Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween OOTW; Dead Slutty Barbie Doll

I'm currently writing this in between the door knocking with children asking me for sweets! I'm currently dressed as a super quick dead 1940's housewife before I get into my final Halloween outfit for the year which is a dead Slutty Barbie Doll. I'm doing this costume as a joint effort with my friend Ricky who is dressing up as a dead Ken Doll to the all night party we are going to later (11.30pm to be precise  which means I have an hours turn over to change and turn into Barbie! I've basically done the majority of my make-up for Barbie apart from the under eyes! The wound is exactly the same which I'm using for the Barbie outfit! 

Make-Up Tutorial

Step 1 Eyes For the first part I just did my normal make-up routine with foundation and concealer and caking it on for that doll type effect. I then moved onto my eyes. I began with applying my Rimmel White Eye-shadow on my eyelid to just above the crease and then blended. I then moved onto my big eye-shadow palette and used a hot pink across my whole eye lid going above the crease, then applying a dark shimmery grey into my crease and blending. I then added a long winged eye-liner  and extended my hot pink eye-shadow to have a thick wing above the wing of my eye-liner. For the effect of bigger eyes I applied more eye-shadow primer to the bottom of my eyelid and used a white liner for the waterline of my eye. Then apply a thick coat of white eye-shadow and I decided not to blend this for a more effective white. Then apply a thin line of black eye-liner in a semi-circle shape to create the extension of the lower part of your eye. 

Step 2 Lips I used my Rimmel lip liner in deep plum red and I made a sharp triangle shape at the top of my cupids bow on both sides. On top of my lip liner I applied my new Kate Moss Lipstick in shade 107 which is a plum red sort of colour.

Step 3 The Wound  For the hole/wound on my face I basically just used toilet paper, liquid foundation, red and grey eye-shadow, left over false eyelash glue, Vaseline and pink food colouring. I began with just plastering on the false eye lash glue and then splitting toilet paper into tiny little pieces and sticking them on before the glue dries slowly layering up the toilet paper - then leave to dry. You then want to get a foundation brush or an old blush brush and pour out a little of the liquid foundation onto your hand, gently dab on the foundation and leave to dry again. Once dried make a small hole in the toilet paper and push it up to the sides as though the skin is coming away. Then begin layering up with a dark red eye shadow and grey eye-shadow until you get a dark red/grey effect like old blood. As a finishing touch to make it look as if the wound is real I added a little pink food colouring to Vaseline and applied it to the hole. And you are done!


Pink Glitter Bow, Beauxoxo - £5

St Michael Pink Polka Dot Playsuit, Charity Shop - £10

Ivory Pearls, Collectif  - £15

Wedges, Simply Be (4 years ago) - £25

I know this was a super quick post but this is the last of my Halloween posts for 2013! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! I did a youtube video today as well a little life one so keep an eye out for that too (hopefully sometime tomorrow!)

Lots of Creepy Love

Emma Victoria