Sunday, 30 June 2013

Weekly Update; 30th June!

Oh gosh, I can't believe its nearly July! We are already half way through 2013!! With it being the last day of June today, the count down to my birthday begins... which means I'M NEARLY CLASSED AS AN ADULT! :( 
I'm not wearing any make-up!
Today Just consists of relaxing now... and drinking. I've already cut the lawn today (in the heat) so now I'm just relaxing in the sun, with a lovely cool fresh orange juice. Tonight I'll just have a shower and then relax in bed and watch a film again!

Monday Today, my mum and me are going to Eastbourne, to go to this shop called 'Dunelm Mill' which we've never been to before... We are going to get some bits and bobs for my birthday so if there is anything I like we will get! Afterwards we will come home, and again probably just do nothing...

Tuesday Depending if my mum feels up to go to Dunelm Mill on Monday  we will go today (we are so indecisive), if we go on Monday I will do the cleaning today, or vice versa! I will also be taking picture of my outfit of the week so keep an eye out for that! First OOTW for July!

Wednesday I have work *sigh* however, we are just doing multi sensory and swimming so its quite and easy and relaxed day again! Afterwards, I have to do some paperwork... The joys of sorting bank accounts and receipts...

Thursday I haven't yet decided whether I will be either playing or watching the staff football match at work, but knowing my luck cause I used to coach wheelchair football, I will be roped in to play! Afterwards I am going for a picnic with my lovely friend and colleague Esther, who is going away for the whole summer once work is finished! 6 weeks without my girl, what on earth will I do?!

Friday Just another day relaxing, I don't have many hours this week as I've managed to fill my allocation of hours up until the 16th July, with all the annual review meetings I've been going into work for, so that means more time off! If the weather is nice I will probably end up going for a walk with my partner, and then just relaxing; or if the weather is crappy we will stay indoors and watch a film together!

Saturday Will probably just be another relaxing day, I have to go into work to meet some of the new staff members! I also have someone doubling up with my position, meaning my hours get halved, just in time for when I go back to college in September! (Fewer night shifts for me at least!) In the evening, I will be going to my local speedway (Eastbourne Eagles) and seeing my best friend Charlie! I only tend to go when she goes, cause for some reason, most people seem to hate me there nowadays or they all have their little group of friends. Meaning, I can have a fun night with my best friend before she moves down nearer to me!

Well, its a pretty relaxed week I think! Which is nice, cause I can enjoy this beautiful sunny weather! On Wednesday, I will be posting a '18th Birthday Wishlist' post, just so you guys have an idea what I want for my birthday!

Much Love

Emma Victoria


Friday, 28 June 2013

Music - It Makes My World Go Round!

Today I was sat in the staff room with my colleague Lucy, when she asked me if I would do a blog post on some of the music I listen to, as she was intrigued! So here I shall post some links to my favourite Rockabilly/Rock'N'Roll singers and bands that I listen to, so you get a taste of my taste!

Imelda May is probably my heroin in Rockabilly! She was the first person I really got into Rocakbilly with, her voice is perfect and beautiful! I just wish I was this woman! Everything about her and her music is perfect! Below is the first song I ever listened to of Imelda's and that's 'Johnny Got a Boom Boom'.

Jerry Lee Lewis is one of the first male Rock'N'Roll men I ever listened to, the other being Elvis. Great Balls of Fire, ironically was the second song I actually heard, the first song I heard was Wild One, which honestly in a way I prefer, generally because if you ever ask anyone for a Jerry Lee song, they tend to say Great Balls of Fire and then the other songs! So here is 'Wild One'.

Elvis Presley probably the most iconic (not forgetting amazingly gorgeous) man of Rock and Roll. He is the King... and who doesn't love the the King?! If you haven't heard an Elvis song, then where have you been all this time?! I thought I'd share with you my favourite song right now which Elvis did, now I know that Brenda Lee originally did 'Always on my Mind' however, I adore Elvis' version, its so melancholy and emotive, and I love it very much!

