Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Lifestyle - How I Get Over Someone & Relationship's

Today I thought I would do a lifestyle post, which is very close to my heart at the moment! I haven't done a little emotional post in a while and thought that now would be a good time to post one! 

So where do we begin? Remember in previous post's (herehere) I mentioned the crazy roller-coaster friendship/relationship thing I was in, well its carried on. However, the past 3 months all we've done is argue, and its come to the point where its pretty ridiculous. I began to get fed up with being treated like an idiot, and also found out he was lying to me. Any surprise he made some excuse about it? I wasn't too surprised. The whole distance thing got to me in the end, and now its been 16 days since we had our last proper conversation, which honestly I'm pleased about. I found in the end that I was always making the effort, starting conversations, keeping conversations going. Honestly? It felt like he just didn't care any more. Why should I care if he doesn't? I've always been one of them people who feels the need to apologise for no reason just so things are easy and there's no arguing, as I can't stand arguing! 

So what did I do to get over him? I did things to take my mind off thinking about him! And now, I couldn't really give a damn any more! Every time I thought about him, I'd have a rubber band on my wrist so I'd ping it hard, sort of a punishment to stop me thinking about him, and now it's worked! Feelings and routine are always that little more harder to change and get over; the thing I did to get out of routine of talking every day to this guy was talk to one of my close friends, my friend Ricky has been an absolute star for me! Every time I felt like an urge to talk to him or I was upset, Ricky would talk to me and remind me why I'm doing this! It doesn't happen overnight, but when you start to look at it from an outside perspective (looking in on the situation, instead thinking of yourself in the situation) you begin to realise why you are doing it, and it will only make you stronger! I'm doing it because I'm fed up of being treated like I have no feelings and that nothing matters in the other persons eyes! You have to be strong and persistent, but also determined to do it. I tend to be weak willed at things like this, but I've tried so hard to do this and get over him, and I will do it!

I think the most important thing to do is to keep yourself occupied, find an activity to do, even in the house when you probably think the most, you need to take your mind of the situation, and if you do think about it, remind yourself why you are doing it! I took cross stitch and knitting back-up, I find cross stitch very therapeutic when I'm upset or angry, it sounds silly, but pushing that needle through cloth, for me, is a release of trapped emotions. Another really important tip is that, don't stop making an effort to look good, because if you don't look good you can't feel good! I found the last time I was left heartbroken and hurt, all I did was wear a pair of jeans, a top and a leather jacket. It was pretty much all I wore, I wore no make-up just because I couldn't be bothered, I let my emotions get to me, which  I shouldn't have done! This time, I'm making the effort, because I know I'm worth it! Even going shopping can make you feel better, because you are looking for items to make yourself look good, and make you feel better! Make that person who hurt you, realise what they have lost!

I must admit, the first few days were a real struggle for me to do, constantly thinking about him, being upset because he never made the effort to speak to me, thinking what I'd done wrong- but I realised I was making all the effort. I'm now at the stage of not caring for this person any more; being friends is a two way thing, it shouldn't be just one person making the effort to communicate. I learn't the hard way, that sometimes things just don't work out the way you think they might. 

Overall, I would say that now, I'm definitely on the way to being over this person, and what they've done to me. Obviously, I don't want to say everything that has happened, cause some bits are private and I'd prefer to keep them to myself. Friends are really important when getting over someone and how they treat you. Even one friend can make a difference, for them to talk to you and take your mind off the situation, can be really important. But you have to help yourself overall, don't go telling yourself something that isn't true like 'Oh they are probably just busy', if they did care, they'd make the effort, especially after 2 weeks. You have to remember, you aren't the one who's lost someone, they have lost you, not the other way round. They've lost the person who is kind, affectionate and caring. 

If any of you wish to speak to me, or need advice, please feel welcomed to drop me a private email ( and I will reply ASAP.

Also don't forget to look out for my lovely friend Anja's guest post.. This friday!!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

OOTW; Photoshoot

I've been out shopping all day today, so hence why I'm doing my post now! This weeks OOTW, is an outfit I wore for a photoshoot yesterday!

White Cut Out Sleeve Shirt, New Look - £10

Marilyn Cat Eye Sunglasses, Wear It Again Sam - £10

Shoes (can't see in this picture) are Black Patent Heels from Clarks, however any black shoe will do.

My make up is my typical everyday look, with the winged eyeliner, and I'm wearing my new long wear lipstick by Fashionista in shade 'Coral'. This is a red lipstick with a pink undertone, and is pretty resilient to coming off! I've also done my hair in a quiff, just slicking back my fringe and incorporating it into the rest of the my hair, and set in with the Tresemme Hair Spray!

Much Love 

Emma Victoria


Monday, 29 July 2013

Birthday Picture Collage!

Here are some of the pictures from my 18th Birthday on the 12th July!
(Pictures from left to right)
1. Selfie just before going out to my family lunch.
2. Birthday Breakfast Pancakes with Strawberries and Maple Syrup
3. First picture as an eighteen year old!
4.First legal alcoholic drink, Vodka and Coke.
5. Second Legal Drink, Pinot Grigio Rose Blush Wine (evening meal)
6. Selfie at lunch taken by mumma
7. Just before blowing out my birthday candles
8.Me toasting with my first legal drink
9. My homemade birthday cake from mumma, its a vinyl record cake!
10. My friends Sophie and Anja with me (Angie was taking the picture!)
11. My best friend of 15 years Sophie and Me
12. Selfie just before going out for my meal!

 Well, I've not shared all my photos (as some are embarressing), however I hope you enjoyed my little collage!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Weekly Overview; 28th July

I've sewn labels in 47 items today!
I can't believe we are in the last 3 days of July... how quick is 2013 going?! I swear it will be Christmas before I know it! Any who, lets get on with my weekly overview! 

Today All I have done is sewing labels into my brother's clothes for his scout jamboree! My fingers are killing after threading a needle through clothes all day (since 10am) ouch. Early night tonight, after all that sewing (oh and watching Gavin and Stacey!)

Monday I have lots of errands to run, I need to put money into my bank, do some ironing, do my shopping list, do more washing and have a shower! Its just one of them boring house days which consist of baggy clothes and no make-up! I also have to go to the airport to see my lovely friend and band member Ricky off on his holiday! He won't be returning till the 2nd of September! I will also be doing my OOTW tonight because I just won't have the time tomorrow!

Tuesday I am off to London with my best friend to go shopping! Yay! I'm so excited! Me and my friend Charlie are going shopping as she wants to find an outfit for Summertime Swing and also just because we want to go shopping in London! Afterwards, I'll come home, relax in bed and watch a film! 

Wednesday I have to go food shopping, all on my own! Big stuff for me! A full weeks shopping to do for myself! I think Chocolate will definitely be going in the trolley! I may also (finally) do my Birthday Haul video, I know its been around 2-3 weeks since my Birthday but I've just been finding a way to do it!

Thursday I have to see the doctor!! I have to see the doctor for a check-up on my foot after breaking 2 of my toes! After having one of my toes re-set they just want to make sure that the toe is okay, I also get to find out if I can wear heels again! 

Friday I need to help pack all my brothers clothes for his scout jamboree and get all his stuff together! Just another relaxed day and getting all my stuff ready for the weekend too! I may even go DVD shopping if I have enough money!

Saturday I'm up super early to help get my brother to his International Scout's Jamboree, he is super excited about going and spending time with all his friends! Once my brother's gone my mum and dad are going away till Monday to a concert in Whistable (I think they are seeing the Blow Monkeys), which means, I'm home alone with my dog Freddie! I may get a takeaway just for myself as a treat, or I'll cook, it depends! I may bake a cake too seeing as I have the whole day (and house!) to myself! I think its Film Night too for me!

Sunday I have my best friend Charlie coming up and staying with me and we are going to Summertime Swing!! I'm so super excited about going and seeing the Jive Aces! I've no idea what outfit I'm going to be wearing yet either!!! Charlie will be staying over at mine, which means I'll post my Weekly Overview on Monday next week as I just won't have time next Sunday!!

Busy week ahead, but also super exciting! Also, tomorrow I will finally be posting a collage of some of my birthday photos, Wednesday will be a lifestyle post all about relationships and love and how to get over someone so if you need a bit of love advice then stay tuned! Also if you have any questions related to relationships then please let me know and I shall answer them in my post! Next Friday will also be a guest post (hopefully) from my lovely friend Anja!

Much Love

Emma Victoria


Friday, 26 July 2013

Summer To-Do List!

Seeing as I finished work on Wednesday and my summer holiday began yesterday and goes right through to the 2nd of September! So, here is my summer to-do list of all the things I wish to do in my summer holiday...!!!! I will keep updating and re-posting this, ticking off the things I've done and also adding things as I go along!

Go to Summertime Swing with my best friend Charlie!
Go and See Monster's University
Go and see Despicable Me 2
Go and See The Worlds End
Do my Birthday Haul YouTube Video
Dip-Dye my Hair some wacky colour?
Buy some new cigarette trousers
Buy a New Pair of Black Heels
Go Shopping in London 

Go Shopping in Brighton
Go out for the first time 
Do some photo shoots
Buy a new rockabilly dress

Tailor My Lady Vintage Dress 

Do an all nighter!
Do something fun in the house on my own (3rd August)

So what are you going to be doing this summer and have you made a summer to-do list!! Post in the comments if you have and what you have planned!

Much Love

Emma Victoria


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

OOTW; Carola Dress!

Sorry for the late post today, I've been busy sorting things out today and resting my foot! Today's OOTW will not feature shoes, because I can't actually wear any shoes right now... However, it shows my new Carola Dress from Lindy Bop!!


Winged Eyeliner, Collection 2000, Boots - £1.99

Lipstick - Barry M (not sure what shade, the sticker comes off!) - Pink 

Rimmel 24 Hour Stay Foundation - £7.99

As you can see in the photo, I have badly damaged the toes on my feet. Below the bandaging my toes are pretty disgusting, really bruised and really swollen. I have broken the middle toe and the little toe, and its unbelievably painful. More so then I thought... Hence why I can't wear any shoes!

Sorry for the short post, I'm very tired and emotional today, and in a lot of pain, I shall be posting on Friday my 'Summer To-Do List'. I am also looking for Guest Posters on my blog, so if you are interested then drop me a message!

Much Love

Emma Victoria


Monday, 22 July 2013

My Bucket List -

Yesterday evening while sat watching the Cricket on tele after a long day at work and band rehearsals, I got a tweet from the lovely Leigh from i m l e i g h beauty about something she thought I may be interested in! (Click here to see Leigh's post).

Basically, MoneySupermarket are running a compeition of which you have two things you can put on your bucket list, one which is a budget item and the other which is an extravagant item you have to say what is preventing you from doing/getting it and what it would mean for you to complete it! Simple!

Budget Item

I'd probably say that it would be a selection of Petticoats from Rockabilly Stockist Hell Bunny... I only own one Hell Bunny Petticoat and that's in white, I'd love for some other colour's to go with some of my rockabilly dresses! These retail at around £30 each and I'd the two I'd love would be in Red and Baby Blue! For me to get some more petticoats would mean a lot to me. It makes me feel so much more body confident, and makes me feel happier in my body. I want people to look at me down the street and think tht she looks 'gorgeous' or 'pretty' instead of looking at me in a negative way. For me to feel comfortable in my body is a huge goal in my life.

Extravagant Item

I'd love to go to Memphis in America, and find out all about my idol Elvis Presley. It is a complete dream of mine, I'd also love to road trip around America with my best friend Charlie which would incorporate going to Memphis. I have no idea how much it would cost, but its a dream of mine! (Hence why its the extravagant item) I'd love to go round America and find out all about the history of Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly Music seeing as its such a huge part of my life! Completing this goal is pretty much my life orientation, and it would complete my dreams and aspirations. 

Three Bloggers I think would we interested:

Much Love

Emma Victoria


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Weekly Overview; 21st July

First of all I want to apologise for my absence of not posting since Tuesday, I've had a pretty horrendous week. I've now also come to the conclusion that ever since turning 18, everything has turned to absolute crap. I've been 18 for 8 days and I already want to be a child again. I've also broken 2 of my toes, which I'm in loads of pain with (amazingly enough I didn't think it would hurt that bad. Damn I was wrong). Anyway, moving onto a hopefully better week. (I wish).

Just coming out of the hospital
after having my 2 toes reset.
Today: Well I'm mean't to be resting my foot with elevating it and with a cold compress, however I've ended up mowing the lawn and doing loads of things and being in pain.

Monday I have a night shift from 9pm-6am (tuesday morning) so the day is mostly resting and doing paperwork and looking at moving banks and looking at dresses I cant quite afford.

Tuesday Work all day from 9am-3pm and then home to cook my dinner and again do more paperwork and lots of phone calls.

Wednesday I've managed to bring my holiday earlier so today is my last day at work until the 2nd of September! So its just a relaxing day and I finish at 1pm, then I'll be going for lunch with a load of my colleagues to celebrate summer before we don't see each other for around 5-6 weeks!

Thursday My first day of my holiday, god knows what I'm going to be doing, just waiting for people to ask me to meet up etc!

Friday Pretty much the same as Thursday, not sure what I'm going to be doing however, I have band practice in the afternoon, so I may just be doing singing practice.

Saturday I've no idea what I'm going to be doing, its all just going to be relaxing unless people want to meet up with me!

I will be making up for not posting on friday on Monday, with 2 posts, one is the MoneySupermarket compeition and the other is my Summer To-Do List/Challenge! So keep an eye out for a double wammy tomorrow!

I also now have no excuse for delaying doing my youtube which I will start this week, I absolutely promise!!

And, I now have some items for sale in my shop, so if you are interested in any of the products please contact me as they really need to go, I will also negotiate prices if needs be!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Cadillac Crazy!

I'm not too sure why, but today I feel like I've just stepped out of Grease or West Side Story. I'm feeling super chic, and also super hot (no I'm not sounding cocky, I'm just really really hot because of this weather). I thought I'd wear a petticoat today with my skirt just to give it a more poofy look. 

Mint Polka Spot Bow Top, Next - £12 (also available in a navy stripe)

Oversized Pink Bow Belt, Collectif - £10 (no longer available)

Pink Patent Handbag, Next - £40 (bought 3 years ago)

Black Patent 1cm Kitten Heels, From Mum! - £Free

Marilyn Cat Eye Sunglasses, Where it Again Sam - 
£9.99 (same here)

I thought I'd mix it up a bit and instead of showing you my finger nails you can see my toe nails with my shoes! This are in what I like to call 'burlesque' red, these were painted when I had my pedicure last week, but I think they look pretty!

Well, short and sweet today, as I've been at work and at the studio for band practice, I've also bought some new lingerie, which I'm braving up to do a post for you all before I do my lingerie photoshoot!

Much Love

Emma Victoria


Monday, 15 July 2013

Strange and New Proposals!

Sorry for the super duper late post, and I will still be posting my OOTW tomorrow, so don't panic! However this evening, I was asked by someone, if I was going to be selling any of my photo shoot pictures. Never in my life had it occurred to me that people would actually be interested in buying photo shoot pictures! I've tipped my nose into a little bit of modelling and recently have been doing paid shoots, but I never thought that people would want to buy pictures of me, ME! 

I am looking into doing small 6" x 4" photo's (normal size), small posters, and large posters! I will probably be printing these via the company Photobox, unless I find another company who does it cheaper and for the same quality! They will all be in a gloss finish. I need to figure out the pricing yet and decide on the photo's that will be up for sale, and I will probably advertise them through a shop on my blog, as this will be the easiest way for people to buy/order them off me!

In the coming few weeks, I am working a lot, and I currently only have 1 shoot, possibly 2 booked in for (busy little bee I am) and I will post on here the final photos which will be sold. You will also be able to buy a selection pack of either: -

  • 1 (30"x20") Poster and 6 (6"x4") photo's 
  • 10 (6"x4") and 1 (21"x16") poster
  • 2 (30"x20") posters and 6 (6"x4") photos.
I will also be having other offers coming up as well, and the posters I will also sign, because its always a nice little personal touch I think!

I will keep you all updated on my new little adventure, and maybe one day, I may be one of those well known pin-up girls?

Well a girl can dream can't she!

Emma Victoria


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Weekly Update; 14th July

In my new Lindy Bop 'Elmira'
wiggle dress
Good sunny and hot day to you! I just looked at my thermometer and its 34.3'c outside right now! Wow! Well as you know, it was my 18th birthday on Friday  and I have a picture post I have yet to upload to you, but I am also planning on doing a birthday haul video... Yes I am finally getting round to doing a video! I also had a suggestion from my lovely friend Stephanie from Stephanie Maverick to do a look book on all my rockabilly dresses! Which I thought was a fab idea, so I will also be doing that this week too at some point!

Today just consists of sitting around and relaxing, I am still slightly recovering from last night (it was good, but also very horrendous at the same time). I have also ended up buying a new Lindy Bop Dress (see below) - this dress was actually released on my birthday, it was meant to be! I also had to throw out my old petticoat yesterday because it has gone all flat and horrible and the material is ripped, so I've had to buy a new petticoat and also bought a load of hair flowers too!

The 'Carola' Lindy Bop
Halter Dress
Monday I've no idea what I have planned today, its probably nothing much apart from doing lots of paperwork and tidying the house. I'm also going to take down my birthday decorations and just sort my room out! I also need to put some money in my bank to buy a CD (Top Cats -Smashing to the Ground to be precise). 

Tuesday I have boring old work and band practice. Work is from 9am-2pm and I have band practice from 4-6.30 then I have to come home and cook my dinner and go for a run with my dog!

Wednesday I'm at work as I have a meeting with my boss and I need to help start decorating the school for celebration day. My boss who is the headteacher of the school I work at, also does photography, just like me, so I'm going to help him set up the studio for photos on Friday!

Thursday I'm at... wait for it... Work. Whenever it gets near the end of term my hours at work tend to be spent more at work then at home, and I seem to get less sleep. I also have a spinal clinic appointment which tends to take around an hour and also a 6 month review... Oh yay! I then have to come home and go back to work to do scouts with my brother as they are short staffed this week, and need help sorting out lots of things for the jamboree in August!

Friday I have celebration day all day at my work, which means all the parents and carers come into the school and we have certificates and awards to give out in all the different departments, afterwards we have a fun afternoon with the photographic studio, music, games, ice cream van, picnic, farm animals, all sorts! My mum will more then likely want my brother and me to have pictures taken together, and its the one time I can really dress up at work instead of wearing no make-up and plain boring clothes! 

Saturday I've no idea what I'm doing, but I might go out if I can find someone to go with me! Oh the joys of being a year older!

Well its a pretty busy week at work, but hey, not long till the Summer and I'm off for 5 weeks before going back to college and work!!

Don't forget to keep an eye out on my Youtube and for my first lookbook post!

Much Love

Emma Victoria


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Quick Picture Post!

Seeing that my family have a tradition of always bringing the baby pictures out at birthday's, I thought I'd share some baby pictures of me when I was younger with you! 

You can see by the pictures a smell fraction of my childhood, which comes to an end tomorrow. The first picture is off me at around 1-2 years old wearing a Blackpool FC shirt and hat with a skater skirt (Yup, I had real fashion back in them days!), the second picture, I'm 2, just going on 3, as this was before my brother was born, I am in fact crying in this picture (someone didn't have a nap that day...). The third picture is of me at my Aunt's house playing the piano, I was around 5 at this time, and thought that my artistic ability would flourish playing the piano while wearing roller blades... The fourth picture is me at my 6th birthday with a cake (we still taunt my mum with this cake), it was in fact meant to be a fairy, however we joke my mum call it the 'slutty fairy' as my mum did the make-up a little too heavy on the fairy's face! The fifth picture is of me back in around Year 3 at school, and typically at the Christmas plays, I was an angel, anyone can guess why... Cause of how blonde my hair was (and obviously because I looked so angelic).

Well I hope you enjoyed these few photos!

I will be doing a photo post of my day tomorrow, so watch out for that!!

Billions of Love

Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Liebster Blog Award Nomination!

Yesterday, I had a comment on my weekly overview post from Deborah from Hellcat Vintage, and she nominated me for the Liebster blog award! I have in fact already been nominated for this once before, (this was back in January, you can read it here) but what's the harm in doing it again! I also want to thank Deborah for nominating me, makes me feel like people do in fact appreciate my blog!

As said before in my previous post, this is an award for bloggers who have 200 followers and less. 'Liebster' which is a German origin word, stands for 'dearest', 'loving' or 'favourite'. The rules of this are that - you must answer the 11 questions given to you by your nominee (in my case, the questions Deborah has asked), you then have to nominate 11 other upcoming bloggers (and notify them on their blogs!) and then write your own 11 questions for them to answer! So lets get this underway!

*UPDATE* - I have also been nominated by Stephanie from Stephanie Maverick, so I will also answer her questions below Deborah's! 

My Questions from Deborah

1. Why did you decide to start blogging?
 I started blogging cause a lot of my friends around me kept nagging me to! Everyone was interested and intrigued in my style, but I also introduced some of my personal life into the blog for myself to a) vent and b) for people to learn from my experiences and for them to be able to talk to me, if they need advice!

2. When did you first fall for vintage/rockabilly fashion?

Well, I first began becoming interested into the whole scene when a once close friend of kine (sadly, we are no longer friends nor are we close) introduced me to Imelda May back in 2008. I completely fell in love with her, the way she dressed and the way she did her make-up. Only in the past 2 and a half years have I really begun dressing in this style of fashion, and personally I feel it complements my figure perfectly and I get so many compliments! I bought my first swing dress back in 2009, for a retro family party, and ever since I haven't stopped buying them! Vintage and Rockabilly for life! 

3. If you could meet anyone from any time period, who would it be?

Oh gosh, this is a tricky one. There are many people I'd love to meet, but I think one that stands out for me, has to be Nan. I am extremely close to my nan, and she was a teenager back in the 50's, I would have loved to have seen how she dressed, her way of life, her job, her family and most of all her social scene. Especially compared to the modern day, times have changed so much. I would love to have seen how she reacted to everything in those days eg introduction of rock and roll, segregation, etc.

4. If you could meet any fictional character, who would it be?

Because I am so super obsessed with Alice in Wonderland recently, I'd love to meet the Mad Hatter! He is so eccentric and crazy, I'd love to have a tea and cake with him!

5. What is your favourite food?

My favourite food at the moment has to probably be raspberries with Marshmallow Fluff. I've no idea why, but its becoming a seriously worrying addiction.

6. You win the lottery... what do you do with the money?

I think it depends on the amount, I'd like to ideally donate half to my current work, as what they do for disabled children is amazing and they deserve as much funding as they could possibly get! With the rest of the money, I'd love to set up a retro and rockabilly store, ranging from accessories  clothes and including old vinyl's and old vintage pieces people no longer want.

7. Do you have a guilty pleasure? Do tell...

Oh gosh, what is my guilty pleasure... It has to be watching Spongebob Squarepants at any possible time I get... Its pretty sad, but when I'm feeling a little low that programme always cheers me up!

8. If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I'd probably have to pick my cadillac skirt from 'What Shall I Wear Boutique' and my white top with black polka bow, along with my black patent heels!

9. Where if your favourite place to vacation?

I think it depends, I love going to different places all the time, whether its in the UK or abroad. At the moment, I'm seriously in the mood for saving up and doing a tour of different places in America. 

10. When you were little, what did you want to be? Did you accomplish that dream?

As cliché as it sounds, I wanted to be doing something to help others and benefit them. And I am pleased to say I've been doing this for 4 years now. I help train children in wheelchairs with mental and physical disabilities how to play wheelchair football, I work as a teaching assistant and personal carer and training in speech and music therapy to help these children and adults further who have disabilities.

11. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what one luxury would you want to have with you?

I think it depends on whether you are alone on the island or not, if you are then I'd chose for someone to be there with me, generally because then I wouldn't be alone and 2 people is always better then one. If its a material item, I'd probably choose a tent, generally because then I'd have shelter before finding somewhere more efficient and convenient on the island.

My Questions from Stephanie
1. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?
I'm not quite sure! I'd love to be in New York probably! I'm going away with my best friend Charlie in January for a week to New York, but I've also been before! 

2. Whats your favourite lipstick?
This is a toughie, I tend to have phases where I wear different lipsticks – currently I’m obsessed with the Seventeen lipstick in shade ‘Hollywood’, it has a gorgeous blue undertone to it, and it reminds me more of a deep rouge color rather than a bright red lipstick!

3.When it comes to eyeliner, do you wing it, smoke it or not use it?
We should all know the answer to this with me… I obviously wing it! I don’t do a huge wing on my I do a subtle little flick just at the corner of my eye!

4. Dragons or Unicorns?
It has to be unicorns! Just because I generally live in a fantasy bubble… And Unicorns are cute!

5. If you could meet anyone in the world from any time period, who would it be?
Oh gosh, there is so many people I would love to meet… But I’d love to have met (as cliché as it sounds) I’d love to have met either Jayne Mansfield or Elvis (just as he became super famous).

6.Do you prefer your hair up or down?
I think it depends on my mood, if my hair looks like rubbish, then I will have it up, just so it doesn’t look too bad! But I like to have half my hair up and half my hair down. Every day though, when it’s not super-hot, I like having my hair down so it can flow in the wind!

7. On vacation do you wear dresses and skirts or jeans and shorts?
Well because I live in dresses for most of my life, cause I’m pretty obsessed with dresses, so it’d only be right to say dresses and skirts!

8. Sandals or flip flops?
I prefer sandals, just because they are a little more stylish rather then flip flops. But if I’m going to the beach then I’d probably say flip flops.

9. What is your feel good summer time song right now?
Recently after feeling pretty low and super unhappy I’ve been listening to The Playtones – Too Bad song… Especially with my disaster of my relationships, this song pretty much sums up the past few months.

10. What’s your favourite nail polish called and where is it from?
Currently I’ve been exploring a lot of the Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly nail polish, I’m in love with the colour ‘Blood Orange’ – it’s a deep red and I love the shine on your nails when its dried!

11. What do you want to get out of blogging & where do you see yourself a year from now?

Most of all, I want to enjoy blogging, and I want the people who read my blog to enjoy it too. I want to help inspire people who may be struggling with their personal life or maybe just want to stand out a little more with their fashion. A year from now, I’d like to have possibly built my blog a bit better then it is now, possibly open a blog shop, and some time in the near future to do giveaways (possibly when I get to 100 followers). Most of all, I just hope that a year from now I’m still blogging, and people are still reading my blog!

The 11 Bloggers I nominate for the award

1. Stephanie - Stephanie Maverick

2. Elle - Elle Dees Beauty
3. Amna - ASQGenerates 
4. Becca - WonderColourBehind A Frosted Window 
5. Leigh - i m l e i g h 
6. Kayleigh - Kayleigh's Beauty Fix
7. Anja - The Ramblings of an Honorary Rascal 
8. Lauren - Laurelbay-Bird
9. Harjit - Testing Panel
10. Daphne - Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life
11. Marlee - Beauty by Marlee

My 11 Questions to my Nominees

1. If you had to pick one beauty product for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

2. What is your overall lifetime goal?
3. What would you rather wear, if you could chose only one for the rest of your life... A t-shirt and jeans or a dress?
4. What do you like to do, to cheer yourself up when you feel really sad?
5. Fashion wise, would you say you dress in a particular way, such as a music genre?
6. What is one thing you could never live without?
7. Would you prefer heels or flats?
8. What is your favourite, book, tv programme and film?
9. If you had to live in any time period (apart from the modern day) what would you pick?
10. If you could be one person in the world, who would you be?
11. What have you learn't from blogging, and what have you learn't about other people from it?

Much Love

Emma Victoria


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

OOTW: Summer Psychobilly Style

Its finally summer in the UK, and its feeling hot, hot, HOT! Which makes me super duper happy! I'm also super happy due to the fact that this morning I checked my overall blog views and I've hit over 4,000 views! Which for little old me, is absolutely fantastic and amazing! I wouldn't have got this far without any of you!

Back to the OOTW... Today's is a kind of relaxed look generally because, I have so many errands to do, running round the house, baking cupcakes, going into the loft, cleaning the house etc that its just a super simple look! 

Black & White Psychobilly Peplum Top, Peacocks - £15

Black 3/4 length leggings, New Look - £6 (similar here)

Black Studded Creepers, New Look - £12 (sale) (similar here)

Pink Skullcandy Headphones, Argos - £34.99 (I've had these for 2 and a half years and still work perfectly!)

Marilyn Cat Eye Sunglasses, Wear it Again Sam - £5.99 (similar here)

Today I am in fact not wearing any make-up! Generally because I'm not going out anywhere special and I'm just doing jobs around the house and popping into the village I live in! To just even out my skin (because lets be honest no one has naturally perfect skin, and I also have spots), I put little bit of face powder on. I've also put my hair in a bun because its out the way and its much easier in this hot weather then having it down! To accessorise around the bun a bit, I put an elastic hair band round which has decorative flowers attached to just make it a little more girly, you can also fashion this with a bandanna if you prefer! 
This Friday is also my birthday! I turn 18 years old, how exciting! I will also be doing a blog post about my birthday, on Saturday (or Sunday, if I don't have enough time on Saturday) I will try and take as many pictures as possible too! 

I also just want to say, that next week I plan to film a video for my youtube channel (finally)! I also today, watched a video by my friend who I went to school with. You can see Sammie's video here, she's started an advice channel, and she's filmed the first episode, which I thought would be super helpful for any of you! 

Much Love

Emma Victoria


Sunday, 7 July 2013

Weekly Overview; 7th July

My oh my! I am adoring this beautiful weather! It gives me even more excuse to wear one of my gorgeous dresses! Its the time of the week for the weekly overview, and today I'm writing outside because I cant bare to be inside with this weather!

My baby boy means the world to me!
Today All day I've just been sat in the garden and now I'm just watching the tennis while I write my blog! As you can see in the picture I'm having a no make-up day (I have some silly spots again so need a make-up free day to get rid of them!) and just relaxing with my dog, who is really struggling in this heat! Poor Freddie!

Monday I have some errands to run, and I need to go to Sainsbury's with my mum to buy some stuff for my birthday cake and possibly an air bed as I have 2 friends staying round on Friday night! Otherwise, I will spend the day relaxing and doing paperwork outside *yawn*

Tuesday I need to plan my OOTW, and get it all sorted! After, I'm not quite sure! I may do some of the cleaning and tidy my room and possibly hang some pictures on the wall, which I'm still undecided whether they should be on the wall or not! 

Wednesday My mum starts baking my birthday cake today, so I said I'd help her, as it's a little complex! I also have the shopping being delivered, so I need to put that all away, as well as book a table for Friday! I will also be cutting the lawn and doing some gardening as my garden is so messy!

Thursday I have a pedicure and a manicure to look forward to! And I also have booked myself in to get my hair cut, as its getting rather long now, and you can't really see the layers! Yay! My brother has scouts in the evening and I need to start sewing his name into some of his clothes as he is going on a scouts jamboree the first week of August! I also need to get my dress out and need to start looking for a new suspender belt as my favourite one sadly broke!

Friday ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! I'll be 18 years old! How time fly's! Today is a relatively busy but also relaxed day! I have a lay-in to around 8am-8.30am and my mum will make me some pancakes for a special birthday breakfast! And then I can open all my birthday presents and cards, my dad will also be taking the day off work, and my brother has an inset day from school! We are all going out for a family lunch to celebrate and then in the evening I am going out for a meal with my friends, and also have some friends coming over to stay! (I will probably have a drink, seeing as I'm legal... It'd be rude not too.)

Saturday My family have decided we are having a barbecue so its probably just another relaxed and chilled out day!

So, this week is pretty relaxed and chilled, but knowing my luck, loads of things will pop up and I'll end up being busy again!

Much Love

Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

18th Birthday Wishlist!

Lindy Bop Pink Cecelia Wiggle Dress  - £22.49 (25% Sale across site)

Top Cats Smashing to the Ground CD

These are some of the lovely things I want for my 18th Birthday (on the 12th July), I haven't shown you all the things I want, because otherwise we will be here for a while. Some things I don't expect to get but you never know till you ask! I also want to add that the two Lindy Bop dress' shown above, I am in fact getting! One from my partner and the other from my brother! I tend to usually end up being a pain to buy for, so I always have to make a list! If you have been following the blog for a while, you'll know I am in a band - well on Saturday (28th June) when we all had a relaxing chilled day, the lovely boys (Ricky, James, Chris and Addy) gave me my birthday present early! They gave me an envelope, and a letter was inside! The letter said that on the 11th July I have been booked in for a deluxe manicure and pedicure including a foot massage! How super lucky! I am always complaining about how rushed off my feet I am when we have a lot of gigs along with long hours at work (plus they still want to know how I can handle being on stage in super high heels!) I really cant thank them enough for treating me like this! 

After my birthday I shall do a blog post on all the lovely presents I received! I bet they will all be lovely!

Much Love

Emma Victoria


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

OOTW; Biker Girl

Good day to you all! Its another one of those weeks where my emotions want to play a game with me, and I'm feeling so crappy, so I thought I'd dress nicely to make me feel a bit better! Yesterday, I went to Eastbourne to do shopping with my boyfriend and my mum. I decided to go for a bit of a biker girl look, seeing as my boyfriend loves motorbikes and cars (he's a greaser boy by the way!) I thought I'd rock a different look to my girly style.

I'm pulling a really weird face today!

Red Paisley Rockabilly Bandana, Collectif - £2.50

Leopard Print Dress, Peacocks - £12 (includes a black belt)

Black Military Style Boot, Amazon - £17.95

Recently, I've been painting my nails a lot, just so that they look pretty! This week I thought I would try having white nails, as I've never had them white before! For the white I used Mavala nail polish in the shade 'Geneve' and for the blue part of my nail I used Mavala again for the base in shade 'Lagoon' which is a pale blue and just to add a bit of glitz I used the Barry M glitter polish in shade 'Aqua'.

I now have to go to my singing lesson with my Double Bassist and co-Singer in my band today (2 hours of singing, how enjoyable... - please understand my sarcastic tone) and then to come home and have a detox dinner... I need to start eating healthy again and going back down the gym more regularly! Any one have any easy tips?

Much Love

Emma Victoria


P.S I will also be doing the July Photo Challenge on my Instagram, so make sure you give me a follow and watch out every day for a post! I also forgot to say in my weekly overview this week that I have a gig on Friday, where we are supporting another Rockabilly band (The Rock-a-Limits) however all the tickets are currently sold out and we cannot say if there is any more being issued!