Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Apologies & Life Update!

I am so super sorry for the lack of posts since last Wednesday  I know I promised you another tag post however I had to do some really last minute shopping (which I'll explain below). I will try and keep to my normal schedule but for now please bare with me with uploading posts as I have some major news that has happened and its taking up all my time. 


As many of you know, that have been following my blog, my twitter or my Facebook that I have been looking at getting another dog - and here she finally is! Her name is Alice and she is a Black Labradoodle! (For those who don't know a Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle). We had a phone call Friday night saying if we would like to come to the Emergency Kennels and come and meet her to decide if we wanted to adopt her. We visited on Saturday afternoon after dropping my brother off at school for respite and we picked my dog up and went to Chessington, near London. Alice was in the run where we were introduced to her and she met Freddie - they got on really well! We asked if we could take her for a walk, and they said we could. She was really good and actually walked better when walking with Freddie then on her own.  Alice is around 1 year old and is really jumpy and playful at the moment. Alice has actually come over from Dublin, Ireland after being left and mistreated by her former home. We are finding out something new about Alice everyday (and she's learning something new too...) - for the next few weeks my blog posts will be a bit on the slow side because I am having to train Alice from scratch as she isn't house trained and she didn't even know the command 'sit'. Alice's story is not a one of a kind, many dogs have been mistreated and have a similar story - Alice now has a loving (and relatively calm) home where she will be given lots of love and cuddles with her brother Freddie!

My OOTW will be up tomorrow as I already have this pre-planned! 

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria