Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Halloween Nails!

Here is a super quick tutorial on how to get some super cute Halloween nails! They aren't exactly the most complicated thing in the world but they are simple and just add a little finishing touch to your outfit! (Side note - This weeks OOTW will be up tomorrow due to me being at the doctors all morning and then at hospital for the majority of this afternoon!).

Step 1
First of all you want to prep your nails - I always opt to buff my nails to make them all smooth just because it makes the nail polish sit a little nicer on my nails and I also sorted my cuticles out as they seriously need seeing too!

Step 2
After you have prepared your nails, you want to add a red nail varnish, this doesn't have to be done neatly at all as you will be ruining them anyway in a minute! I recommend doing one hand at a time as you have to do the next step not long after applying the varnish. You also only need to do one coat of the red nail varnish.

Step 3
Now you need to get a tissue or a cloth and dab your nails and just completely make them look horrible like in the picture above! 

Step 4
Now you need to add black nail varnish on top, and repeat step 3. Once your nails have fully dried you want to take a clear nail varnish on top to make your nails smoother and to finish the nails off. Leave to dry, clean up around the nails where you have overspilled the varnish and your done!

I know this is only simple, but simple is good right? I promise I will do my OOTW post tomorrow, today has just been so hectic!


Emma Victoria