Wednesday, 18 September 2013

OOTW; Classy Bella

Today I'm finally showing you my gorgeous new Lindy Bop 'Bella' dress in Turquoise! I'm now having to take photos of my OOTW's on the landing in my house due to the weather getting worse and the rest of my house isn't really that interesting. I bought this a while back and every time I came to show it in an OOTW I put it in the wash cause it was dirty - typical aye? So here it is finally!!

(also available in Raspberry, Blue,Black & Red)

Silver Shoes, Clarks - (Hand-me-down from Mum!) 

I super love this dress and I'm not even wearing Shapewear with this outfit! I also find this dress just seems to slim my stomach right down and also boosts the look of my curves on my busy and hips (not forgetting my bum!) This dress has a buttoned detail on the front and at the back it has an open back just to the top of the middle of your back - there is a ribbon at the top to just add to the detail of the dress and it just pulls everything together at the back! This dress it probably one of my favourites right now - its super flattering and you can even get it in a few other colours! I really love Lindy Bop dresses as they are vintage style without the huge price tag - I love Lindy Bop dresses and my collection of their clothing is forever growing (I have just bought the Antoinette dress and the Serena dress - woops...)

This isn't a very lengthy post because I literally just got dressed to do this post for you all as I currently have a fever and I've been poorly and sick!

My post on Friday will be another Tag post (from Stephanie Maverick, read hers before I post mine!).

See you all soon my lovelies!


Emma Victoria