Sunday, 15 September 2013

Weekly Overview; 15th September!

Another Sunday?! *Sigh*...

Today I am going to this Gurkha restaurant place for my brothers birthday (which is on Tuesday), to be quite honest I can't really be bothered to go out today, I don't really like going out on Sundays, as they are a day to relax before the rest of the week. Afterwards I'm probably going to take all my make-up off, go to bed and do absolutely nothing - although I might do a make-up review of some new concealers/foundation I've bought!

Monday I have college from 10.40 - 5, means I won't get home till 7pm, and I'll probably be a grumpy mess so I doubt I won't be doing much, unless I have homework, which I will get done.

Tuesday College again, I have a meeting with my tutor at 10.40 till 11, which means I'll have an hour and a halfs break and then my Health and Social lesson and then Media at 3.40. I will be going to football at Millwall tonight! Yay!

Wednesday I HAVE THE DAY OFF COLLEGE... YAYAYAYAYA! I get every Wednesday off, so this is probably my favourite day of the college week... I will do my OOTW, do the food shopping, and all my other bits and bobs.

Thursday I have college from 10.40 till 3.20, and I have to get the 4.20 bus, which is always packed with students from the college so I'll probably end up standing up for my 50 minute bus journey (add annoyed face here)...

Friday I have to get up at 5am... Too. Much. Effort. I have college from 9am - 3.20, so I will probably come home and just collapse into my bed.

Saturday I have a photo shoot in London with an up-coming photographer who needs to build his portfolio so I'm super looking forward to this!

Well I might be doing a bonus post tonight, to post either tonight or tomorrow night - so look out for that!

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Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


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