Sunday, 8 September 2013

Weekly Overivew; 8th September!

Sorry my post is so late tonight! But I had a home inspection today for adopting a dog... AND WE PASSED! I'm so super happy and excited and it means we can go on to the next step now!

I finally got my damn hair cut! Also have
a shorter fringe too! I haven't got the guts
for Betty Bangs yet!
Today I did lots of cleaning and sorted out all the clothes I no longer need! I also only have 2 items left for sale on all my ebay and blog shop stuff so make sure to keep an eye out for that!

Monday I need to do a huge haul in WH Smith for stuff for college, as I'm being super organised this year (and my pencil case which I've had for 7 years broke too!) Afterwards I'm going to pets at home to pick up some new skin cream for my dogs nose and also some Flealine and more biscuits, treats and dog bath shampoo!

Tuesday Is my first day back at college... Super scary stuff! I'm at college from 10.40 till 5 (hence why I changed my OOTW to Wednesdays as I won't get home till gone 7 o'clock!). I have Tutor, Media and Health and Social... I'd like to say I'm excited but that feeling is soon surpassed by my nerves...

Wednesday I get one day back at college and then a day off! How fab! I get every Wednesday off which makes me really happy! Means I can catch up on all my work. Also means I get a day away from college. I'm probably going to do some English Language revision because I really love English and want to work hard!

Thursday I'm at college from 10.40 till 3.20. *Sigh* Oh well work must be done!

Friday I have to get up at 5am... oh the sweet lord. How I will manage doing half decent make-up at that time will amaze me. Hopefully it doesn't rain either! I have a nearly 4 hour break today... The worst break I have during my whole college week. Oh well at least I can get lots of work done!

Saturday I am going to Bournemouth for my first football match this season! I follow Blackpool FC, I've supported them since I was a baby (yes I do have proof!). I'm hoping for a win!

Super quick post today, sorry, and also sorry for being so late! See you on Wednesday for my OOTW! What do you think about my hair? Should I try Betty Bangs soon?


Emma Victoria