Sunday, 27 October 2013

Halloween OOTW; Seductive Devil

I know this is 4 days late, HOWEVER, I thought I'd show you guys my outfit I wore to a gig I was part of last night for Halloween! I worked with a few friends from a range of different bands last night for a Halloween music evening! Its a venue, we all know very well as we all play there a lot - and the landlords asked us if we would do a little collab evening with a few seasonal bands for their Halloween evening, so we said yes! We did a lot of cover songs in our own style, and we all came dressed up in different outfits which was amazing! I chose for a seductive devil, just cause its quick and simple and I wont sweat the majority of make-up off when I'm on stage! (I know that's horrible, but in a crowded venue, with lights on you and in costume, it does get rather hot up on stage!).

Make-up Tutorial 
Step 1 Face Preparation - Start off with your normal daily make-up routine. With mine I start off with my Simple and Freederm spot creams,  (if I have bad spots) I apply my MUA Cover & Conceal Natural Concealer and then my Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer. After I then apply my Miss Sporty So Energetic Foundation. (I know a lot of people tend to use expensive products, but during the summer with the heat my make-up tends to just come off and this foundation is perfect as its light and actually has really good coverage, plus I was going on stage and didn't want my face to come off!). I then apply my Natural Collection Face Powder and then my Prime Magic Eye Primer! You don't want to apply your mascara yet, I tend to do this after applying my eye-shadow.

Step 2 Eyes - I start off with my Victoria Jackson 24/7 Make-up Palette, this is perfect to fit in your handbag too! I begin with the top nude colour just as a base before applying the darker colours when blending. I then apply the darkest colour of the three on the palette across my eyelid but not above the crease (don't worry if you go a little over, you can just blend this in). Before blending, then apply the red colours, I start with a pinky red (the lower circle) as a base and then I applied the darker red (upper circle) and blended together. As a finishing touch I used a shimmery black eye-shadow in the crease of my eyelid just to add that little extra pow! You then want to apply a super thin line of eye-liner I used my H&M Liquid Dipliner. (I also added a light brown/hazel colour to my eyebrows cause mine are never normally visible due to my fair hair. Then you can add your mascara!

Step 3 Lips - Just like in my Rockabilly Zombie costume, I did my lips exactly the same, instead of going out to buy a new lipstick which I will probably not wear again till next Halloween  I just thought I'd get inventive. I used my Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Lipstick again and added a shimmery black eye-shadow  In fact I got this cute little palette about 5 years ago in a magazine, I never used it before, and the black is a little smashed but it still works perfectly! After applying your first layer of the lipstick and you've let it dry, add your eye-shadow  only dab the shadow on and make sure too much isn't on your brush. Then apply a top coat and use the setting gloss on top and your done! 


Devil Horn Headband, Martells - £2

Blood Splattered Bone Clips, Beadesaurus - £6

John Zack Lace Dress (Used as the top), Ebay - £28.99

Old Black Maxi Skirt (Roughly Cut), My Drawers - £ I can't remember!

Black Platform Wedges, Peacocks - £18

Black Belt, New Look - £5

Again, I'm sorry it's late but at least its up! I will be posting 2 pumpkin carving posts this week! Monday's will be last years and the stencils I chose and Wednesday will be the pumpkins I've carved this year!!!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria