Thursday, 13 June 2013

What Could've Gone Wrong... Went Wrong.

Wednesday could have been one of the worst day's I've had in a while. To begin with, I had the devastating and sad news my Great Aunt Grace passed away, even though she was 90, it doesn't make getting over it any easier. So that automatically put a downer on the day along with the rain storm and having to wake up at 5am. *Sigh*.

When getting off the bus, I made a complete idiot of myself, with the floor of the bus being absolutely drenched, I managed to slip and hit my head against one of the poles on the bus. However, I had a lovely gentlemen, who restored my belief there are still gentlemen in this world! He got up, not to get off, to help me up and offered to pay for a taxi for me to get to Lewes so I wouldn't have to catch the train. How sweet, huh?! Being the independent lady I am, I decided it's better if I just walk it off and get the train to save myself from any more embarrassment. 

To be quite honest, college went okay apart from the fact I kept yawning and my phone kept vibrating in my bag cause people kept calling me! Everything was going so well, until... I started walking to the bus stop in Lindfield. I get the train to Haywards Heath from Lewes, but because my train times and bus times don't work very well, I walk to Lindfield and catch the bus back home from there... Well just over halfway to Lindfield, the strap on my floral satchel bag (which you can see in my creative for college OOTW here) snapped. Yup, it just snapped off the side of the bag... So, now I had to walk in a dress, in the heavy rain, with my bag looking like a homeless person carrying all my belongings. I then in that time managed to lose my bus pass! It really wasn't my day! 

After getting in, I then did myself some dinner (yup, I am counting a tuna and sweetcorn sandwich as dinner) and after thinking 'I can just get into bed and everything will be fine' the bulb in my lampshade decided to blow...

Going back to my satchel strap snapping, I'm super unhappy about this, mainly because all I had in my bag was an empty folder, 3 pens, a small paper writing pad, and my purse... So nothing too heavy. This was the LYDC Floral Satchel bag, and to be quite honest after only using this bag for 3 days, and then it breaking, its really put me off buying another one of their products. I bought this bag for around £25, for then it to break after a little bit of weight in the bag, I am super upset.

Lets hope the rest of the week can only get better??

Tomorrow I shall be posting up my next budget beauty buy so please keep an eye out for that on my blog and twitter! I will also be writing a guest blog post on Stephanie Maverick's blog, so also keep an eye out for that on her blog!

Much Love

Emma Victoria