The Stray Cats - you can't have rockabilly without The Stray Cats!! They revived the Rockabillu scene back in the 80's, and if it wasn't for them, Rockabilly wouldn't be really were it is now, without that key revival what would us Rockabillies do?! One of my favourite Stray Cats songs at the moment is Rock This Town, my band actually covered this at our gig in the Isle of Wight, and the crowd loved it, just as much as we do! 

Bill Haley and His Comets were huge in the 50's. I love Shake Rattle & Roll! I won't ever forget actually listening to this in my English Class at college and silently rocking out to myself, and my teacher wondering what on earth I was doing! 

Kat Men is formed of Darrell Higham (Imelda May's husband and lead guitarist), Al Gare (also Imelda May's double bassist) and Slim Jim Phantom from the Stray Cats. This band strives complete perfection to me! I recently got their new album 'The Kat Men Cometh' after seeing them on Jools Holland... again another perfect band! 

The Playtones  are a swedish Rockabilly band, who participated in Melodifestivalen in 2011 with their song 'The King'. After seeing them perform on the show, I instantly fell in love with the Swedish Rockabilly Band. The band who used to be called 'Boppin' Steve and The Playtones' before 2008, and then changed to 'The Playtones'. I have to admit, I fan girl over this band a lot, and when they tweeted me on twitter (yes! Little old me!!) I completely died a little inside- and now they also follow me!! 

Top Cats were another band that performed in Melodifestivalen but in 2012! They have been together since 2001, and I absolutely love this band (especially Jon Kleppenes, le fan girl) the first song I heard of theirs was Heartache, off their album Heartache/No More Heartache. (Jon Kleppenes in fact liked a photo of me on Instagram... lets just say, I was fan girling round the house and work for the 2 days after he liked that picture!). The song I am currently in deep love with is Baby Doll which was the song they used for Melodifestivalen... For me this song is the point of a view of a greaser boy meeting his perfect pin-up girl... His Baby Doll...

Knocksville is in fact a local band relatively near to were I live. I saw them live when they supported Big Boy Bloater at the Haunt in Brighton with my lovely friend Anja! I bought their album then, and ever since haven't stopped listening to them! 

Well, these are only some of the people and bands I listen to. If I listed them all, we'd be here forever! These are some of the songs and bands that also inspire me to write, sing, and be confident with the way I am, whether people stare in the street, I am proud to say I'm a rockabilly, and I won't be changing for anyone!

Love and Hugs

Emma Victoria


PS - I also have a YouTube video which I'm editing all about my rockabilly dresses! So please keep a look out for it soon!

Its now only 2 weeks till my 18th birthday! Comment below if you'd like to see a wishlist post on my blog for what I want! 

Monday, 24 June 2013

OOTW: Travelling

Okay, as I explained in some of my earlier posts, I'm doing my OOTW today, instead of tomorrow as I just won't have the time tomorrow! Tomorrow, I have to go to college for my English Lesson, then the travelling begins... I have to get the train from Lewes to Guildford... then I have to have to wait in my dad's work (which I've never been to before) for around 45 minutes when we will leave to go to Blackpool (staying overnight at my aunt's) to then travel to Burnley for my Great Aunt's funeral on Wednesday  So because of all the travelling, I thought my OOTW would be inspired by the fact that even though you can have relaxing and comfortable clothes, you can still look good too!

Yellow Spot Loose Blouse, Next (SALE) - £8

Black Leggings, Peacocks - £12 (2 pack)

Pink Patent Handbag, Next - £40

Grey Ella 'Ugg' Boots, Amazon - £15.99

My nails are painted with the Mavala 'Touch of Provence' (lilac) and the Rimmel Lasting Finish in 'Hot Shot'. I just have my hair tied up into a high pony tail, however I may opt to have a half up/half down do, tomorrow, just to make it a little more 'chilled'.

Sorry this is a super quick post, but I've been busy at work and packing today and trying to sort out my silly emotions!

Millions of Love & Cuddles!

Emma Victoria


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Weekly Overview; 23rd June!

Hello my lovelies! I'm currently just sat in bed, with a croaky voice drinking some (not so yummy) Throat Coat (just so you know this is a drink I have after I've done a gig, its just a herbal tea to help soothe the throat and repair any damage!). If you read last weeks post, you'd know that yesterday I played a private gig at a wedding so a big congratulations to Claire and Rick who booked us for your special day! So lets see what I've got planned this week...

Today is probably going to amount of doing next to nothing! Oh, and sitting out on the decking and enjoy the sun (well, what we have of it!) I might also be planning on doing a video soon on my YouTube! 

Monday First of all, I have to go to my brothers clinic as he has to have botox in his legs (he is quadriplegic and he can't walk, so he has botox to help relax the muscles in his legs to make day to day things like standing in his stander and walking in his frame a little bit easier). Afterwards, I will go to college for my media lesson, and then come home to pack! I will also bed doing my OOTW on monday, because I won't be able to tomorrow!

Tuesday I get a lay in, as I'm not working Monday Night for a change! I have college from, 10.40 -12, however, I'm not sure if it's on as we had an email saying our teacher may not be there! After this, I am then going to Guildford! Not really the most exciting thing in the world, but I have to meet my dad at his work around 3 o'clock as we are driving up to Blackpool as we are going to stay with my aunt. I should be getting to Guildford around 2-2.30 and my dad and me will be leaving at 3.30-4, so if anyone has any suggestions what I can do, I'd be super grateful!

Wednesday I am really not looking forward to today... Today is the day I have to say goodbye to my Great Aunt Grace who my family sadly lost on the 11th June. The funeral is in Burnley, so I will be with my family all today, and travelling back home in the evening. Today will be very emotional and a hard today to go through.

Thursday Today I will be working from 12-5, so a short day to be relatively honest! And after I will come home and just relax, and do nothing, except sleep!

Friday I have a lay in as my work don't need me in today, so I am just going for lunch with my lovely band to discuss set lists, songs, and new songs we have written. Afterwards, I will just come home and relax and maybe take my dog for a walk to just take things off my mind!

Saturday I've no idea what I have planned yet, I know I'm not working, so it may just be a day at home relaxing again and just to get little jobs done!

Its another one of them weeks, when not much is really going on, however it will be very emotional, so relaxation will be needed. Stay tuned for next week's weekly update! Its nearly the end of June! Which means, July is nearly round the corner and so is my 18th Birthday on the 12th July!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 22 June 2013

Lets Confess...

I'm feeling in one of them mood's when its time to get things off my chest, instead of bottling them up. And time for you to find out a little more about me...

- I'm always asked if my blonde hair is natural, yes it definitely is.

- I have an obsession with fresh orange juice, its pretty serious.

- When I get upset, I like to cut myself off from everyone, phone off, laptop off, and music on.

- I'm awful with telling people how I really feel, and always seem to bottle things up.

- If someone tells me to go to the doctors, it'll take a good 2-3 weeks for me to definitely decide I need to go to the doctors as I now only count myself ill enough.

- I hated secondary school, and apart from 4 people, I pretty much couldn't stand anyone else.

- I loved primary school, till I left, I met some of the most amazing and lovely people there.

- I don't want to turn 18. 

- I sometimes feel really alone, like I'm never good enough.

- I love orchids and carnations, they are probably my most favourite flowers in the world.

- I seem to be attracted to Swedish/Scandinavian musicians.

Is there anything else you want to know about me? Leave a comment below, and if I get enough questions, I shall make another post! 


Emma Victoria


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

OOTW: Flirty & Floral

I took these pictures on Friday because I super loved my outfit that day and thought it would be a perfect outfit of the week! 

Cricket Cardigan, New Look (Sale) - £5

Ballerina T-Bar Pumps, New Look - £12

Pearl Necklace, Gift - £Free

You can see here I've just gone for a super simple look, and I am just wearing my Lancome Lip gloss in Bubblegum (pale pink) with winged eyeliner. My nails are painted with the Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly in shade Greenberry and the Rimmel Lasting Finish in Hot Shot. 

Also don't forget to keep an eye out on my new Youtube Channel!

Billions of Love!

Emma Victoria!


P.S. Next week's outfit of the week will be on MONDAY, this is because I have to go to Blackpool on Tuesday for my Great Aunt's funeral on wednesday, so keep an eye out next monday!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Weekly Overview; June 16th & Life Update!

Hello you lovely lot!

Its that time of the week again, where I will tell you all about my forthcoming week, but its also time for a life update (we aren't including my episode of Horror Wednesday, which you can read here if you really want to!).

Today - Well seeing as its Father's Day, I'm being kept super busy. My gifts which I ordered (over a week ago!) still haven't turned up *sigh*. But I am cooking my dad Dinner tonight (a Chicken Makhani Curry - thank you Hairy Bikers Cookbook for saving my butt). I have already cut the grass today, which has fired up my hayfever, and then I need to do some boring singing training stuff, cause I'm trying to recover my voice and get it back to its normal self before next weekend! Exciting! 

Monday First of all, I get a lay-in... yay! I'll probably get up at 9am (that's a lay in for me so shh!) and cut the front lawn, then I will probably mope around, have a shower and get ready for college at 2, with my favourite teacher Lisa! I finish at 3.20 but won't get home until 5pm, cause public transport really hates me. Then I have my dreaded singing lesson! I won't be able to talk much of Tuesday, so that should be super interesting.

Tuesday Well, the original plan was for college, but considering little old me fell ill with pneumonia last year so I need to go to hospital and see my doctor for my check-up to see how my lungs are functioning! After I will probably mope around at home and do absolutely nothing.

Wednesday I have to get up at 5am, UGH. Too much effort is required for this, but I have to do it, so no point complaining I guess! I have college from 9am-12pm, and my mum will be picking me up cause I completely forget that I don't get home till 2pm with public transport and I booked a driving lesson for 1.30... Good one. And then afterwards, I will be going on a DATE. Yup, an actual date, with a guy. (All shall be explained in the life update below!). 

Thursday I am working, from 6am - 12pm, and then college from 12.30 -1.50! The joys of being a working student... Afterwards, I have band rehearsal! Yup, a 3 hour rehearsal for a big gig Saturday night! I will probably come home, have a sandwich, and again have an early night's sleep. Also, I begin doing my gig prep, so that means no alcohol, or no dairy products until Saturday!

Friday I get a lift to college and back home! College is from 10.40 till 12 which hopefully means we will be looking at the Stray Cats and Polecats in media (fingers crossed!). Today will just be another day of resting my voice as much as I possibly can.

Saturday Today will be spent driving to London and setting up, to perform at a Rockabilly wedding! We have been hired by the lovely Claire and Rick to perform at their wedding reception, which is around 250 people! Claire saw us live when we performed way back in December at the local Social Club in front of a tiny crowd no more then around 40 people. So, we really can't thank the lovely couple enough for asking us to play!

