Wednesday, 24 December 2014

OOTW; The Christmas Edition '14

Well, its Christmas Eve! Which means today's OOTW is going to be what I'm wearing over the next 24 hours... and the last OOTW of 2014! I normally go super super elaborate at Christmas, with a gorgeous dress; which I did actually purchase. But sadly after feeling a little bit low emotionally the past few days I went and bought a more casual comforting outfit to try and make me feel a little more 'cuddled'. (Silly I know, but its the little things).

I do feel a little upset and let down that I feel so low at this time of year, seeing as I've been so excited for Christmas since November but alas that is life sadly!

'Twas The Night Before Christmas

Tonight I'm going to be wearing my new pyjama set from New Look's plus size range 'Inspire' ...
As you can see I opted for the 'I'm a train-wreck' look with unbrushed hair and no make-up and also posing next to my natural habitat...

Oh I Wish It Could Be Christmas... Everyday!

So as I said, its very casual this year, unusual for me, but I just honestly don't feel in the mood. People should be glad I'm even making an effort to put make-up on if I'm honest!
Black, White & Grey Long Line Jumper Dress, Peacocks - £18
Slub Cable Knit Cardigan, Peacocks - £25
Large Bun Hair Donut, Peacocks - £3
Baby Pink Glitter Bow, Beauxoxo - £5

My face is also very very plain, I'll probably rub some glitter rub on me on the day if I can find it and pop on some perfume - but otherwise I'm sticking with foundation and mascara.
Base is;
Collection 2000 Concealer in 01 Fair
2True Concealer in 01 (Under Eyes Only)
Rimmel Match Perfection in Ivory
Maybelline New York Dream Satin Liquid Foundation in Ivory
Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara

My hair is very simple, just up in a bun using a large hair donut and added a cute bow for some cuteness.

I also painted my nails (sorry for the messy edges I literally just painted them and hadn't cleaned them up yet!). I used a matte varnish for the first time ever. I used the Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Shade ' Crush' number 441 - its mix between a deep purple/plum and a rich burgundy, I can't really decide. But I'm very impressed and this is my absolute favourite shade right now!

Well I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, not sure if I will be posting up a Saturday post this week as I'm going to the rugby in Twickenham on Saturday but we'll see... If not I hope you have a Happy New Year too!

See you guys soon!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 20 December 2014

Oh Christmas Tree...

Today's post is just going to be a picture post of my lovely Christmas tree all decorated. I added some more hints of gold and added some black to my tree for a slightly more 'glamorous' vibe, I didn't go overboard, but kept it simple with a few statement baubles. Clashing glamorous with a Nordic touch!!
My gorgeous Tree!

Mixing the Black and Gold Glamour with the sweet Nordic style

White and Gold

My new favourite decoration. Glass bauble with sticks
 and fake snow. Beautifully rustic

My mum is going for a Great Gatsby theme downstairs, and the Black and Gold
co-ordinates with our theme!
Hope you enjoyed this post!


Emma Victoria


Saturday, 13 December 2014

The Christmas Tag

The lovely Bex from Eclectic Bex tagged me to do the Christmas Tag; so here it is....

1. What are your favourite Christmas Movies?

Hmm this is already a toughie for the first question! There's many films I really love at Christmas, I've pretty much seen every movie they have on the Christmas 24 channel too. But I'd probably say I really love Jack Frost. It was very much a love or hate film.. But everytime I see it, it makes little old me cry...

2: Do you open your Christmas presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
My family open our presents on Christmas morning, but we also have table presents. We don't do crackers in our house, so we do a £5 table gift instead of the cracker, something someone may like or a little joke present. Its just a sweet little tradition we've had for quite a few years.

3: Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
As sad as it sounds, I don't have a favourite. I've always enjoyed Christmas, I've never really ever had a bad Christmas, but I don't have one memory that stands out overall. (Oh god how sad and boring do I sound!)

