Friday, 6 September 2013

Blog Schedule Update! *Boring Post- Sorry!!*

RIGHT! This is a super duper boring post, but it needs to be done as I've devised a new schedule for my blog as my timetable for college is all a bit of a pa-lava! 

I will now be blogging on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday - SUNDAY will be my Weekly Overview, which remains as normal. The main factor which is changing is my Tuesday post - my OOTW is now going to be posted on a WEDNESDAY as this is when I have a day off from college. My non-structured post will be on a FRIDAY - these posts consist of tags, make-up tutorials, little chats, advice & experience etc posts. This will take affect from the SUNDAY 8TH SEPTEMBER.

This year at college is super important and I really need to get good grades to go to uni, which means I can't blog as much as I would like to! However, I have managed to create an easy rota which means I'm still frequently posting but it also is friendly to my college timetable!!

My next post will take place on Sunday with my weekly overview and will follow my new schedule. I do have a topic for my Friday post which will be the 'My First Time' Tag which the lovely Amna from ASQGenerates told me about on twitter! I also have in mind a haul to do of all the stuff I have bought recently (I've really bought way too much stuff) - however this may come in form of a YouTube video!

See you Sunday!

Emma Victoria