Sunday, 23 June 2013

Weekly Overview; 23rd June!

Hello my lovelies! I'm currently just sat in bed, with a croaky voice drinking some (not so yummy) Throat Coat (just so you know this is a drink I have after I've done a gig, its just a herbal tea to help soothe the throat and repair any damage!). If you read last weeks post, you'd know that yesterday I played a private gig at a wedding so a big congratulations to Claire and Rick who booked us for your special day! So lets see what I've got planned this week...

Today is probably going to amount of doing next to nothing! Oh, and sitting out on the decking and enjoy the sun (well, what we have of it!) I might also be planning on doing a video soon on my YouTube! 

Monday First of all, I have to go to my brothers clinic as he has to have botox in his legs (he is quadriplegic and he can't walk, so he has botox to help relax the muscles in his legs to make day to day things like standing in his stander and walking in his frame a little bit easier). Afterwards, I will go to college for my media lesson, and then come home to pack! I will also bed doing my OOTW on monday, because I won't be able to tomorrow!

Tuesday I get a lay in, as I'm not working Monday Night for a change! I have college from, 10.40 -12, however, I'm not sure if it's on as we had an email saying our teacher may not be there! After this, I am then going to Guildford! Not really the most exciting thing in the world, but I have to meet my dad at his work around 3 o'clock as we are driving up to Blackpool as we are going to stay with my aunt. I should be getting to Guildford around 2-2.30 and my dad and me will be leaving at 3.30-4, so if anyone has any suggestions what I can do, I'd be super grateful!

Wednesday I am really not looking forward to today... Today is the day I have to say goodbye to my Great Aunt Grace who my family sadly lost on the 11th June. The funeral is in Burnley, so I will be with my family all today, and travelling back home in the evening. Today will be very emotional and a hard today to go through.

Thursday Today I will be working from 12-5, so a short day to be relatively honest! And after I will come home and just relax, and do nothing, except sleep!

Friday I have a lay in as my work don't need me in today, so I am just going for lunch with my lovely band to discuss set lists, songs, and new songs we have written. Afterwards, I will just come home and relax and maybe take my dog for a walk to just take things off my mind!

Saturday I've no idea what I have planned yet, I know I'm not working, so it may just be a day at home relaxing again and just to get little jobs done!

Its another one of them weeks, when not much is really going on, however it will be very emotional, so relaxation will be needed. Stay tuned for next week's weekly update! Its nearly the end of June! Which means, July is nearly round the corner and so is my 18th Birthday on the 12th July!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria