Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Pumpkin Carving Part 2!

So here are the pumpkins I have decided to carve this year with my mum, brother and his carer! We started doing three pumpkins as it always looks so cute down the path to our front door! In my area where I live, Halloween is absolutely huge - we have to get over 300 sweets in, and guarantee they will all go. For people to know its okay to knock on your door, you have to have a pumpkin outside, so for those who don't want Trick or Treaters they wont knock! This year we chose to do; Creepy Jack Skellington, Headless Horsemen and 3 ghosts. (Stencils below!)
(P.S Sorry for the really bad quality images my main camera lens is busted and my camera is beginning to play me up now, so I've had to use iPhone images!).

Gutting the Pumpkins!
I decide to carve Jack Skellington by myself this year...

Hard at work carving the pumpkin!
All Finished!

Well tomorrow I have my final Halloween OOTW up - its a dead Barbie Doll Outfit!

Lots of Love