Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Blogmas Day 25: Christmas Day 'Baby Its Cold Outside' OOTW!

This is a scheduled post today - seeing as its Christmas day I don't really want to be on the computer as I'm so traditional that Christmas day is about family! I thought I'd show you what I'm wearing today and what I will be doing!

Cream Fur Coat, Primark - £35

Ivory Pearls, Collectif - £15

Black Alpine Clover, Clarks - £39.99

My make-up is pretty simple and basic, I have some lovely shimmery gold eye-shadow for the glitzy Christmas effect along with some thick winged eye-liner! My lips are a burgundy colour to match my dress this is the Rimmel Lipstick in shade 107! (Cheeky little mince pie too, can never get enough!)

My itinerary for the day is pretty calm and relaxed! Mum and me get up at around 7 as mum makes Christmas Morning Cranberry breakfast cupcakes and I make pancakes! After we have all had a hot cuppa (I always have a super luxury hot chocolate on Christmas morning!) we then proceed to open presents, we don't normally start till about well 9.30-10 and by the time we finish its time to sort everything out and then start getting things ready for lunch. The dogs normally go out for a play with all their new toys until lunch time were they get spoilt rotten by me giving them around a tonne of treats (they only get spoiled on their birthday's and Christmas and they work it off so its fine!). We normally have lunch about 12-1pm and its generally just an array of things such as the ham my mum cooks and cheese and crackers and pork pie and nuts and crisps - basically a platter to be honest! This year I'm going to take the dogs for a Christmas walk because I feel I just need some time alone to reminisce everything and how much things have changed from last year. We then just put the radio on, play Boggle as this is always a tradition (and I always end up crying with laughter because my mum just writes 'new' words into the dictionary and I can't control my laughter). Me and mum then start preparing dinner just so we don't get too stressed out and we can relax. Instead of Christmas Crackers we have the idea of a table present (this is normally just a joke present which no more then £5). We split the Christmas dinner up between us - Dad does the starter, mum does the main and I do the dessert! After we just relax and watch all the Christmas programmes, I get into my new pyjamas with yet another hot chocolate and then I go to bed and relax and sleep and cuddle up!

Well I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and may all your wishes come true!

Lots of Christmas Love

Emma Victoria