Saturday, 21 December 2013

Blogmas Day 21: Yule Log Preparation & Tips!

Okay, so tomorrow is when I start making my Yule Log for Christmas Day - each year we take it in turns to do a different dessert. Last Year we had a Christmas Pudding, which means this year we have a different dessert and again next year we have Christmas Pudding. It just mixes things up a little bit. Seeing as I'm now able to cook (whether I'm good at it is a different matter completely!) My Dad and I take it in turns to do the dessert or starter each year, I normally opt for the dessert as I have a sweet tooth and love super Christmasy desserts! And I haven't made a Yule Log since I did cooking at school... SO I'M DOING IT AGAIN!

Basically... I have tried to devise a plan to make this run as smoothly as I possibly can make it... Me being me I panic when something goes completely wrong and always seem to think that chocolate will be able to fix it (well it fixes 99% of the problems in my life!!) So... 

  • Tomorrow - I will bake the sponge in the morning and leave to cool and later add the chocolate buttercream icing (probably my favourite part) I will then leave this to set and cool in the fridge for 24 hours so the buttercream can set!
  • On monday I will melt some white chocolate to put over the yule log to give a Christmas snowy log effect (I think its a cool idea but whether it will work is another matter, you'll see on boxing day when I do my picture post if it has or not!) 
  • I will then leave this to set until Christmas Day and then I will get it out of the fridge just before our main dinner to get to room temperature!
I've decided to use the baking queen Mary Berry's recipe as I always use and trust her recipes when I bake!

Tips & Ideas
  • Someone recommended I put a drop of Cherry Liqueur in the batter mix?
  • Use baking parchment below your cake mixture before baking - it will make it easier to lift out the tray!
  • Roll the sponge really really slowly!
  • Don't worry if it cracks, it just makes it look a bit more rustic!
  • Some people recommend rolling the sponge before putting icing in the middle so its more malleable? 
Just have to wait and see won't we!

Chocolate Cuddles

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria