Sunday, 30 June 2013

Weekly Update; 30th June!

Oh gosh, I can't believe its nearly July! We are already half way through 2013!! With it being the last day of June today, the count down to my birthday begins... which means I'M NEARLY CLASSED AS AN ADULT! :( 
I'm not wearing any make-up!
Today Just consists of relaxing now... and drinking. I've already cut the lawn today (in the heat) so now I'm just relaxing in the sun, with a lovely cool fresh orange juice. Tonight I'll just have a shower and then relax in bed and watch a film again!

Monday Today, my mum and me are going to Eastbourne, to go to this shop called 'Dunelm Mill' which we've never been to before... We are going to get some bits and bobs for my birthday so if there is anything I like we will get! Afterwards we will come home, and again probably just do nothing...

Tuesday Depending if my mum feels up to go to Dunelm Mill on Monday  we will go today (we are so indecisive), if we go on Monday I will do the cleaning today, or vice versa! I will also be taking picture of my outfit of the week so keep an eye out for that! First OOTW for July!

Wednesday I have work *sigh* however, we are just doing multi sensory and swimming so its quite and easy and relaxed day again! Afterwards, I have to do some paperwork... The joys of sorting bank accounts and receipts...

Thursday I haven't yet decided whether I will be either playing or watching the staff football match at work, but knowing my luck cause I used to coach wheelchair football, I will be roped in to play! Afterwards I am going for a picnic with my lovely friend and colleague Esther, who is going away for the whole summer once work is finished! 6 weeks without my girl, what on earth will I do?!

Friday Just another day relaxing, I don't have many hours this week as I've managed to fill my allocation of hours up until the 16th July, with all the annual review meetings I've been going into work for, so that means more time off! If the weather is nice I will probably end up going for a walk with my partner, and then just relaxing; or if the weather is crappy we will stay indoors and watch a film together!

Saturday Will probably just be another relaxing day, I have to go into work to meet some of the new staff members! I also have someone doubling up with my position, meaning my hours get halved, just in time for when I go back to college in September! (Fewer night shifts for me at least!) In the evening, I will be going to my local speedway (Eastbourne Eagles) and seeing my best friend Charlie! I only tend to go when she goes, cause for some reason, most people seem to hate me there nowadays or they all have their little group of friends. Meaning, I can have a fun night with my best friend before she moves down nearer to me!

Well, its a pretty relaxed week I think! Which is nice, cause I can enjoy this beautiful sunny weather! On Wednesday, I will be posting a '18th Birthday Wishlist' post, just so you guys have an idea what I want for my birthday!

Much Love

Emma Victoria