Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What's That Smell?!

Good Day my fellow beauties! How are we all?! I hope you are feeling fantastic! 
Today I thought I would share with you all my favourite fragrances which I own!

Yes, I have to admit I am one of them ladies who prefers the Eau de Parfum (EDP) to the Eau de Toilette (EDT), this meaning that the EDP is dearer then the EDT; which for little old me who can't always afford EDP I usually savour each bottle of perfume I buy! 

Lets have a look at some of my favourite body spray fragrance's first!

1. Okay, so I am an absolute sucker for Soap & Glory Products; and these body sprays are absolutely no exception! I tend to wear the 'Mist You Madly' (Pink) most days when I am going out shopping, to work etc. On the packaging bottle it says "A flirty floral fragrant body spray" which it most definitely is! The scent of this body spray is to die for and I always find pairing this with a floral dress always gives you a girly and beautiful feel about yourself which can always lighten and brighten your mood if you are feeling a little low!  The next is the 'Glam-A-Lot' (purple) spray, this is described as "Soft and Sexy Fragrant Body Spray", this spray I tend to wear if I am going on a date or seeing a guy I particularly like; it has a musky tone to this spray, and tends to work like a perfume to me! The scent lasts for absolutely ages, I tend to spray some on my clothes as well as my body, and the scent will still be there the next morning! I think this one definitely lives up to 'soft and sexy'! The last one of these 3 is the 'Girligo' which is a moistursing body mist, I tend to put this on after I have had a shower or if I am feeling a little low or tired I put this on just before going to bed as this just helps to give your skin a soft feel and lovely smell! I find that this body mist has a floral undertone as well as one which makes you feel refreshed and revived! 

2. The next body sprays I'll be looking at are the Impulse body sprays; I tend to have one of these in my handbag or in the car for an emergency freshen up (Example - On a long car journey and about to pop into the services or just getting to the hotel/relatives house)! I tend to stick to the same 2 of the Impulse range; the first being the 'Into Glamour' Spray; I find that this spray is quite a floral and citrus scented spray which I find is always perfect for summer or a night out! This spray is quite strong so you never need to use too much and I find that any of the Impulse sprays seem to last for a lot longer then you'd probably think! The next spray is the 'Tease' spray which smells quite exotic and fruity compared to the 'Into Glamour'spray. The fruity scent to this spray is just so yummy and I absolutely adore it! You can find these little sprays anywhere on the high street if you are in desperate need to freshen up and make yourself have a beautiful scent!!

Okay so now moving onto Perfumes, sadly which I am slowly running out/finished some of these and then need to re-purchase them!

1. Paco Rabanne 'Black XS' EDT - I adored the smell and aroma of this perfume, it was  musky and just had a beautiful dark sort of smell to it! It was such a 'sexy' and 'sassy' sort of perfume, which I could just not stop wearing every single day! It was all thanks to my friend Beth from college who actually introduced me to this perfume as I asked her what she was wearing one day and said this! This small bottle of EDT usually lasted me around 2 months (if used sparingly) but if I used a lot it used to only last a month and a half! The smell always seem to last all day instead of being really beautiful for about 2-3 hours and the smell fading, I could put this on at around 6am and still have the same aroma at around 7pm when I'm home from work and college! 

2. Dolce & Gabbana 'The One' EDP - Lets start with the fact that I love this perfume and I seriously cannot get enough of wearing it! However, the sad part is I cannot actually afford to keep buying it to wear it all the time! I have probably bought this about 3 times already in the box set with the body lotion, (which for the sake of it, also smells amazingly gorgeous, and my ex-boyfriend even commented on how beautiful the smell of it was!) I generally buy my perfume from either The Perfume Shop (if I can get there) or from Boots in my local town for about £50, (including the lotion). The smell of this perfume is just so devine, it has a warm sort of smell to it and not too over-powering like it would knock your nose for six! It has floral tones which gives a fantastic smell if you like wearing a lot of floral dresses and items of clothing like myself! I find this perfume is great for either going down the road with the girls or going out for a meal with that special guy! Perfection in a perfume!

To be quite honest with you, perfume wise, I haven't ventured much out of my comfort zone or from what I know and what I like... I always used to wear body sprays but over the past year I've been wearing perfume more, as it lasts longer and the smell lasts longer then body sprays! When I purchase or look at any more I shall notify you lovely lot, but until then this rounds up the 'smelly' blog! I hope you liked it! Short and Sweet... Like me! Except not sweet? Hmm.. 

I'd love if you could check out my lovely friend Stephanie's post about her favourite Spring Scents - its so sweet!

Much Love and Many Wishes

Emma Victoria