Thursday, 17 October 2013

Halloween OOTW: Vintage Broken Doll

Hello again! As mentioned in yesterdays nail tutorial, I had to delay my OOTW to today due to a bunch of health issues that have arisen (my luck being they made me have another x-ray today so this post is still lucky to even be going up today!). I wanted to do something a little more animated instead of super creepy like last time - which I thought was not a bad effort for an amateur!

What You Will Need
Black Eye-liner
Glitter Grey, Pink, Blue and Purple Eye-shadow
Katy Perry Fake Eyelashes 'Sweetie Pie'
Maybelline 24Hour SuperStay Lipstick

Step 1 First of all you need to prepare your face as you would for any normal daily routine. For example I started by using a face wash and primer before applying my MUA and Collection 2000 concealers. I then applied my Miss Sporty Blemish Foundation and Rimmel 25 Hour Stay Foundation. Then finish with my Natural Collection pressed face powder in 'Warm'.

Step 2 Next you want to do your eye-shadow  I used pink on the inner side of the eyelid and purple on the outer and blended these going outwards. I then added a glittery grey into my crease just for more effect and then blended.

Step 3 Now onto your eyelashes. I first applied the Barry M Mascara to my eyelashes before applying my Katy Perry 'Sweetie Pie' Eyelashes to the lash line. You want to adjust the false eyelashes so you are comfortable with them and they sit correctly on your eyelid and lash line. 

Step 4 Now you are moving onto the freehand bit! Here you will need your black eye liner. You just need to make a little hollow shape on your face - I opted to put this over the visible spots on my face, perfect thing to cover them! You want a shape like the picture above and also to add lines to show your face is cracked. (Don't forget, old vintage dolls were often made out of porcelain or china, so they were very easily broken!).

Step 5 Now you will need your black eye-shadow - I opted to use eye-shadow instead of the liquid liner, just because I thought it gave more depth and effect. I just used a normal small eye shadow brush and I didn't blend it in either!

Step 6 Now you want to get your eye-liner again and your blue eye shadow and create tear drops - this is optional but I just wanted to add a more creepy and sad effect to this deserted broken doll look! With you eye-liner just create a tear-drop shape, and then fill in the inside with blue eye-shadow (Do not blend!)

Step 7 Now onto your lips, I decided to do mine in a heart shape, just to adopt the whole doll feel. I just used the lipstick wand provided with my Maybelline Lipstick, but if you prefer to use lipstick then you can just use a lip liner to create the shape and add the lipstick.

Step 8 For the final touch, you just need to do your hair. I put my hair in 2 pigtails, as this is the cutesy doll feel, and just back combed my hair for that distorted and mistreated effect of matted hair, I then took my fringe, because its so long I just pushed it back into a swirl and added a bow.

Costume Time!

Baby Pink Glitter Bow, Beauxoxo - £

Antoinette Dress, Lindy Bop - £44.99

Ivory Pearls, Collectif - £15

Mink Jewelled Heels, New Look - Sale £10
Prop - Mums first teddy bear - Its 52 years old and his name is Edward!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! Sorry it was a day late - good old life getting in the way! I will be doing a life update post as well soon, all the stuff thats going on in my crazy little life! If you have any suggestions for me to blog about then feel free to email or leave me a comment! 

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Billions of Love and Cuddles!

Emma Victoria