Friday, 15 November 2013

Soap&Glory Foam Call Review!

I thought I'd do a little review today as it feels like forever since I reviewed a product! I've nearly run out of this body wash and I must say I have been rather impressed with it overall! 
I bought this bottle around 3 months ago from Boots for £6.50 - me being me I didn't think that this product would really last that long as I used LOADS of body wash! However for once I really did get my money's worth of a product! This body wash has a really fresh flowery smell which is just beautiful and I just can't wait to have a shower sometimes just so I can use this beauty! Another strong point I love about this product has to be that it has a pump top - when I'm in the shower and I squeeze bottle I tend to find they slip out my hand and I can never get a good grip on them! 

The product itself is a white creamy shop and only needs 
little water to become really foamy - You don't need to use too much of this product either as you do get quite a lot for your money! I normally have a thing against Soap and Glory sometimes due to the price - I love all their products a lot don't get me wrong but I'm normally dubious of the price but for once I was really pleasantly surprised how long this product actually lasted! I normally use this with a puffy wash ball because it feels super nice and feels like it exfoliates my skin and makes it feel so super soft! 

So what are your favourite Body wash products to bathe with and what if any are your favorite Soap & Glory products?!

Blogmas is growing ever nearer!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria