Sunday, 25 August 2013

I'm Back! - Weekly Overview; 25th August!

Good Evening my Lovelies! I am back from a weeks break of blogging (which I well and truly needed!). I'm amazingly watching the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashains' on E!... I don't really enjoy reality TV, but this is slightly comical and relaxing! I know my post is a little late tonight (sorry!) I've had a hectic, busy day! 

Yes - I met Daniel Radcliffe
while in London!!

Today I spent doing lots of bits and bobs around the house and out, I've also completed the adoption forms, yes adoption forms (not what you are thinking... Reel that thought in!!!) because, I am hopefully adopting another Labrador to be a brother/sister to my lovely yellow Lab Freddie! 

Monday I am attending a private wedding fair, which was meant to happen on Saturday but was postponed to Monday instead. And again, reel the thought that you currently have in, I am most certainly not getting married (I haven't found a man even the slightest bit interested in little old me yet!). But I am, however, modelling wedding dresses! I am so super excited at doing this, its like a dream to wear a wedding dress but not actually get married! (At least if I never get married I would've tried on a wedding dress!) 

Tuesday I am not doing much at all (thankfully) I need a little rest, plus I need to sort out my best friends birthday present (hopefully all the bits arrive in time!!) its just a day of relaxing doing paperwork (my OOTW!) and sorting out all my dresses in my wardrobe!! 

Wednesday My dad is still off from work as he took an extra 2 days off after the bank holiday, so it may be a day of going out on a family trip (I really enjoy car trips, driving around Sussex and Kent, just because its so super fun and beautiful out in the Country where I live!) 

Thursday My best friend and me are going to the Cinema for a little birthday treat and we also have to organise a night out for a meal at some point, but first we need to decide what film to go and see!

Friday I have all sorts planned, I have lots of things to organise for going back to college, research work, and also tonnes of modelling things to sort out!! (I have also uploaded some pictures to the Photo Shop, so for those interested in modelling photos, drop me an email and I can get them printed and signed!) 

Saturday I like being spontaneous so I haven't got anything planned what-so-ever! Just have to wait and see what comes!

UPDATES This week I met Daniel Radcliffe while in London, and I also was a runner up in the Beauxoxo Giveaway! I will be getting a goody bag from Beauxoxo, which I will post up on here for my Wednesday or Friday post! So also look out for that!!

Much Love

Emma Victoria