dress is amazing, and this product washes really well, and also super easy to iron as well, just needing a quick press on the skirt!

The last clothing item I bought was this lovely floral 'Pick of the Season' tunic dress. You can wear this as a casual sort of dress or for a special occasion  it fits lovely to your figure, pulling in at the waist. This dress has a scoop neckline, and is made of a light material so its perfect for hot weather! (Not like we get much hot weather in the UK!) You can buy this dress in Red or French Blue. I bought this little beauty for £38 and I adore wearing this little number with a cardigan and some cute little flat pumps!

Now onto the accessories bit! This is always my favourite bit, adding to an outfit! So lets begin with the lovely pair of cat eye sunglasses I bought from the kitsch Bow and Crossbones...

I bought these lovely 'Trixie Pin-Up Rounded Cats' Eye' Sunglasses for a lovely £8. I bought these in white, because I already have a black pair of Cats Eye sunglasses. This pair are super sturdy and are the perfect accessory for the sun or to just prop on your head to finish off a hair do! The lenses are a deep shade or black/purple and work really well with all my Swing Dress'! 

The next is this lovely mini Tote Bag (Woodland), again from Bow and Crossbones; I bought this in the clearance sale. I bought this for £1.50. I like to call this my mini Bambi Bag! I love the design on this and the handles are really sturdy when carrying small but heavy items. With all my babysitting duties lately, I have had to work with a pram and a 3 year old to go shopping, and yes its not easy! But I always get the little 3 year old involved in shopping but getting her to put things in her bag, and when we get to the checkout we empty out and see what she's got! Such a fun little game, and a handy little tote bag! Highly recommend this little bag, cheap, cheerful and super retro!

These are my new favourite shoes! You would've have seen these in my OOTW this week! I bought these amazingly comfy and stylish summer wedges for £18! I never tend to buy shoes from shops such as New Look, Peacocks etc because I like to buy my shoes from the shoe shops! However, these are an absolute exception, I've been looking for a pair of black wedges for a while as my white pair don't tend to go with all my outfits! I was a bit dubious with the height of these as I like low heels instead of higher ones, but these are so comfy! I can wear these for hours and have no pain in my feet at all! These are very much styled like flatforms except with a super small arch! So easy to walk in, and this is someone who walks in small heels instead of high ones! The black material is made of suede and has a cap for your heel at the back and an ankle strap to make sure they stay on your foot, especially if you go and do some dancing! 

I bought these lovely photo frames from a lovely little shop in my local town called 'Emma Louise' now she sells Sass & Belle products, which these are, in that shop I paid £5.95 each, but you can buy these Oval Portrait Picture frames for £4.95 each from the Sass & Belle website! I didn't mind paying that little extra cause the lady in the shop is the absolute sweetest woman in the world! I have pictures of me and my 2 friends who mean a lot to me in these frames on my windowsill! 

I also bought this lovely little Cream Rose Heart Wreath, which is also from Sass & Belle. I bought this for £3.95 from Emma Louise, but you can buy this also from the Sass & Belle Website for £4.95. This so cute and sweet!

The last item I bought was this retro 'Make Chocolate Cake, Not War' coaster for my bedroom, I'm going to buy one of these each month for my room, as they have a selection of many different ones! I fell in love with this one, because lately I have been doing so much baking of cakes and breads and all that, that I thought this would be perfect! I love the colour and the simplicity of this lovely little retro coaster, and for only a £1 from Bow and Crossbones

So that rounds up my huge haul which I've been promising you for a while! I shall hopefully be blogging more and I have some new ideas to blog you with! Hope you enjoyed this post, sorry its a tad long!

Much Love & Well Wishes

Emma Victoria