Now, with the weekly overview over and done with I can update you all about my life! Okay so lets start with the fact that since around July last year, I've not felt happy once, I never saw a point to anything and can't even name one time within that period to around last week when I was happy. After, all my friends nagging me, I finally went to the doctors, it was when I was told I was depressed. Me being, typically me, I thought 'there is no way I'm depressed, other people have problems far worse then mine and cope absolutely fine' my doctor who was super concerned cause this has gone on for a while, and for the fact I have a moderate form of Severe depression, he wants to nail it now, before I get any "worse". So last week I went to my counsellor for the third time, and now that he has finally got me to actually talk about my problems, I can begin to move forward. Many of you know from previous life posts (just look through the blog) that I really don't have much luck with relationships and the fact I have felt hurt by this one person for months. I am so happy to admit, I have moved on. For me, this is a huge step forward to be happy again and over these past 2 weeks, I'm beginning to feel happy again! I have only spoken to the guy who has hurt me, twice over the past 2 weeks, which is a huge achievement to before when I struggled to go a day without talking to him. I also stuck to my guns, and sticking by my word and not giving in all the time and always feeling like I need to apologise to make everything 'okay' with everyone, when it really isn't. I also saw my best friend Charlie again after going months without seeing her! Now, I have also started dating a lovely chap, who also loves rockabilly and is passionate about playing the double bass. However, for now, I want to keep things private and between us, until we are ready to go public about it all! Being back at college is helping me a great deal, especially with my great aunt passing away last Tuesday. There will be ups and downs however, I'm not afraid to admit that I was depressed BUT now I am getting better, its only up from here!

I'm sorry for the super long post, but part of my recovery is to admit to other people that I was depressed, not only to myself. If you ever want to talk about things, no matter how silly it is, please just leave me a message in the comments or via my blog email (

Billions of Love!!

Emma Victoria


Friday, 14 June 2013

Lets Start YouTube!

You are probably thinking 'this is Emma's second post today... what's going on?!'. Let me explain!

I had the snap decision today (for some very strange reason) to do a YouTube channel in relation to my blog! I had some ideas for some tags and product reviews which I can post on here as well as on YouTube, lets say, broadening the empire?

So please give it a little look, this is just the little Welcome message to my channel, but there will be more bits and bobs to come!


Emma Victoria


Budget Beauty! - Dirty Works!

I was in my local Sainsbury's just browsing around, headphones in just listening to Katmen, as per usual, and I went down the personal care section and found yet another vintage looking beauty product... Dirty Works! This company are much like Soap and Glory but for those of us who are rather broke and have no money Dirty Works are a cheaper version! Fab! 

I bought the Body Wash, Body Scrub and Body Spray, as I'm running low on shower stuff anyway as I've been using my 'Along Came Betty' collection which I got for Christmas! (Which I may add is also very cheap and just as good as S&G!!) However I used these products for the second time today, and by god does it make you feel super refreshed and clean! I completely super adore the scent of all these products! I have already gone and purchased my second body spray cause I know I will use a lot of it! 'Dirty Works' have a whole range of products which I know I will be buying! As far as I know you can only buy these in Sainsbury's shopping store, but if I do find these anywhere else I will be sure to let you know, on here or via my personal twitter account! 

You can buy;

The Scensational Body Spray for £1.99
The All of a Lather Body Wash for £2.99 
The Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub for £3.99

Much Love you gorgeous bunch!

Emma Victoria


Thursday, 13 June 2013

What Could've Gone Wrong... Went Wrong.

Wednesday could have been one of the worst day's I've had in a while. To begin with, I had the devastating and sad news my Great Aunt Grace passed away, even though she was 90, it doesn't make getting over it any easier. So that automatically put a downer on the day along with the rain storm and having to wake up at 5am. *Sigh*.

When getting off the bus, I made a complete idiot of myself, with the floor of the bus being absolutely drenched, I managed to slip and hit my head against one of the poles on the bus. However, I had a lovely gentlemen, who restored my belief there are still gentlemen in this world! He got up, not to get off, to help me up and offered to pay for a taxi for me to get to Lewes so I wouldn't have to catch the train. How sweet, huh?! Being the independent lady I am, I decided it's better if I just walk it off and get the train to save myself from any more embarrassment. 

To be quite honest, college went okay apart from the fact I kept yawning and my phone kept vibrating in my bag cause people kept calling me! Everything was going so well, until... I started walking to the bus stop in Lindfield. I get the train to Haywards Heath from Lewes, but because my train times and bus times don't work very well, I walk to Lindfield and catch the bus back home from there... Well just over halfway to Lindfield, the strap on my floral satchel bag (which you can see in my creative for college OOTW here) snapped. Yup, it just snapped off the side of the bag... So, now I had to walk in a dress, in the heavy rain, with my bag looking like a homeless person carrying all my belongings. I then in that time managed to lose my bus pass! It really wasn't my day! 

After getting in, I then did myself some dinner (yup, I am counting a tuna and sweetcorn sandwich as dinner) and after thinking 'I can just get into bed and everything will be fine' the bulb in my lampshade decided to blow...

Going back to my satchel strap snapping, I'm super unhappy about this, mainly because all I had in my bag was an empty folder, 3 pens, a small paper writing pad, and my purse... So nothing too heavy. This was the LYDC Floral Satchel bag, and to be quite honest after only using this bag for 3 days, and then it breaking, its really put me off buying another one of their products. I bought this bag for around £25, for then it to break after a little bit of weight in the bag, I am super upset.

Lets hope the rest of the week can only get better??

Tomorrow I shall be posting up my next budget beauty buy so please keep an eye out for that on my blog and twitter! I will also be writing a guest blog post on Stephanie Maverick's blog, so also keep an eye out for that on her blog!

Much Love

Emma Victoria


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

OOTW: Creative for College

Okay, so yesterday I went back to college for my transition weeks before going back to college full time in September, and after finding out my college had completely screwed up my timetable, I then had to wait for my friend to come in to keep me company for 2 hours!  Now, my week has completely changed, and I am so busy and tired I am writing this before my nap. However, I managed to take some photos of my outfit yesterday before heading back out to go and do a night shift at work! (Sidenote - I don't particularly look great in this photo so apologies!).

Joe Brown Summer Meadow Halter Dress, Simply Be - £32

Red Rockabilly Paisley Bandana, Collectif - £2.50

Retro Strawberry Ballerina Pumps, Shoe Diva - £20 (I am still unable to find this pair or any similar but when I do I shall post it for you!)

Floral Vintage Satchel, LYDC - £25.99

Again, I've just gone with my every day rockabilly make-up look with the winged eyeliner and wearing the Seventeen 'Hot Chilli' Lipstick. On the right is a picture of my beautiful Strawberry Pumps, which I can't seem to find anything similar too! The satchel is lovely and I bought this in the biggest size, but still struggle to close it... And one of the buckles doesn't work to button it close. However, I just can't part with this bag, but need a new (bigger) bag for when I go back in September so please give me your suggestions of some new bags, that aren't too expensive but super practical I'd be super appreciative! I also decided I curl my hair into big ringlets as I need to buy some new rollers for my hair, as my other ones were all kind of thrown out by my dad by accident! I curled these with the Babyliss curling iron featured in this post (here). I usually hold my curl in the iron for about a minute and spray it before I curl it with heat and after its just come out of the iron.

Much love

Emma Victoria


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Weekly Overview - 9th June

As I write this I am on my way to Southampton for a gig tonight! Last night I was at speedway with my lovely best friend  in Eastbourne! (Picture on the left, me and Charlie). I also want to apologise for not posting on Friday  I got so weighed down and busy I forgot to post!!

Today: I am in Southampton with my lovely band for a last minute gig we were asked to do! I am currently sat in my tracky bottoms, hair in a bun and my big fluffy jumper (really attractive I know!). Tonight we will travel back, hopefully there will be less traffic on the road so we will get back quicker! 

Monday: I have college from 10.40-3.20, so I get a lay in, and then once I've finished I go straight to work for a night shift, where I finish at 5am Tuesday morning... 

Tuesday: I have off college!! So I will probably just end up sleeping until about 11am and then I will do my weekly OOTW, and then going to my band members house to get some songs finalised and get some music put to the lyrics!

Wednesday: I AM UP AT 5AM FOR COLLEGE! Cause I live in such an annoying area, transport isn't great so I have to leave by 6.20 in the morning... However, I finish college at 10.20 so when I get home at 12, I can have lunch and then go to singing rehearsal where I have to get my voice back into good shape again!