4: Favourite festive food?
Oh golly I do love a mince pie - but not the traditional ones. I really like the Cranberry ones I make, I think I might have to put the recipe on here one day, cause they are so delicious, and are a little healthier too!

5: Favourite Christmas Gift?
Oh golly another tough question. Again I don't really have a favourite but if I had to pick it would be between the handmade bunting my Aunt made for me a few years back, my Pearl Coat I got as an early Christmas gift this year as I needed a new coat and my sewing machine last year. I can never pick one, but I'm always very grateful for what I receive from anyone, big or small.

6: Favourite Christmas scent?
Cinnamon, Gingerbread and Mulled Wine.

7: Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
My mum always cooks a special Christmas Ham that we have, and I normally watch all three Robbie the Reindeer short movies along with a Bailey's Hot Chocolate.

8: What tops your tree?
We have 2 trees in our house, one in my bedroom, just of decorations I've liked or gotten over the years and downstairs we have the main tree which is always decorated in luxurious gold... both both tree's a topped with a Star.

This year we also have a third tree - our Gatsby Tree. We've gone for a roaring 20's theme this year, introducing some blacks. Plus I just love Gatsby and the Gatsby inspired decorations in my nearby garden centre. This is topped by a Masquerade Mask.

9: As a child what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
I don't think I ever had one which was so wildly extravagant - I was a very basic child. Jesus I never realised how boring I can be ha! Unless my parents can think of any...

*Toodles off to ask mother*... "

10: What is the best part about Christmas for you?

The best part of Christmas for me, is seeing how happy it makes Children, The way their faces light up, seeing the lights and seeing Father Christmas. Its the happiness of the Children that makes me so happy and cheerful at this time of year. Children make Christmas for me.

I tag anyone who reads this to do this tag.. but I shall definitely say that my lovely fellow bloggers Stephanie Maverick should do this tag & so should Hayley from Lady Haze of Vintage


Emma Victoria


(P.S I also just want to say a huge thank you for getting my little 'baby' blog to 40,000 views! Guess it isn't really a baby blog anymore!)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

OOTW; A Vintage Christmas

Today I have a classically elegant outfit for you, perfect for the chillier days which we are in now...
I don't sport trousers much, but I seriously can't get enough of my Swing Trousers from Collectif. I've been moving a little away from the 50's over the last few weeks, I still pretty much live that era, but I've been dabbling further back into the 40's, 30's and even more so the 20's (I've watched Gatsby far too many times in recent weeks).

So I just wanted a simple look, swing trousers, jumper, coat, something I'm probably going to wear to Winter Wonderland this weekend. I've just been enjoying playing around with different era's lately. Something I may do more often.

Red & White Nordic Jumper, Next - Around £25
(Bought as a Gift to me)
New Look Black Cinch Belt - £5
Frankie Swing Trousers, Collectif - £45
Red Chiffon Head Scarf, eBay - £4

This outfit is mainly based around the crossover of the 1930's to the 1940's. Although this coat is just so darlingly versatile, it could even pass for the 20's. I just love crossing era's over. This outfit is just a simple throw together of several things. Underneath I just have a vest, usual underwear and a pair of tights  and fluffy socks to keep me cosy warm.

My make-up is just the usual thin winged liner with beautiful round lips. I made my cupids bow really prominent and went above my natural line for a more dramatic look. I used the MUA Luxe lip lacquer in colour 'Reckless'. I've also just been putting my fringe into a mini pomp lately as I'm indecisive as to what to do with it... Keep it or grow it out?

For my eye's I just went for a faint look of the green on the inner lid blended with white eyeshadow and glittery red eyeshadow on the outer lid for that extra little Christmasy look. I also managed to get a super thin wing for my liner by using the Bourjois Clubbing Liner in Ultra Black - perfect if you want a subtle wing without being too obvious.

See you Saturday - where I'm doing the Christmas Tag! I was tagged by the lovely Eclectic Bex - make sure you go give this girl's blog a look, fab little lady!

Bex's Blog 


Emma Victoria


Saturday, 6 December 2014

Review: Hold-up Stockings from Amazon!

 So a while back I was looking for some hold up stockings that didn't cost the earth, that stood up well throughout the day and that were good quality. While browsing on amazon I came across these and thought I would take a risk. I got them in a size XL (my thighs normally fit a size 20-22) and the fit was really good, and they didn't cut into my thighs at all.

These stockings were also a really good height on the leg for me too. I normally find with stockings they go right to the top of my thigh, which sometimes is great but sometimes I like ones that sit a little lower on my thigh instead of right up near the kitty; and these ones do the trick perfectly!

So the black pair were really nice, and found they didn't ladder at all for me (despite ripping a toe nail, very painfully, just before putting these on for work) - both pairs are 20 denier and are definitely better then some of the ladder resistant stockings I've bought in the past. These isn't too much lace on the top, but just enough and the hold up tape is very hard wearing too. I wore these frequently when I had a lot of meetings and I was darting around London in a pencil skirt suit, these didn't fall down, I didn't need to adjust them at all only when I went to the bathroom.  

The white pair are really good for anyone who needs Bridal Wear and don't particularly want to wear a suspender belt. The white is really lovely and isn't a too stronger pigment (I did expect these to be more white then they are when I first bought them). They were perfect for me when putting together a winter snow themed outfit.

Both sets of hold-ups are very comfortable and haven't for me, since having them for 2 months, have not laddered at all. I personally hand wash them in cool water after they've been used and worn in shoes for many hours a day in meetings. 

Another really good thing about these stockings is that they come in various colorus as well, so you have an array of choice.

Paradise4women - Buy Here for £2.89 a set.

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 29 November 2014

Book Review; Crossfire Series Books 1-3

So as soon as I finished the Fifty Shades (FS) Trilogy I started the Crossfire series, I only got the first 3 books (and waited for the 4th book to be released on the 18th November; I will review this book along with when the 5th book is released although its probably ages away to being released). I'm going to review this like I did the FS Review, each book by itself.

Bared to You (Book 1)

Gideon pretty much just wants his own way, and Eva is, well, a bit stubborn and I think she is for the completely right reason. The book moves along a little quicker then FS and the way in which they meet is also a bit different, if not a little more realistic? I did like the fact the book moved along a little quicker, and I did think that Sylvia Day actually took more care and more depth into the sex scenes in this book. The sex scenes were seriously intense and erotic - and I mean that. All I'm saying is Gideon's Parents House and Magdalene and the Limo.

I think looking at the characters, Gideon is much more likely to notice and react quickly to the fact he's screwed up, like an almost immediate reaction - he is much more needy and paranoid in my opinion. Eva is stubborn, and its very obvious she has a lot of issues in trusting people, an sometimes even Gideon. I think towards the end of Chapter 18, you can see the two's trust and relationship being pushed quite far, especially for Eva.

I really enjoyed the first book, I jumped straight into the second without a moment's delay! I really like the fact that both the two main characters are pretty screwed up from their pasts, and not just one. I feel you still get that mystery of the two characters, trying to figure both out and figure if they really 'can' work or not. To conclude, I would definitely say if you enjoyed the FS trilogy then you have to give this book a go - I would say Gideon and Eva are a bit different to Christian and Ana but they have a lot more depth and are possibly in a more intense relationship.

LOVE - Gideon and Eva if I'm going to be honest. I like how they both have a lot of issues they need to resolve. I also like the fact Eva also comes from a wealthy background herself, so she can appreciate Gideon's wealth better (unlike Ana who is in denial of CG's Wealth in FS)
HATE - I personally was not digging the whole 'all characters seem to be beautiful and perfect' thing. I mean I get that her friend Cary is a model etc and that but it just kind of seems everyone is kind of beautiful and amazing,

Reflected in You (Book 2)

The second book started out following straight on from the ending of the first book, just the next morning. I found the second book a bit more tense then the first one. I was on the edge a lot of the time, trying to figure why it was happening and how it was to be resolved. There is also a HUGE plot twist at the end - I think what we can learn from Gideon's character is to take him literally, what he says is what he means.

I did feel a lot more sympathy for Eva in this book - mainly because it was like one thing after another, and she was on an emotional roller-coaster that never ended. I do think the way she reacted a lot of the time was rational, and if I'm honest I just want to give her a hug. I began to take a tiny dislike to Gideon with the way he treats Eva in this book, despite for all the good reason he may have to do so. But he soon made me like him again with the sex scenes in this book (although, most are actually towards the first half of the book, with the second half being a lot less focused on the sex, but the intensity of having none).

I really loved the second book for showing that 2 people who are majorly (pardon my language) fucked up to be so determined to make the relationship work, for me it shows that they aren't conventional but are desperate to try for what they have and develop that in a way they feel comfortable (obviously with Gideon taking control!).

LOVE That the relationship for Gideon and Eva isn't perfect - but more screwed up. Its the fact they want to prove people wrong.
HATE I found this consistent in both the second and third books - the fact we are given information like we've only just met the character when its just been a little while since they were mentioned! It drove me crazy!!!

Entwined with You (Book 3)
I think the key overall summary of this book is 'plot twists' and 'intense sex'. So many plot twists in this book, especially from the last few chapters - I think I nearly died at 2am when reading the last few chapters as it was all so unexpected.

I think if you are expecting 'closure' from the end of book 2, you can definitely think again. I think this book will just make you even more confused on Gideon and Eva's relationship. Despite all the drama and shocks in this book I found myself still getting completely wrapped up into why Gideon is the way he is - I personally want to know everything and completely get why Eva wants to know too. I think the major plot twist at the end is completely unexpected from my view - and supremely quick.

In this book I definitely think Gideon flourishes more and you begin to realise its not about him - all will make sense if you choose to read the book. This book definitely has a little more humour to it as well - some of the jokes that came out genuinely made me giggle more then they should have; again this gave the book more of a humorous and enjoyable feel.

LOVE The fact there is a little more romance; and despite it not being much we have a small insight into Gideon's past and we can understand the way he works sometimes. Oh and the aeroplane sex... Jesus that was hot...

HATE The dropped stories - I just found that some leads were dropped in the story like we will come back to them later. Like at the end when Gideon, Eva, Cary, and Eva's parents go to a function and Eva see's someone - its just dropped. Ugh frustrating.


If I'm going to be honest, I was rather sceptical of this series to start with, as I didn't think that the books would live up to the claims that its 'better' then FS - well I think the book proved me wrong. I would argue however that I do think this was written better, and the plots aren't EXACTLY the same (like some people claimed), which was refreshing in itself. 
One of the big things that bugged me in all three of the books, had to be that some sex scenes were written in great depth, and real good depth too - but then if they had follow up sex near on after (which happened frequently) it would cover about 5-6 lines and that's it. I personally found that majorly frustrating and think Day could've done that a bit better in my opinion.

The only other big criticism is the release dates for the next books - I know this is not Day's fault, but the publishing house. Jesus, I just feel lucky I only had to wait 2 months for the 4th book to be released - I know many people have waited over a year. I am also confused on how many more there are actually going to be?! Some people have said five in total, some six and some people even said seven. So if you know please let me know in the comments!!

Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

OOTW; From Smart to Casual

So a couple of weeks ago, I was working flat out and had to go from office wear to casual going out to dinner wear. So I decided to wear a multi-change outfit, one suitable for 2 different situations.

So for me I made a base outfit and by adding either a jacket, or cardigan made it either smart of casual!

Floral Set, Bra and High Waisted Knickers; Simple Be - Bra £30 Knickers £15

Black Pencil Skirt, Chairty - £5
Black Patent Clover Heels, Clarks - £50 (discontinued)

Pink Patent Handbag, Next - £30

It was super easy for me to shrug off my jacket from work and pop on this super cosy and cute cardigan, perfect for the cooler evenings now, and go out to dinner! Literally took me just 5 minutes
to change over and do my eye make-up! Super cute and super quick. The base outfit is simple, and can be worn for various occasions, either dressed up or down! 
For my eye make-up, I used a candy pink on the inside of my eye, and on the outer lid I used a bold shimmery blue. I then blended the two and got a beautiful purple hue in the middle! Totally cute and super simple to achieve, by using an angled brush and blending brush! 

I just used my scandal eyes mascara and used the Mary Kay lip gloss in 'gold rush' for a slight shimmer. On my cheeks is the Bourjois blush in Rose D'Or; and foundation and concealer are Collection 2000, both in shade ivory.

Not long until its December and we can officially go Christmas Crazy!!

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 22 November 2014

Simply Be SS15 Preview Event!

So on Wednesday I went to my first ever bloggers event, all thanks to Simply Be! I also did a mini vlog of my night too (check it out here)

I had such a fantastic night with some lovely ladies, meeting lots of lovely new ladies and bloggers and meeting bloggers who inspired me to start blogging! (I did fan girl a little inside if I'm going to be honest) I had such a lovely night and spent it with the lovely Hayley too from Lady Haze of Vintage! I also met the lovely Mookie from Mookie's Life and she's also so super lovely (we even bagged a cute selfie!!)

So here comes all the pictures....!

My fellow Vintage lover Hayley from the Lady Haze of Vintage and moi!

Bright Pink Pleated Midi Skirt - a must have!!

My absolute favourite Bikini!

Beautiful Wrap Dress
The gorgeous Mookie & Moi!

Hayley & Myself having some lovely wine!

Hayley, Mookie and I - Selfie Time!

I got to London about half an hour earlier then what I expected, due to my later train being cancelled (it does pay to be early sometimes!) and I got to Oxford Circus about 4ish where I met the lovely Becky from doesmyblogmakemelookfat and a few other lovely ladies too! We went to the Simply Be shop on Oxford Street and had a look round (found a few pieces I wouldn't mind getting once I get my first pay from my new job!) and then I went to pick the lovely Hayley from the tube station before we all headed up and over to the Sanderson Hotel where the event was being held!

There were so many beautiful ladies as well as lots of beautiful pieces for the next collection - I'm even very tempted to get a bikini for the first time in ever as I completely fell in love with the pink bikini on show and the black and white polka dot bikini!!

I also saw this gorgeous jersey wrap dress, that will be warm if a little chilly but also cool enough to wear on a really hot day!

I overall cannot wait for next year for Summer and Spring, but I also want to say a huge thank you to Simply Be for this amazing opportunity!!


Emma Victoria


Saturday, 15 November 2014

Review; Collectif Pearl Coat (Beige)

Happy Saturday! Sorry today's post isn't up at the usual time, but I've been so wrapped up into my reading, that last night I forgot to write this post up (and while I write this I'm actually watching the rugby)!!

Anyway, today I thought I'd show, and review my absolutely stunning new coat! I'm in complete awe and love with this coat - I waited a year to purchase it, and its everything I expected and more.

So lets begin with the actual aesthetic looks to the coat.
The Pearl Coat has a 1930's style with stunning pleats on the waist, bust and back of the coat to give volume and to shape. The coat has a small hourglass cut to the waist, which is also supported with the flare of the skirt on the coat too. (Perfect for those ladies who want to flatter their figure, or to acheieve a little hourglass figure while wearing a coat). The collar, cuffs and trim of the coat are all in a faux fox fur which is so super soft you never want to take the coat of at all! I also saw a post on Tumblr where the Pearl Coat looks identical to the one in the picture (link here).

