Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Payday Wishlist!

As many of you know, I am currently on my summer holiday from work and college! I do however still get paid... On a minimum wage for being on call and also just to tie me over! I am only getting £200 this month, so I must spend it wisely! However, there are still some things I can buy! (I also hit over 6000 views yesterday, fabulous news!).

I know I will definitely be purchasing the Lindy Bop dress and Cary Jane shoes (and probably the 2 nail polishes) but the other 2 items I may wait to get at a later date, seeing as I'm going back to college in just over 4 weeks (ahh scary!! I just hope I make some friends and no one thinks I'm weird!!)

Anyway, just a quick post today, and look forward to my post on friday which is all about my Bathroom Essentials and what I think are some absolute must haves and what are my favourites!

I've also felt really lyrical this week and yesterday I had a fantastic little jam with my fans when we had a meet up so they could meet us (my band) as people instead of just watching us on stage, and my favourite song we sang in acoustic was probably Imelda May's song 'End of the World' - I can seriously relate to this song right now, especially through this emotional mess I'm in, writing a goodbye letter and also because its just so beautiful! 

Much love

Emma Victoria