Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Size 14, 16 or 18? So What! - Body Confidence!

Now its only fair to say that everyone has some sort of insecurity, whether it be that your hair isn't how you want it or that your waist isn't skinny enough. I know far too well what its like to be picked on and singled out just because I'm not a size 8... But truthfully, it shouldn't matter whether you are a Size 8 or a Size 22! A lot of people also seem to think that only people who are considered 'plus size' have body issues, but you'll also find a lot of people who are Size 8 or 10 have body issues too! 

One thing I will say is that you should NEVER feel ashamed about your body. Your body is your temple, you should respect everything about your body. You shouldn't hate your muffin tops or your stomach just because they aren't perfect - your flaws are the things that make you unique and perfect in your own way. 

Photo Courtesy - Eddie Stewart
A lot of people comment about my modelling, which I've started to get into more recently - especially baring a bit more skin. Now, I always used to be very afraid about being a bit more showy on the parts of my body I wasn't happy with. I used to really hate my stomach, my thighs, my neck and the top of my arms. My stomach isn't flat, my thighs are horrible, but why should I hide my body away just because I'm scared what people may think of me? While I was at secondary school, I was subject to many a rude or hurtful comment about my weight just because I wasn't skinny and that I wasn't always the best at sports. I had a really rough time at secondary school, alongside with family problems I was always in a very dark place, I didn't have many friends at secondary school, the majority of my friends were outside school. I always felt very insecure because of my weight. It was only when I went to college did I really become to realise that my weight and figure didn't matter to the people who were my friends. People didn't care that I wasn't skinny or perfect, I had so many people compliment me saying I was a beautiful curvaceous girl, I finally began to regain my confidence. It was only when I started modelling did I begin to start feeling anxious, I was saw modelling as a very stereotypical thing where only girls with flat stomachs could do modelling. 

Another problem I've began to find a lot with society is that people are deciding themselves what the word 'curvy' defines. Some say its girls who are skinny but have boobs and a butt, some say its a bigger girl, etc, etc - but to me, everyone is curvy, no one's body is flat like a plank of wood. A good friend of mine said she wanted to make herself look more curvy, so we went on a shopping trip to find specific dresses that highlight certain parts of her body to make her feel good. The really important thing to remember is that, you should dress to impress YOURSELF - not somebody else! If you dress to impress yourself, and you feel confident in yourself, people will fall at your feet and stare at you down the street! 

Its really important to remember, that your dress size doesn't define who you are as a person, and you never should let it do that either. You should be who you want to be, not what others want you to be. So what you haven't got a flat stomach, why should you let that stop you wearing a bikini?! You should never be jealous of what someone else has, because there's bound to be someone who wants your figure instead of their own. You should love your body, not hate it, if you love your body, it will love you back.

Never let society judge you, and even if they do, just walk away and remember, you are perfect in every way possible!

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Stay Beautiful

Emma Victoria