Wednesday, 25 September 2013

OOTW; Fab Forties!

I seem to be apologising a lot right now don't i? Well again... I am sorry! I didn't intend on posting this so late tonight - I've been working myself down to the bone today with doing lots of work for a band I'm writing some song's for plus 3 lots of college work to get through and to write my personal statement for University! I took these pictures in advance because I knew that I would be really busy and plus I'm only wearing nice clothes when I go straight out at the moment due to the new puppy! 

Hair Flower (Pack of 10), Amazon - £4.99
Freddie Knitted Top (Candy Pink), Collectif - £34.50
Black Liesel Skirt, Collectif - £46.50
Ivory Pearls, Collectif - £15.00
Tie Up 'Oxford' Style Shoes, New Look - £5.00 (SALE)

This look is very simple and to me is very a much later 1940's sort of look with the circle skirt. Personally I love this outfit as its very cutesy and also super feminine. You can also easily pair this outfit up with a nice pair of heels, however I'm not too keen on super high heels (but that's personal preference) maybe a pair of about 2-3 inches will go nicely with this outfit! I've also done my make-up super simple by using just concealers and mascara without any eye liner as this day my eyes were so watery and no eye-liner would stay put! I put my hair in little bunches just because it incorporates the cute sort of look again and people always say I look sweet with bunches! With the braces on the skirt, I opted to go for the criss cross affect on the back as this is just my preferred way of wearing them as they sit better on my shoulders instead of when they are just straight. 

I will get back on track with posting with my schedule soon just my life has been turned upside down at the moment and I'm running here there and everywhere getting things done and walking dogs! 

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Billions of Love!

Emma Victoria