Monday, 28 October 2013

Pumpkin Carving Part 1 (100th Post!)

I thought before I carve my pumpkins on Wednesday ready for Thursday I would show you the pumpkins I carved last year with my Mum, Brother and his carer. On Wednesday I will also be blogging this years Pumpkins which will be part 2 of this post! Below will be the three links to my three carvings from last year. I'd probably say the hardest one to carve was the Smiling Jack O'Lantern which took me and Tor an hour and 45 mins to carve because, well we are beginners and we didn't have the right tools. I carved the Shocked Pumpkin face on my own and this only took me around 40 minutes. My mum carved the ghost by herself and cause I'm pretty sure she is like an art pro it only took her 20 minutes. I can't find a stencil for the shocked pumpkin but its really quite simple you could probably just draw it freehand!

Smiling Jack Stencil

Ghost Stencil
Happy Carving! I will show you my stencils which I have used on Wednesday Evening! 

Love Emma

(P.S - I cant believe I've reached 100 posts - and this month I also reached 10,000 views! Super love that you appreciate my blog!!)