Sunday, 21 July 2013

Weekly Overview; 21st July

First of all I want to apologise for my absence of not posting since Tuesday, I've had a pretty horrendous week. I've now also come to the conclusion that ever since turning 18, everything has turned to absolute crap. I've been 18 for 8 days and I already want to be a child again. I've also broken 2 of my toes, which I'm in loads of pain with (amazingly enough I didn't think it would hurt that bad. Damn I was wrong). Anyway, moving onto a hopefully better week. (I wish).

Just coming out of the hospital
after having my 2 toes reset.
Today: Well I'm mean't to be resting my foot with elevating it and with a cold compress, however I've ended up mowing the lawn and doing loads of things and being in pain.

Monday I have a night shift from 9pm-6am (tuesday morning) so the day is mostly resting and doing paperwork and looking at moving banks and looking at dresses I cant quite afford.

Tuesday Work all day from 9am-3pm and then home to cook my dinner and again do more paperwork and lots of phone calls.

Wednesday I've managed to bring my holiday earlier so today is my last day at work until the 2nd of September! So its just a relaxing day and I finish at 1pm, then I'll be going for lunch with a load of my colleagues to celebrate summer before we don't see each other for around 5-6 weeks!

Thursday My first day of my holiday, god knows what I'm going to be doing, just waiting for people to ask me to meet up etc!

Friday Pretty much the same as Thursday, not sure what I'm going to be doing however, I have band practice in the afternoon, so I may just be doing singing practice.

Saturday I've no idea what I'm going to be doing, its all just going to be relaxing unless people want to meet up with me!

I will be making up for not posting on friday on Monday, with 2 posts, one is the MoneySupermarket compeition and the other is my Summer To-Do List/Challenge! So keep an eye out for a double wammy tomorrow!

I also now have no excuse for delaying doing my youtube which I will start this week, I absolutely promise!!

And, I now have some items for sale in my shop, so if you are interested in any of the products please contact me as they really need to go, I will also negotiate prices if needs be!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria