Friday, 30 August 2013

Beauxoxo Runner-Up Giveaway Bag! (I Also Need Your Help!)

Good day my absolute lovelies! If I hadn't already mentioned, I entered the Beauxoxo Giveaway on Facebook and ended up being one of the runner-ups! (Which for me is a huge achievement as I don't tend to win that much!) So I thought I would share with you all what I received in my little bag! I'm actually really chuffed with what I got as well, there is always that risk of getting something you don't like, however I haven't found that with this and I love everything inside!

Lets start with the picture on the right, these are all the accessories I received! The first one is a large bow from Beauxoxo itself, I've been questioning myself whether to get one or not and when getting one in this little bag it has definitely swayed me to wanting to get more! I love the mixture of different colours on this bow as its super easy to pair up with a few outfits! This is a thin crocodile clip on the back and sits really nicely in your hair! Because my hair always has a super shine to it, bows tend to slip out a bit so I just like to secure then with another clip or wear them while my hair is tied up! This would look perfect paired up with a sock bun near the top of your head, as its a very cutesy sort of look! 

The next accessory is this beautiful Glitter Bottle Necklace from Megan Jane Jewellery. I absolutely adore this colour blue in this necklace! It is stunning and super gorgeous! This pairs up amazingly with my Classy Bella Dress in Turquoise from Lindy Bop! I also super love that this has a gold chain on it, instead of a silver chain! I do find a lot of products has simple thin chain's making just the charm on the necklace the only focus! However, I like the loops on this chain as they aren't too small and just add to this beautiful little piece!

The next gorgeous little accessory is this gorgeously cute brooch from 'Love From Hetty & Dave'. This is so super adorable, and I may just purchase a few more of their products! This cute little Ice Cream Brooch is made from leather and the ice cream sewn on to it! I love that it is in a rosette shape, just makes me love it even more! Its also really easy to pair with a few of my dresses which come to mind straight away with the use of the 3 different colours making it super versatile to match things up! 

The last accessory I got was this gorgeously adorable Cat nap ring from I Love Crafty - this is so super cute, and I like wearing this on my little finger, just cause it looks soooo cute! (My nails are also painted in Strawberry Ice Cream Shade by Barry M). 

The last 2 items I got in my goodie bag is the 2 beauty products - the first is the Steam Cream 'Freshely Handmade Moisturiser' this can be used on your face, body and hands! This smells so super divine, and feels amazing! I might go and purchase some more of the products in the very near future! (You can find out the process of how they make this moisturiser with Steam on their website here). The next product is this beautiful Macaroon Bath Melt in Coral Bay from Miss Patissrie. I super duper LOVE that this has a petal on top, and it combines my 2 favourite things - bathroom smellies and baking into one! I will definitely be having a bath to try this gorgeous little thing out!

Any who my dears! That's all from me today! I will see you all on Sunday for my weekly overview! I also have 2 things in mind but not sure whether to pursue in them or not... The first being should I create a Facebook Page for my blog? It may help to bring more people to my blog? What do you think? The second being should I do a body confidence post on being a plus size blogger, how I feel about the fashion 'restrictions' and how I cope within it, shedding light on how you can make yourself more confident? I feel at the moment maybe my content is a little bland and needs spicing up a little more so if you have any suggestions at all I'd be super thankful!

Tonnes of Love & Hugs!

Emma Victoria