Thursday: I have college from 1040-12 so after I will go for lunch with my friend who helps me do some outfit designs and shopping!! Then I am working from 3-8.30 doing the after school clubs! 

Friday: I have college from 10.40-3.20 again, so after I will just go home and rest before Saturday!

Saturday: I have a driving lesson from 9.30-11.30, and then I am going to an open mic night with my friend Josephine who plays guitar and piano!

I know these next 2 weeks will be rather dull as I'm back at college for transition before going back in September, however, if we don't work hard, we can't play hard!!

Much love

Emma Victoria


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

OOTW: Tea for Two

This is a super quick OOTW today! I am off out with my lovely friend and band member Ryan! We both have the afternoon off and we both need to discuss some song writing business so we are off to Duddleswell Tea Rooms in the middle of the Ashdown Forest! 

Cobalt Blue and Coral leaf Tea Dress, Next - £26 (similar here)

White Woven Summer Wedges, New Look - SALE £10 (bought a couple of years ago!) - (similar here)

Union Flag Scarf/Bandana, Amazon -£2.25

Marilyn Cat Eye Sunglasses, Wear it Again Sam - £10 (similar here)

Today I am not wearing any make-up purely because, this morning at 5.30am, I really couldn't be bothered cause I was far too tired and needed to get to work! (Also because I have 2 super nasty spots that I want to heal before my next photoshoot!!)

I did this super quick while waiting for Ryan, so I do hope its okay!

Lots of Love my beauties!

Emma Victoria


Sunday, 2 June 2013

Weekly Overview (June 2nd)!

Since I fell ill this week, I had to cut my hours down at work as I have to be super careful with the children I work with. So instead I ended up doing a photoshoot with my lovely friend Eddie for his recent project. Since it was half term though, I got paid extra to work so I am still okay financially (for now!). So, whats for the week to come? 

Today: With having some serious throat strain earlier this week, my band and myself have arranged a day of just rehearsing our new songs and just a little jam. However, we are also going for a 'band outing' to the garden centre to have a little nosy! After I'll probably just come home and relax and look at updating my Sky TV Subscription in my room *sigh*.

Monday: Today I am at work again, I have lots of appointments in the clinic department of my work so I will be drinking a lot of coffee and seeing a lot of students with their parents and carers! I have 3 annual reviews today, and I also have to help with my own brothers botox injections in his legs (oh fun). I finish work at 2 and get to come home and cook my dinner and relax in my room again, and maybe do some browsing on some blogs! (Don't forget to leave your links below in the comments so I can have a look at yours!)

Tuesday: Another morning spent at work working in the clinic again (its that time of year!) However I finish at 11.30! This is my last week before going back to college where my hours will drop again and I will be working weekends and nights a lot more! After I get home I will do some blogging, before going to my singing lesson to try and sort my voice/throat out again! 

Wednesday: I am working in the multi-sensory room again today, until 12.30 but then I will be meeting some royalty who are paying a visit to my work! I will be meeting alongside with the colleagues and students at my work, the Duchess of Gloucester (Patron of the school) and the Duchess of Cornwall! (How exciting!!!). After, I will probably come home, and cut the lawn and ring Sky up before doing some singing practice at home and then going to band practice! 

Thursday: I get a lay in!! ... Well until 9.30 and then I have to go to work for 3 o'clock till 7 and then I will go out for a meal with my colleague Esther and then come home and watch Psychobitches on Sky Arts!

Friday: Day off to get things ready for college again! Today I will be spending my day in my room songwriting, bag sorting and sorting out lots of blog posts and stuff for you all! Ah gosh! 

Saturday: Thankfully I am only on-call this weekend but there is still a good chance I can get some rest! Hopefully, this Saturday I will be helping my family with things to do round the house and hopefully I will be going to speedway with my good friend Charlie! Lets hope I don't get called off to work!

See you next week for my next weekly update! I doubt it will be as interesting as I go back to college however I will try and get some fun things to do in!!


Emma Victoria