Sunday, 28 July 2013

Weekly Overview; 28th July

I've sewn labels in 47 items today!
I can't believe we are in the last 3 days of July... how quick is 2013 going?! I swear it will be Christmas before I know it! Any who, lets get on with my weekly overview! 

Today All I have done is sewing labels into my brother's clothes for his scout jamboree! My fingers are killing after threading a needle through clothes all day (since 10am) ouch. Early night tonight, after all that sewing (oh and watching Gavin and Stacey!)

Monday I have lots of errands to run, I need to put money into my bank, do some ironing, do my shopping list, do more washing and have a shower! Its just one of them boring house days which consist of baggy clothes and no make-up! I also have to go to the airport to see my lovely friend and band member Ricky off on his holiday! He won't be returning till the 2nd of September! I will also be doing my OOTW tonight because I just won't have the time tomorrow!

Tuesday I am off to London with my best friend to go shopping! Yay! I'm so excited! Me and my friend Charlie are going shopping as she wants to find an outfit for Summertime Swing and also just because we want to go shopping in London! Afterwards, I'll come home, relax in bed and watch a film! 

Wednesday I have to go food shopping, all on my own! Big stuff for me! A full weeks shopping to do for myself! I think Chocolate will definitely be going in the trolley! I may also (finally) do my Birthday Haul video, I know its been around 2-3 weeks since my Birthday but I've just been finding a way to do it!

Thursday I have to see the doctor!! I have to see the doctor for a check-up on my foot after breaking 2 of my toes! After having one of my toes re-set they just want to make sure that the toe is okay, I also get to find out if I can wear heels again! 

Friday I need to help pack all my brothers clothes for his scout jamboree and get all his stuff together! Just another relaxed day and getting all my stuff ready for the weekend too! I may even go DVD shopping if I have enough money!

Saturday I'm up super early to help get my brother to his International Scout's Jamboree, he is super excited about going and spending time with all his friends! Once my brother's gone my mum and dad are going away till Monday to a concert in Whistable (I think they are seeing the Blow Monkeys), which means, I'm home alone with my dog Freddie! I may get a takeaway just for myself as a treat, or I'll cook, it depends! I may bake a cake too seeing as I have the whole day (and house!) to myself! I think its Film Night too for me!

Sunday I have my best friend Charlie coming up and staying with me and we are going to Summertime Swing!! I'm so super excited about going and seeing the Jive Aces! I've no idea what outfit I'm going to be wearing yet either!!! Charlie will be staying over at mine, which means I'll post my Weekly Overview on Monday next week as I just won't have time next Sunday!!

Busy week ahead, but also super exciting! Also, tomorrow I will finally be posting a collage of some of my birthday photos, Wednesday will be a lifestyle post all about relationships and love and how to get over someone so if you need a bit of love advice then stay tuned! Also if you have any questions related to relationships then please let me know and I shall answer them in my post! Next Friday will also be a guest post (hopefully) from my lovely friend Anja!

Much Love

Emma Victoria