Friday, 14 June 2013

Budget Beauty! - Dirty Works!

I was in my local Sainsbury's just browsing around, headphones in just listening to Katmen, as per usual, and I went down the personal care section and found yet another vintage looking beauty product... Dirty Works! This company are much like Soap and Glory but for those of us who are rather broke and have no money Dirty Works are a cheaper version! Fab! 

I bought the Body Wash, Body Scrub and Body Spray, as I'm running low on shower stuff anyway as I've been using my 'Along Came Betty' collection which I got for Christmas! (Which I may add is also very cheap and just as good as S&G!!) However I used these products for the second time today, and by god does it make you feel super refreshed and clean! I completely super adore the scent of all these products! I have already gone and purchased my second body spray cause I know I will use a lot of it! 'Dirty Works' have a whole range of products which I know I will be buying! As far as I know you can only buy these in Sainsbury's shopping store, but if I do find these anywhere else I will be sure to let you know, on here or via my personal twitter account! 

You can buy;

The Scensational Body Spray for £1.99
The All of a Lather Body Wash for £2.99 
The Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub for £3.99

Much Love you gorgeous bunch!

Emma Victoria