Thursday, 26 December 2013

Blogmas Day 26: Presents, 1 Year of Blogging & The End!

This is my last post for Blogmas 2013!! How crazy quick has that gone?! Make sure you stay tuned for more posts in the new year, along with a new blogging schedule which is playing to my advantage between my personal life too! I thought I'd share some of the gifts I got for Christmas (and no I'm not showing off, I'm not a 'showing off' sort of person, so please don't take this the wrong way!)

1. Sewing Machine - I got the sewing machine I've been banging on about for god knows how long!! This means so many more exciting things for me - I may after a while start making my own clothes!!! I'm so happy with this, its made my complete life!!!

2. Soap and Glory Bath Set - My little brother bought this for me, he knows I love S&G so a very easy choice to make! I can never own enough S&G products anyway!! (My collection is forever growing!)

3. Betty Boop 'Dressed to Chill' Pyjamas - oh my complete life these are the comfiest things in the whole entire universe. The bottoms are a soft fleece material (I feel like a teddy bear in these, I don't even know why!) and the top is a soft cotton cream top with Betty Boop on it!

4. Betty Boop Set of Socks -  yes, the Betty Boop theme carrys on! I got some socks (cause I'm forever never able to find my socks!) and they are Betty Boop ones so its like perfection in sock form...

5. Simply Be Gold Christmas Bow Top - This is super cute to go with some of my more casual outfits that aren't full on rockabilly/pinup (yes I do dress down quite a lot, even though you may not believe me!)

6. Mary Berry Cookbook - we actually already own this book but my mum accidentally bought it again... At least I have my own copy!!

7. Back Seamed Black Tights - our close family friend bought me these, and oh my life, I am amazingly thankful!!!!!!!!!! Not many people would have even thought of this! Most people would be disappointed with tights - but me, I'm amazingly thankful, as these are super tough tights too!!!!

8. Billie Joe and Norah 'Foreverly' CD - This CD is complete perfection, much more folky and its actually a reinterpretation of the Everly Brothers Album 'Songs Our Daddy Taught Us'. This CD is beautiful, especially if you want to hear the other musical side of Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. Highly recommend this CD!

9. Next Faux Fur Hood and Gloves - My aunt bought me these, and they are absolutely adorable! *waits for the snow to come to wear these*

10. Terry's Chocolate Orange Segments - Again from my aunt cause she always gives us chocolate!

I can't believe how this first year of Blogging has gone so quickly, one year on, 52 followers (and growing), I've had my first giveaway, I've done 26 consecutive days of blogging, starting to get into doing more YouTube videos and met some amazing people along the way!

Happy Birthday Anchors Away Beauty blog!!

Much love and cuddles and thank you for being a part of this - if it wasn't for you following my blog - I wouldn't have carried on doing it!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria