Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Halloween OOTW; Rockabilly Zombie

This is the first costume and make-up OOTW I'm doing for Halloween this year! I'm going to do little odd bits and bobs throughout the month of October for Halloween - so make sure you keep an eye out on my blog!
Today's OOTW is probably the most requested costume, and the first person to mention it to me was my friend Stephanie from Stephanie Maverick (make sure you check out her blog!). My inspiration for this look is from the Sugar Daddy's video 'Teenage Zombie' its my absolute favourite song right now and it just seemed like fate that this happened! 

Make-up Tutorial

Step 1: Primer and White Face Paint
So the first step to achieving this look is to prime your face. I used my normal spot creams, and also Sudocreme as this has a white pigment it helped to just set my face a little bit more with the white face paint. For someone who is allergic to nearly every face paint going, I'm in LOVE with the Snazaroo face paint - this is water based and is very light on my skin and it doesn't make me itch! I also used an eye primer which I got in a make-up set a long time ago and this also just helps to set the eye-shadow on your eyes. I also find with the Snazaroo face paint you may need to add a little water to your sponge, not a lot but just enough so the product is a little easier to apply.

Step 2: Apply Eye Shadow and Liner
The next step is relatively easy all you need is an applicator brush and a blending brush alongside a colour pallet - I will be featuring this palette really soon for a special event so just wait and see. I love the pigments of these eye shadows as they are really bright and colourful even when blended. For my eye-shadow  I decided to use a sort of bruised effect, seeing as I'm a zombie, I'm dead and I'm all stitched and beaten up. The colours in red circles are the colour I used to achieve the 'bruised' effect - I started with the pale greys to just build up on the eye and blended these together. I then started with the palest purple and palest green WITHOUT BLENDING - THIS IS KEY! I then added the darker purple and green alongside the midnight blue, I then vigorously blended all of these together to make a bruised effect - you could add extra green if you want at the end round the crease and outside of your eyelid but that is personal preference - I personally preferred the purple bruised effect myself! I then did a thin winged liner on the eye, not too extreme though!

Step 3: Lips
The next step is to add your lipstick for this look in particular I'd recommend a lipstick such as the Maybelline Superstay 24hour Colour Lipstick in shade 'Keep Up The Flame'. I also added black eye-shadow onto the corner of my lip after doing one coat of the lipstick. I then blended the black eye-shadow into my lipstick and then added another coat of red lipstick on top to just make the black a little less harsh. I then added the complimentary gloss with the product just to make my lips less dry. By putting on a top coat of the lipstick, it helps set the eye-shadow so it doesn't smudge everywhere!

Step 4: Scars, Blood and Hair
Lets start with how to make your own blood. Instead of paying for vampire blood which is always really runny and may not stay on your face that well you can make your own, for mine I use Vaseline and food colouring (I personally use pink and I like the colour of it in comparison to red, but its personal preference!). I took a fair amount of Vaseline and placed it in the little dish (Smirnoff bottle top - cheeky!) and added some food colouring a little at a time, so you can add more if you want the colour to be darker. For the scars I used liquid eye-liner  like I would for my eyes I gently applied the liner to my face and adding stitch lines, I wanted this to be quite big just because they looked so creepy and cool! Now after deciding where you want your scars, you can add your fake blood to the scars, which makes them feel a little more real as if they are bleeding instead of just leaving the scars plain. Details are key! For my Hair, I did a really simple rockabilly look, I tied my hair back into a ponytail and back combed it to make it look messy, and with my fringe I just back combed it and sprayed it into a small quiff alongside wearing my red bandanna! 

And you're DONE!


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