Sunday, 20 October 2013

100 Little Things Part 1!

I was tagged to do this lovely post by my friend of many years Steff from Stephanie Maverick (go check her blog out, its awesome!!). Basically, you can find out 100 facts about me - good and bad! Decided it will be best to maybe do this in 2 parts, seeing as it will be quite lengthy otherwise. So today will be the first 50 facts!!

1. I've always been naturally blonde - and I absolutely hate the attention I get from my hair... Every single day.
2. I'm really getting into Psychobilly at the moment. 
3.  I can't stop listening to Teenage Zombie by the Sugar Daddy's right now.
4. Every time I hear the "Time Warp" song, I burst into dance and song - it doesn't matter where it is, I will do it.
5.  I used to suffer really badly with depression right up until March this year - I'm still recovering now, but a huge improvement from 4 years ago.
6. I'm way too nice and forgiving for my own good a lot of the time.
7. I have a major woman crush on Elly Mayday, Imelda May and Bernie Dexter - not afraid to say it.
8.  When £200 goes into my account - its normally spent with 48 hours of it going in.
9. I probably have way too many clothes, but I can't face to throw them out.
10. My favourite lipstick at the moment is probably still my Estee Lauder one from the 1980's.
11. I have 14 red lipsticks. I'm obsessed.
12. I love my dogs too the end of the world and back and I'd do anything for them.
13. When I move out and have my own flat I will get a British Bulldog named Winston. 
14. I'm forever dreaming to one day go in a Hudson Hornet - this will complete my life.
15. I have loads of tattoo's planned to get, but I'm too broke to afford them right now. Food is slightly more important I think...
16. I've been modelling for just little over a year now.
17. I'm slightly obsessed with the TV shows Republic of Doyle and Castle.
18. Pretty sure my old drama teacher had a vendetta against me... FOR EVERYTHING.
19. When I act posh to my dogs I always call them Frederick and Alison.
20. One day I would love to fall in love with a gentlemen who isn't so obsessed with sex all the time and will love me for who I am. 
21. I love it when guys hold the door open for me.
22. I've never been clubbing.
23. My favourite alcoholic drink is a toss up between Pepsi and a double Malibu or Cranberry Juice and a Double Malibu. 
24. I haven't been on a date in nearly 1 year and 8 months.
25. My last crush used me, lied to me, and broke my heart - and I found that all out by reading his blog post.
26. I underestimate actually how good I am at cooking.
27. It takes me 30 minutes each day to groom Alice's fur and 5 minutes for Freddie's fur. 
28. I already know what I want my wedding dress to look like.
29. I've already started Christmas shopping and making personal gifts for my nearest and dearest.
30. My biggest fear is clowns - I virtually have a panic attack every time I see one. Last year at the London Tombs + a clown = extremely scared Emma.
31. I absolutely love to play conkers.
32. My favourite film is probably the Corpse Bride.
33. I'm obsessed with Gingerbread Biscuits - they will go in a matter of minutes if you leave me alone with them.
34. I have a serious problem with the shop Collectif - if I could afford to buy their whole shop, I probably would.
35. I've already started planning my Christmas decorations... That reminds me, I need new lights!
36. I already know what I want my life to be when I'm older. I know you shouldn't plan ahead, but dreaming is no harm. I want 3 children and a gentlemen husband.
37. I do want a career, but sometimes I just want to settle down. I know that sounds silly, but I'm very old-fashioned to be quite honest.
38. I seem to be very accident prone. Already been to the minor injuries unit 3 times this year, and the doctors... well I lost count how many times with the doctors.
39. I want to be the perfect wife when I'm older.
40. I'm looking for a new, less stressful, less hours job. Still no luck...
41. My college isn't exactly Oxford or Cambridge, but the teachers are okay - I guess.
42. I really want to go back to Finland or Sweden.
43. I love baking cakes and cupcakes and biscuits and.... Okay I just love baking.
44. My body confidence post is the most viewed post on my blog - good going if I say so myself!
45. I love slippers.
46. I'm more of a dog person then a cat person.
47. If there is a coupon or a really good offer in the shop - I will stock up.
48. Chocolate is my best friend when I feel really upset.
49. When I'm older I want an Autumn wedding - the beautiful colours of the leafs just amaze me.
50. My favourite dish to cook is a 'spanish' style chicken - chicken thighs, chorizo, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and spices!

I will post the next 50 facts about me next Sunday! I hope you find out something out about me that you didn't already know! If you feel like doing this post then make sure you leave a link in the comments cause I'd love to have a read! I'm also going to tag Bella Ella from BellaEllaLife cause I'd love to know more about her!

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Much Love

Emma Victoria