Sunday, 18 August 2013

Weekley Overview; 18th August & Blog Break!

I'm writing this as my nails are drying and trying to cool my anger over the neighbours who live at the back... They are having a massive party, with strobe lights (which are beaming into my room) and very loud music. Looks like I'll be ringing the police non-emergency number after 11pm! Anyway, lets try and relax...

Me wearing glasses... Opinions?!
Today I spent finishing the cleaning and starting packing! I've had a really bad back all day so not much has really happened!

Monday I am getting up early to go for a run (yes, me, running...amazing). and then coming home to have a shower and then finish packing to go to London!!! I'm going to London with my best friend for a couple of days!

Tuesday My friend and me are going to the One Direction Film Première and then we are going to see a show and get last minute tickets!

Wednesday I come from London (insert sad face here) and coming home! I am doing a small solo set at a local pub, all acoustic, just piano, acoustic guitar and me! I'm really looking forward to doing a set were its not all up tempo and its more relaxing and emotive! That's when I feel I get into my music the most! 

Thursday During the day is just relaxing and getting my voice back in tip top condition. I'm also planning on seeing another best friend of mine and going to the cinema (we've yet to finalise details, but follow me on twitter to keep up to date with me and what I'm doing during the week!)

Friday I'm probably going to be doing all the cleaning again, I have some work planned to do as well, so its just a chill out day and relax! I may also be looking at possibly buying a sewing machine so I can start making some of my own clothes!

Saturday I have lots planned to do! I wont bore you with all the details, but I have new song ideas and some new lyrics to write down, and write up new set lists! So much exciting stuff is happening! 

Blog Update I'm also having a blog break this week due to being away and because I've been blogging every week since January I just need a little break to get some new ideas and to get some stuff done! I will be back next Sunday for my next weekly overview and again back on schedule till I start my new schedule from 8th September! 

See you next sunday my lovelies!!

Emma Victoria