Monday, 15 July 2013

Strange and New Proposals!

Sorry for the super duper late post, and I will still be posting my OOTW tomorrow, so don't panic! However this evening, I was asked by someone, if I was going to be selling any of my photo shoot pictures. Never in my life had it occurred to me that people would actually be interested in buying photo shoot pictures! I've tipped my nose into a little bit of modelling and recently have been doing paid shoots, but I never thought that people would want to buy pictures of me, ME! 

I am looking into doing small 6" x 4" photo's (normal size), small posters, and large posters! I will probably be printing these via the company Photobox, unless I find another company who does it cheaper and for the same quality! They will all be in a gloss finish. I need to figure out the pricing yet and decide on the photo's that will be up for sale, and I will probably advertise them through a shop on my blog, as this will be the easiest way for people to buy/order them off me!

In the coming few weeks, I am working a lot, and I currently only have 1 shoot, possibly 2 booked in for (busy little bee I am) and I will post on here the final photos which will be sold. You will also be able to buy a selection pack of either: -

  • 1 (30"x20") Poster and 6 (6"x4") photo's 
  • 10 (6"x4") and 1 (21"x16") poster
  • 2 (30"x20") posters and 6 (6"x4") photos.
I will also be having other offers coming up as well, and the posters I will also sign, because its always a nice little personal touch I think!

I will keep you all updated on my new little adventure, and maybe one day, I may be one of those well known pin-up girls?

Well a girl can dream can't she!

Emma Victoria