Sunday, 16 June 2013

Weekly Overview; June 16th & Life Update!

Hello you lovely lot!

Its that time of the week again, where I will tell you all about my forthcoming week, but its also time for a life update (we aren't including my episode of Horror Wednesday, which you can read here if you really want to!).

Today - Well seeing as its Father's Day, I'm being kept super busy. My gifts which I ordered (over a week ago!) still haven't turned up *sigh*. But I am cooking my dad Dinner tonight (a Chicken Makhani Curry - thank you Hairy Bikers Cookbook for saving my butt). I have already cut the grass today, which has fired up my hayfever, and then I need to do some boring singing training stuff, cause I'm trying to recover my voice and get it back to its normal self before next weekend! Exciting! 

Monday First of all, I get a lay-in... yay! I'll probably get up at 9am (that's a lay in for me so shh!) and cut the front lawn, then I will probably mope around, have a shower and get ready for college at 2, with my favourite teacher Lisa! I finish at 3.20 but won't get home until 5pm, cause public transport really hates me. Then I have my dreaded singing lesson! I won't be able to talk much of Tuesday, so that should be super interesting.

Tuesday Well, the original plan was for college, but considering little old me fell ill with pneumonia last year so I need to go to hospital and see my doctor for my check-up to see how my lungs are functioning! After I will probably mope around at home and do absolutely nothing.

Wednesday I have to get up at 5am, UGH. Too much effort is required for this, but I have to do it, so no point complaining I guess! I have college from 9am-12pm, and my mum will be picking me up cause I completely forget that I don't get home till 2pm with public transport and I booked a driving lesson for 1.30... Good one. And then afterwards, I will be going on a DATE. Yup, an actual date, with a guy. (All shall be explained in the life update below!). 

Thursday I am working, from 6am - 12pm, and then college from 12.30 -1.50! The joys of being a working student... Afterwards, I have band rehearsal! Yup, a 3 hour rehearsal for a big gig Saturday night! I will probably come home, have a sandwich, and again have an early night's sleep. Also, I begin doing my gig prep, so that means no alcohol, or no dairy products until Saturday!

Friday I get a lift to college and back home! College is from 10.40 till 12 which hopefully means we will be looking at the Stray Cats and Polecats in media (fingers crossed!). Today will just be another day of resting my voice as much as I possibly can.

Saturday Today will be spent driving to London and setting up, to perform at a Rockabilly wedding! We have been hired by the lovely Claire and Rick to perform at their wedding reception, which is around 250 people! Claire saw us live when we performed way back in December at the local Social Club in front of a tiny crowd no more then around 40 people. So, we really can't thank the lovely couple enough for asking us to play!

Now, with the weekly overview over and done with I can update you all about my life! Okay so lets start with the fact that since around July last year, I've not felt happy once, I never saw a point to anything and can't even name one time within that period to around last week when I was happy. After, all my friends nagging me, I finally went to the doctors, it was when I was told I was depressed. Me being, typically me, I thought 'there is no way I'm depressed, other people have problems far worse then mine and cope absolutely fine' my doctor who was super concerned cause this has gone on for a while, and for the fact I have a moderate form of Severe depression, he wants to nail it now, before I get any "worse". So last week I went to my counsellor for the third time, and now that he has finally got me to actually talk about my problems, I can begin to move forward. Many of you know from previous life posts (just look through the blog) that I really don't have much luck with relationships and the fact I have felt hurt by this one person for months. I am so happy to admit, I have moved on. For me, this is a huge step forward to be happy again and over these past 2 weeks, I'm beginning to feel happy again! I have only spoken to the guy who has hurt me, twice over the past 2 weeks, which is a huge achievement to before when I struggled to go a day without talking to him. I also stuck to my guns, and sticking by my word and not giving in all the time and always feeling like I need to apologise to make everything 'okay' with everyone, when it really isn't. I also saw my best friend Charlie again after going months without seeing her! Now, I have also started dating a lovely chap, who also loves rockabilly and is passionate about playing the double bass. However, for now, I want to keep things private and between us, until we are ready to go public about it all! Being back at college is helping me a great deal, especially with my great aunt passing away last Tuesday. There will be ups and downs however, I'm not afraid to admit that I was depressed BUT now I am getting better, its only up from here!

I'm sorry for the super long post, but part of my recovery is to admit to other people that I was depressed, not only to myself. If you ever want to talk about things, no matter how silly it is, please just leave me a message in the comments or via my blog email (

Billions of Love!!

Emma Victoria