Saturday, 22 June 2013

Lets Confess...

I'm feeling in one of them mood's when its time to get things off my chest, instead of bottling them up. And time for you to find out a little more about me...

- I'm always asked if my blonde hair is natural, yes it definitely is.

- I have an obsession with fresh orange juice, its pretty serious.

- When I get upset, I like to cut myself off from everyone, phone off, laptop off, and music on.

- I'm awful with telling people how I really feel, and always seem to bottle things up.

- If someone tells me to go to the doctors, it'll take a good 2-3 weeks for me to definitely decide I need to go to the doctors as I now only count myself ill enough.

- I hated secondary school, and apart from 4 people, I pretty much couldn't stand anyone else.

- I loved primary school, till I left, I met some of the most amazing and lovely people there.

- I don't want to turn 18. 

- I sometimes feel really alone, like I'm never good enough.

- I love orchids and carnations, they are probably my most favourite flowers in the world.

- I seem to be attracted to Swedish/Scandinavian musicians.

Is there anything else you want to know about me? Leave a comment below, and if I get enough questions, I shall make another post! 


Emma Victoria