Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Wearing a Corset/Waist Training

I've never done a post about me wearing a corset before, and I was asked by Amna (from ASQGenerates) to do a post about it!

I just want to clarify before saying anything more - I DO find wearing a corset comfortable if being fitted correctly and not overly tight. Also, I AM NOT a professional in waist training - I'm only talking about my experience and how it works for me personally - in no way do I claim to be a professional or know everything about this. Many people would probably say wearing a corset is bad but its a personal preference to wear one and I choose to (just in case anyone feels the need to go off on one at me!).
I was doing waist training around 2 years ago now, and I finally got a really nice waist - but after not purchasing a new corset after the boning came out of my old one I completely let my training slip for around 8 months - now I'm back at stage 1. Waist training is much like doing a sport - if you don't do it for a while you become slightly less fit and need to practice more to get back to where you were again. There are several different styles of 'corset' that you can use - I personally prefer the white brocade underbust corset from Corsets UK. However, you can chose between a full corset with the bust or an underbust/waist cincher.

I wear a corset nearly everyday, even if its just for about an hour or two - to start with waist training, you have to be prepared to wear this everyday and get used to doing things in your corset - obviously you will be a lot of restricted in your movements, however, it can correct your posture. When starting, make sure you don't tie yourself in too tightly to the point where its too painful - you don't want the corset too loose either as this means you are probably getting no benefit from wearing it what so ever. 
For people who are just starting out I wouldn't try to make a huge reduction in your waist straight away maybe start with 2" - waist training is a slow laborious task but there are no short or quick ways around it (unless you want surgery but I don't really believe in that). 

Another handy tip for when you first get your brand new corset - make sure you give it time to adjust to your body - they are not like loose clothing that is comfortable straight away - if you start by only pulling it in a little (maybe around an inch) then it gives the corset time to adjust to your body and to warm the fibres in the fabric up (it may be a myth however if you let the fibres warm up then it should make it easier for the corset to adjust into the tighter position on your body).

My daily routine is obviously a bit hectic so I tend to put my corset on in the evening if I'm out for the majority of the day - I normally have mine on for 3 hours in the evening, and if I have a short day at college then I will wear my corset for every day use. It generally depends on how comfortable you feel wearing the corset and for how long you want to wear it for. 

As I said above - even when you have reached the waist you desire, you can't just stop wearing the corset as your waist will just fall back to how it was before (naughty Emma!).

Moving onto how I personally feel with my corset - I enjoy wearing a corset, it makes me feel more confident in myself and its not uncomfortable for me to wear at all. I know quite a few people opt to wear their corset on the outside, like over a top etc, but I prefer wearing mine underneath a dress or slip underneath my clothing just so it's a more polished look and I always manage to get everything dirty.

For cleaning, I normally hand wash mine with warm/tepid water and some soap and just scrub ever so lightly to get the stains out. 

If you have anymore questions about me wearing a corset or if you are interested in corset make sure you leave a comment below or drop me a email on anchorsawaybeauty@hotmail.com or on my Facebook page.

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria