Monday, 22 July 2013

My Bucket List -

Yesterday evening while sat watching the Cricket on tele after a long day at work and band rehearsals, I got a tweet from the lovely Leigh from i m l e i g h beauty about something she thought I may be interested in! (Click here to see Leigh's post).

Basically, MoneySupermarket are running a compeition of which you have two things you can put on your bucket list, one which is a budget item and the other which is an extravagant item you have to say what is preventing you from doing/getting it and what it would mean for you to complete it! Simple!

Budget Item

I'd probably say that it would be a selection of Petticoats from Rockabilly Stockist Hell Bunny... I only own one Hell Bunny Petticoat and that's in white, I'd love for some other colour's to go with some of my rockabilly dresses! These retail at around £30 each and I'd the two I'd love would be in Red and Baby Blue! For me to get some more petticoats would mean a lot to me. It makes me feel so much more body confident, and makes me feel happier in my body. I want people to look at me down the street and think tht she looks 'gorgeous' or 'pretty' instead of looking at me in a negative way. For me to feel comfortable in my body is a huge goal in my life.

Extravagant Item

I'd love to go to Memphis in America, and find out all about my idol Elvis Presley. It is a complete dream of mine, I'd also love to road trip around America with my best friend Charlie which would incorporate going to Memphis. I have no idea how much it would cost, but its a dream of mine! (Hence why its the extravagant item) I'd love to go round America and find out all about the history of Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly Music seeing as its such a huge part of my life! Completing this goal is pretty much my life orientation, and it would complete my dreams and aspirations. 

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