Wednesday, 25 September 2013

OOTW; Fab Forties!

I seem to be apologising a lot right now don't i? Well again... I am sorry! I didn't intend on posting this so late tonight - I've been working myself down to the bone today with doing lots of work for a band I'm writing some song's for plus 3 lots of college work to get through and to write my personal statement for University! I took these pictures in advance because I knew that I would be really busy and plus I'm only wearing nice clothes when I go straight out at the moment due to the new puppy! 

Hair Flower (Pack of 10), Amazon - £4.99
Freddie Knitted Top (Candy Pink), Collectif - £34.50
Black Liesel Skirt, Collectif - £46.50
Ivory Pearls, Collectif - £15.00
Tie Up 'Oxford' Style Shoes, New Look - £5.00 (SALE)

This look is very simple and to me is very a much later 1940's sort of look with the circle skirt. Personally I love this outfit as its very cutesy and also super feminine. You can also easily pair this outfit up with a nice pair of heels, however I'm not too keen on super high heels (but that's personal preference) maybe a pair of about 2-3 inches will go nicely with this outfit! I've also done my make-up super simple by using just concealers and mascara without any eye liner as this day my eyes were so watery and no eye-liner would stay put! I put my hair in little bunches just because it incorporates the cute sort of look again and people always say I look sweet with bunches! With the braces on the skirt, I opted to go for the criss cross affect on the back as this is just my preferred way of wearing them as they sit better on my shoulders instead of when they are just straight. 

I will get back on track with posting with my schedule soon just my life has been turned upside down at the moment and I'm running here there and everywhere getting things done and walking dogs! 

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Billions of Love!

Emma Victoria


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Apologies & Life Update!

I am so super sorry for the lack of posts since last Wednesday  I know I promised you another tag post however I had to do some really last minute shopping (which I'll explain below). I will try and keep to my normal schedule but for now please bare with me with uploading posts as I have some major news that has happened and its taking up all my time. 


As many of you know, that have been following my blog, my twitter or my Facebook that I have been looking at getting another dog - and here she finally is! Her name is Alice and she is a Black Labradoodle! (For those who don't know a Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle). We had a phone call Friday night saying if we would like to come to the Emergency Kennels and come and meet her to decide if we wanted to adopt her. We visited on Saturday afternoon after dropping my brother off at school for respite and we picked my dog up and went to Chessington, near London. Alice was in the run where we were introduced to her and she met Freddie - they got on really well! We asked if we could take her for a walk, and they said we could. She was really good and actually walked better when walking with Freddie then on her own.  Alice is around 1 year old and is really jumpy and playful at the moment. Alice has actually come over from Dublin, Ireland after being left and mistreated by her former home. We are finding out something new about Alice everyday (and she's learning something new too...) - for the next few weeks my blog posts will be a bit on the slow side because I am having to train Alice from scratch as she isn't house trained and she didn't even know the command 'sit'. Alice's story is not a one of a kind, many dogs have been mistreated and have a similar story - Alice now has a loving (and relatively calm) home where she will be given lots of love and cuddles with her brother Freddie!

My OOTW will be up tomorrow as I already have this pre-planned! 

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

OOTW; Classy Bella

Today I'm finally showing you my gorgeous new Lindy Bop 'Bella' dress in Turquoise! I'm now having to take photos of my OOTW's on the landing in my house due to the weather getting worse and the rest of my house isn't really that interesting. I bought this a while back and every time I came to show it in an OOTW I put it in the wash cause it was dirty - typical aye? So here it is finally!!

(also available in Raspberry, Blue,Black & Red)

Silver Shoes, Clarks - (Hand-me-down from Mum!) 

I super love this dress and I'm not even wearing Shapewear with this outfit! I also find this dress just seems to slim my stomach right down and also boosts the look of my curves on my busy and hips (not forgetting my bum!) This dress has a buttoned detail on the front and at the back it has an open back just to the top of the middle of your back - there is a ribbon at the top to just add to the detail of the dress and it just pulls everything together at the back! This dress it probably one of my favourites right now - its super flattering and you can even get it in a few other colours! I really love Lindy Bop dresses as they are vintage style without the huge price tag - I love Lindy Bop dresses and my collection of their clothing is forever growing (I have just bought the Antoinette dress and the Serena dress - woops...)

This isn't a very lengthy post because I literally just got dressed to do this post for you all as I currently have a fever and I've been poorly and sick!

My post on Friday will be another Tag post (from Stephanie Maverick, read hers before I post mine!).

See you all soon my lovelies!


Emma Victoria


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Weekly Overview; 15th September!

Another Sunday?! *Sigh*...

Today I am going to this Gurkha restaurant place for my brothers birthday (which is on Tuesday), to be quite honest I can't really be bothered to go out today, I don't really like going out on Sundays, as they are a day to relax before the rest of the week. Afterwards I'm probably going to take all my make-up off, go to bed and do absolutely nothing - although I might do a make-up review of some new concealers/foundation I've bought!

Monday I have college from 10.40 - 5, means I won't get home till 7pm, and I'll probably be a grumpy mess so I doubt I won't be doing much, unless I have homework, which I will get done.

Tuesday College again, I have a meeting with my tutor at 10.40 till 11, which means I'll have an hour and a halfs break and then my Health and Social lesson and then Media at 3.40. I will be going to football at Millwall tonight! Yay!

Wednesday I HAVE THE DAY OFF COLLEGE... YAYAYAYAYA! I get every Wednesday off, so this is probably my favourite day of the college week... I will do my OOTW, do the food shopping, and all my other bits and bobs.

Thursday I have college from 10.40 till 3.20, and I have to get the 4.20 bus, which is always packed with students from the college so I'll probably end up standing up for my 50 minute bus journey (add annoyed face here)...

Friday I have to get up at 5am... Too. Much. Effort. I have college from 9am - 3.20, so I will probably come home and just collapse into my bed.

Saturday I have a photo shoot in London with an up-coming photographer who needs to build his portfolio so I'm super looking forward to this!

Well I might be doing a bonus post tonight, to post either tonight or tomorrow night - so look out for that!

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Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


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Friday, 13 September 2013

The First Time Tag!

Hello! Its that time of the week for my weekly post on anything that I feel like posting - today's post is going to be 'The First Time' Tag which my lovely friend and fellow blogger Amna from ASQGenerates alerted me of on Twitter!  

1. First Best Friend? 

My 1st Best Friend is still my best friend now! My friend Sophie and me have been friends since we were around 2 -3 years old! Now we are both 18! We have been through so many ups and downs through the years, and our greatest memory has to be the Easter egg being thrown against my wardrobe cause I couldn't open it! I really hope that we have many more memories together in the future and that we never ever lose touch! We are 15 years strong!

2. First Kiss?

Oh sugar, I can't remember this far back *blush*... If I'm correct (which I really hope I am) it was with my first boyfriend Jason - we had been together for 3 months and it was just a simple little peck on the cheeks, nothing more, very sweet and very innocent. After him I've only ever kissed 1 other guy... and that was my longest relationship (10 months) but he left to move to New Zealand.

3. First Concert?

Oh crickey, I'm super proud to have said my first concert was My Chemical Romance (15th November 2007) - I know the date because this was the best day in my life EVER! Seeing my favourite band ever, and they were the first band I ever got to see! Their set was amazing, it was part of the Black Parade Tour, and I wore my Black Parade jacket, black tights, black boots, military style dress/top and my BP make-up. Oh the good old days!

4. First Celebrity Crush?

I know (and I hope) that I'm not the only person to say Duncan and Anthony from Blue! I was absolutely in love with them when I was younger. Everytime I went to stagecoach and we did our little exam pieces I guarantee it was always either a Blue song or a Steps song. I'm still not afraid to say that Duncan still isn't bad looking...

5. First Word?

My first word was Dad... I've always been a daddy's girl so that's no real surprise! 

6. First Pet?

I'm gonna say my nan's dog Coco - Coco wasn't my dog but when I was younger I spent a lot of time at my nan's when my brother was born due to his complexity of his disability then. Coco was a chocolate minature poodle, who tragically died very quickly due to Cancer. Then it was my nan's cats who I also spent a lot of time with, Holston and Cosmic. Who also died due to Cancer (trend here?). Then I got my dog Freddie who is a beautiful Yellow Labrador!

7. First job?

My first job was with Brighton and Hove Albion football club (queue the abuse) - I am a Blackpool fan, I always have been, however I started working and training as a wheelchair football coach and did my Duke of Edinburgh with the club. I joined back in March 2009, and left in March 2012 after many disagreements over how things were being ran and how some children were being pushed to the side.

8. First Phone?

My first phone was the Motorola L6 in Blue! I blooming loved that phone, however I was on Pay as you Go with Orange (this phone was given on the contract). However, Orange screwed us over big time and virtually stole our money. 

9. First Tweet?

I have absolutely no idea! This was 22,849 tweets ago. It was probably along the lines of 'how do you use twitter?'...

10. First make-up?

It was the Miss Sporty 'Spot On' Foundation - I've always had really bad spots on my face, when I get them, I get them badly. (I have some seriously sore ones right now, and they hurt like hell!) I still buy this now, as it does help a bit to reduce redness and the duration of them!

Now I shall tag some people I think might want to do this cheeky little tag!



P.S Next week will be another tag that Stephanie tagged me in (check hers out before you see mine!


Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

OOTW; Angelic Autumn!

Its getting near my absolute favourite and beautiful time of the year! I absolutely adore autumn! I love when the leaves turn to beautiful shades of orange, yellow, red, auburn... When I'm older I'd love to have a wedding in the Autumn - it'd be oh so perfect! I absolutely adore this outfit, generally because its still summery but still warm enough as the days are starting to get a bit more chilly now the Summer is behind us...

Black Waist Belt, New Look - £4.99

Cannes 50's Circle Skirt, Hell Bunny - £29.99 (same here)

Babycham Flash Flat White Rockabilly pumps, Amazon - £16.37 (I can't find these anywhere online, I bought them in 2010!)

Pack of 10 Hair Flowers, Amazon - £4.99

I decided to just go with a simple sort of cute look for this outfit. Nothing to complex, just 2 little plaits at the front of my hair clipped at the back with a hair daisy to just polish it off. My make-up is also super simple - Foundation and face powder for coverage, and I just used my Natural Collection Eyeshadow in 'Candyfloss' which is a baby pink and just blended it in and added mascara to my eyelashes. My nails are painted in the Barry M shade 'Prickly Pear' and Silver Glitter Polish - I just wanted to add a simple little statement with the lilac to compliment the red on the skirt!

Well I hope you enjoyed this weeks OOTW! Just a reminder that all OOTW's will be posted on Wednesday's now, unless I state otherwise! I also have one dress left for sale on my Ebay (emmavictoriaaa2011).

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Weekly Overivew; 8th September!

Sorry my post is so late tonight! But I had a home inspection today for adopting a dog... AND WE PASSED! I'm so super happy and excited and it means we can go on to the next step now!

I finally got my damn hair cut! Also have
a shorter fringe too! I haven't got the guts
for Betty Bangs yet!
Today I did lots of cleaning and sorted out all the clothes I no longer need! I also only have 2 items left for sale on all my ebay and blog shop stuff so make sure to keep an eye out for that!

Monday I need to do a huge haul in WH Smith for stuff for college, as I'm being super organised this year (and my pencil case which I've had for 7 years broke too!) Afterwards I'm going to pets at home to pick up some new skin cream for my dogs nose and also some Flealine and more biscuits, treats and dog bath shampoo!

Tuesday Is my first day back at college... Super scary stuff! I'm at college from 10.40 till 5 (hence why I changed my OOTW to Wednesdays as I won't get home till gone 7 o'clock!). I have Tutor, Media and Health and Social... I'd like to say I'm excited but that feeling is soon surpassed by my nerves...

Wednesday I get one day back at college and then a day off! How fab! I get every Wednesday off which makes me really happy! Means I can catch up on all my work. Also means I get a day away from college. I'm probably going to do some English Language revision because I really love English and want to work hard!

Thursday I'm at college from 10.40 till 3.20. *Sigh* Oh well work must be done!

Friday I have to get up at 5am... oh the sweet lord. How I will manage doing half decent make-up at that time will amaze me. Hopefully it doesn't rain either! I have a nearly 4 hour break today... The worst break I have during my whole college week. Oh well at least I can get lots of work done!

Saturday I am going to Bournemouth for my first football match this season! I follow Blackpool FC, I've supported them since I was a baby (yes I do have proof!). I'm hoping for a win!

Super quick post today, sorry, and also sorry for being so late! See you on Wednesday for my OOTW! What do you think about my hair? Should I try Betty Bangs soon?


Emma Victoria


Friday, 6 September 2013

Blog Schedule Update! *Boring Post- Sorry!!*

RIGHT! This is a super duper boring post, but it needs to be done as I've devised a new schedule for my blog as my timetable for college is all a bit of a pa-lava! 

I will now be blogging on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday - SUNDAY will be my Weekly Overview, which remains as normal. The main factor which is changing is my Tuesday post - my OOTW is now going to be posted on a WEDNESDAY as this is when I have a day off from college. My non-structured post will be on a FRIDAY - these posts consist of tags, make-up tutorials, little chats, advice & experience etc posts. This will take affect from the SUNDAY 8TH SEPTEMBER.

This year at college is super important and I really need to get good grades to go to uni, which means I can't blog as much as I would like to! However, I have managed to create an easy rota which means I'm still frequently posting but it also is friendly to my college timetable!!

My next post will take place on Sunday with my weekly overview and will follow my new schedule. I do have a topic for my Friday post which will be the 'My First Time' Tag which the lovely Amna from ASQGenerates told me about on twitter! I also have in mind a haul to do of all the stuff I have bought recently (I've really bought way too much stuff) - however this may come in form of a YouTube video!

See you Sunday!

Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Size 14, 16 or 18? So What! - Body Confidence!

Now its only fair to say that everyone has some sort of insecurity, whether it be that your hair isn't how you want it or that your waist isn't skinny enough. I know far too well what its like to be picked on and singled out just because I'm not a size 8... But truthfully, it shouldn't matter whether you are a Size 8 or a Size 22! A lot of people also seem to think that only people who are considered 'plus size' have body issues, but you'll also find a lot of people who are Size 8 or 10 have body issues too! 

One thing I will say is that you should NEVER feel ashamed about your body. Your body is your temple, you should respect everything about your body. You shouldn't hate your muffin tops or your stomach just because they aren't perfect - your flaws are the things that make you unique and perfect in your own way. 

Photo Courtesy - Eddie Stewart
A lot of people comment about my modelling, which I've started to get into more recently - especially baring a bit more skin. Now, I always used to be very afraid about being a bit more showy on the parts of my body I wasn't happy with. I used to really hate my stomach, my thighs, my neck and the top of my arms. My stomach isn't flat, my thighs are horrible, but why should I hide my body away just because I'm scared what people may think of me? While I was at secondary school, I was subject to many a rude or hurtful comment about my weight just because I wasn't skinny and that I wasn't always the best at sports. I had a really rough time at secondary school, alongside with family problems I was always in a very dark place, I didn't have many friends at secondary school, the majority of my friends were outside school. I always felt very insecure because of my weight. It was only when I went to college did I really become to realise that my weight and figure didn't matter to the people who were my friends. People didn't care that I wasn't skinny or perfect, I had so many people compliment me saying I was a beautiful curvaceous girl, I finally began to regain my confidence. It was only when I started modelling did I begin to start feeling anxious, I was saw modelling as a very stereotypical thing where only girls with flat stomachs could do modelling. 

Another problem I've began to find a lot with society is that people are deciding themselves what the word 'curvy' defines. Some say its girls who are skinny but have boobs and a butt, some say its a bigger girl, etc, etc - but to me, everyone is curvy, no one's body is flat like a plank of wood. A good friend of mine said she wanted to make herself look more curvy, so we went on a shopping trip to find specific dresses that highlight certain parts of her body to make her feel good. The really important thing to remember is that, you should dress to impress YOURSELF - not somebody else! If you dress to impress yourself, and you feel confident in yourself, people will fall at your feet and stare at you down the street! 

Its really important to remember, that your dress size doesn't define who you are as a person, and you never should let it do that either. You should be who you want to be, not what others want you to be. So what you haven't got a flat stomach, why should you let that stop you wearing a bikini?! You should never be jealous of what someone else has, because there's bound to be someone who wants your figure instead of their own. You should love your body, not hate it, if you love your body, it will love you back.

Never let society judge you, and even if they do, just walk away and remember, you are perfect in every way possible!

If you ever want a chat about anything, no matter how small it is, or to even ask questions, just post a comment or email me on Facebook or on 

Stay Beautiful

Emma Victoria


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

OOTW; Crazy Busy!

Hello! Sorry my post is so late, I had to come up with something quick so I decided to just feature the outfit I'm wearing today - I've been super busy! This outfit I chose at 5am this morning, half asleep. I've literally been in the studio today and didn't have time to photograph my outfit for my acoustic gig tonight! Thankfully my time slot has been put back as the main band still aren't here yet! (Thank god!) I don't go on till 8.45pm now, so its given me just enough time to post this up!

Black Leggings, Next - £9 - £10

Black Belt, New Look - £5

Black Ballerina Shoes, Next - £26

Nails - Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream
Barry M White Nail Polish
Barry M Glitter Polish Silver

I'm also not wearing any make-up today and I've pinned all my hair back! My outfit for my gig is very different, my hair will just be naturally wavy and I'm wearing a plain white dress to convey sincerity in the songs I'm singing!

Sorry this post is super rushed! I promise next weeks will be much much better!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Weekly Overivew: 1st September!

Its a lovely Sunday isn't it! I also can't believe its September already! Its a super busy month for me as well! It also means we are another month closer to Christmas! (I am one of them people who loves Christmas! I also aim to have a very retro Christmas this year!) Lets see what I'm up to this week! ...

A cheeky double vodka & coke?
Why not!
Today I have had a lovely manicure by my friend as my nails look so crappy right now! We also added a white nail and put some glitter polish on, can't beat a little sparkle! Every girl deserves to shine! 

Monday I am at college in the morning to complete my enrolment (*sigh*). God knows I'll probably be there for 10 minutes and then be told I can go! Any way, after that I have to pop to Tesco and get some bits and bobs and come home! I will probably do my OOTW as well as I'll be busy on Tuesday! In the evening I am also going up to Heathrow airport to go and see my lovely double bassist who is back from his month's holiday in the Bahamas/Miami/New York! (I am very, very jealous!) 

Tuesday I have a meeting at a studio with a friend of mine who is recording an album and wants me to do some backing vocals on three tracks! First of all we are just sorting out a plan of what we are recording and when we are going to record it and also sort out all different bits and bobs! In the evening I have another acoustic gig, my second in a few weeks. I'm really enjoying doing some more acoustic gigs recently, generally because I am able to connect with the audience a lot more and its also more relaxed.

Wednesday My brother goes back to school today, so an early start to get him ready and see him off school! I'm also having my shopping delivered so I can put that away as well! I have some errands to run and do today so after I get them all done I can relax! 

Thursday I am going to get things ready for going back to college and also sorting out some blog posts to be planned! I'm also thinking of possibly doing some youtube videos - so who knows what may happen!

Friday I have to go to college... AGAIN. I have to go back and pick my timetable up, hopefully it wont be as horrendous as last years... I will not do three 9am starts and two 5 and a half hour breaks in my timetable! That is just a joke! I do however have to go all the way to Lewes (45 minute drive away from where I live) just to go pick a piece of paper up. 

Saturday I don't know what I have planned on Saturday, I presume its just a spontaneous day again! Who knows! Just have to wait and see!

Any who, this week I am planning on doing posts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (if I have enough to write about that is!) I haven't decided when my body confidence post will be yet (either Wednesday or Friday) but just keep a look out on these days for whatever post is up! 

Also, if you have any ideas about some future blog posts I can do, or you want to do a guest post, then just let me know! I really want to make this blog enjoyable for you read!


Emma Victoria