The coat itself, is very heavy, but at the same time its very cosy and warm. I genuinely can't wait to have snow again in the UK, just so I have even more excuse to wear the coat!
I bought this coat in a size 20, and its definitely true to size, I'm in between sizes in Collectif varying from a size 18 -22, but I'm predominantly a 20. The coat has a good little bit of stretch to it, not loads but enough to fit over my rather voluptuous lady lumps. The buttons are mighty sturdy too, as well as positively cute. What I love even more with the faux fur neck collar, is that you can have it loose like I am wearing in the images, or you can fasten it up so its more tighter around your neck for more warmth; there is 3 hook and eye fasteners on the fur collar, and is a really lovely option to have, depending on what the weather may be.
The coat also has really good pockets - I'm very fussy when it comes to coats with pockets. My last coat had poor excuses for pockets and I couldn't even put my phone in them without it falling out - however the pockets on the pearl can probably hold a compact mirror, lipstick and my iPhone 4s quite happily - which is perfect if you are just quickly dashing out and don't need nor want to take a handbag! (Also perfect to pop your hands in if you gloves aren't keeping your hands toasty!)
My favourite part of testing anything that has a flowy skirt to it, is the twirl test! I didn't expect this coat to be too twirly considering how heavy it is, but I was pleasantly surprised! If you are walking down the street the skirt actually swings as you go, making you look like you've stepped out of the 1930's glamour scene (no complaints here!), but if you really want to get some va va voom, then just spin in a circle (I do it a lot, way too much some times!) and then you can really get some volume under the skirt - definitely a happy girl here! No worries if it's windy though as the coat will definitely hold down so you won't have to worry about having any Marilyn Monroe moments!


So overall I think this whole coat is phenomenal - its just perfect and is classically elegant.  I even think giving it an 11 out of 10 is still not justifying how amazing this coat is, in design and quality. You can either dress it up or dress it down! I'd pair this coat with my Patsy Herringbone skirt, black tights, black pumps, a cute top and cardigan/bolero with this coat for a cute winter outfit!
The price of £185 may be a little steep for those on a budget, but I promise that it is definitely worth its price tag!

You can buy your's here:
Green -
Beige - 


Emma Victoria


(P.S If you want to see my twirling around in the coat then check out my Mini Review on YouTube!)

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

OOTW; Winter Polka Dotty

Seeing as we are approaching cooler climates now its starting to get near Christmas - which always means I get super excited. However, I still have a lot of meetings to go to for various things I do, so I need to look smart yet stylish. Way back in July I think it was, Collectif had a huge sale and I bought this lovely dress, and its absolutely perfect!
Blue Crochet Multiway Bra, Simply Be - £32 (No Longer Available)
Blue Crochet High Waisted Briefs, Simple Be - £18 (No Longer Available)
Red Polka Dot Dolores Wiggle Dress, Collectif - £50
Black pearls, Charity Shop - £1
Cream Fur Coat, Primark - £35
Patent Becca Bag, Collectif - £35
T-Bar Heels, eBay - £20

This outfit is really lovely and comfortable, I got my dress in a size 22, but kind of wish I went for a 20 or even an 18. Its actually quite big on me, but I've yet to get round to tailoring it properly to my figure. However, its a super classy, bright number which can brighten anyone's day - as my boss told me so!

I've also been really enjoying wearing hold-ups more so far this autumn/winter, I normally just wore plain tights or leggings if wearing boots. And these Amazon ones are amazing and don't fall down! I have a review for them coming up soon!

I kept my make-up particularly simple, seeing as this is a more 'office' do, and the smoky grey eyes are just absolutely lovely anyway! You can add eyeliner if you wish, however I chose not to.
Vie Tinted Moisturiser in Very Light
Collection 2000 Concealer in Shade 02
Collection 2000 Foundation in Light
Natural Collection Face Powder shade Neutral
Light Shimmer Grey over whole lid
Dark Shimmer Grey in crease, blended out
Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara
Mary Kay Lip Gloss in shade Goldrush

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 8 November 2014

Preparing for Christmas... Tips!

I know, I know "Its only NOVEMBER!" but - I like to be prepared for Christmas, and not have to panic at the last minute like hundreds of other people! So here are a few of my tips for Christmas, not only for this year but for future years.

1. Make a List!
I'm not saying make a list just for other people  for what to get you - make a list for yourself!
Normally around mid-late September I start planning for Christmas. What I'm doing for dessert for Christmas day (as I'm normally the one who does dessert), presents, Christmas Cards, Candles, decoration themes & plan. Everything! I normally have a list of presents compiled by mid-October for everyone and have a budget set on how much I'm spending.

2. Spending
Now I have heard countless times of the shock bills we get in January and the impending doom of debt... However I completely avoid this and don't normally have a panic attack of lack of money by 10th January.
What I do, and is one of the best things I do, is put money away for Christmas presents every week of the year, starting the first week of the New Year. This year I saved up just over £300 which was more then enough for my presents and more! It makes things so much easier and less stressful too!

3. Plan Ahead 
Overall the key thing to Christmas is to plan ahead - don't leave anything to chance. Don't wait for the rush of the 1st December to start getting things in. The earlier you start planning and buying things the less panic and rush December seems. I normally go for a waltz around the shops in December after I've done all my shopping for look for myself.

4. Buying after Christmas
So, normally after Christmas is over, everything goes on sale. Last year Balsam Hill had a huge sale and we got an 8ft Christmas tree with lights for £299 when the original RRP was £650. We finally took the plunge and bought a fake tree as we found we could shape them better and have the tree up for much longer!
I normally buy my wrapping paper, cards and other bits and bobs just after Christmas for the next year.

5. Enjoy the Season!
Its one thing I find that so many people are stressing out - that they can't enjoy the time! Which makes me so super sad!!! I love Christmas with all my heart - I love the fake snow, the joyous songs and little children getting excited for St Nick! 
So please enjoy the time, have a cheeky little Baileys, watch a few Christmas episodes on TV while wrapping up presents and writing cards, go out to the local town which has all the beautiful decorations alight at night! (I love going to Oxford Street and Winter Wonderland every year in London, especially at night!)

(P.S I normally love going to see the Choccywoccydoodah Christmas displays in Brighton, and now also London. They are so phenomenally amazing - definitely a recommended visit!)

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 1 November 2014

Personal; I Have An Idea.

So recently, I've been thinking a lot more as to my career, my life, my job. I've been planning the next few years roughly in my head like the boring stuff of wanting to ideally be moved out by 21, pass my test, get a decent car, spend 2 years at this job and possibly then start looking at another, the trivial things really.

But one thing that has always bugged me, that I know I'd never have the guts to do would be to start up my own business. I have so many ideas stuck in my head; in my dreams I have my own mini empire of an array of my ideas being successful... But I know in reality, I can't and first and for most don't have the guts to take such a huge financial risk right now or maybe ever.

I admire anyone who starts up their own business, and follows that dream. I think what bugs me is that I wouldn't know how to do it for a start. What to start with and who to start with - its all just confusing, its not as simple as writing something down on a piece of paper. It takes time and a lot of money.

Another thing that bugs me personally, is that I feel that I'm not smart enough, like no one will take me seriously, my family and friends say I'm smart but I don't feel I am. I know you don't have to be smart to run a business, but I just feel like I'd make a mockery of myself.

So do any of you have a dream that maybe your too scared to pursue or delve into? If you are, what makes you feel like you can't, and do you think you ever will?

Do you have any good advice?

Emma Victoria


(P.S Don't forget to check out my Haul Video on my YouTube channel which I uploaded yesterday!)

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

OOTW & Tutorial; Halloween Dead Diner Doll

Halloween is only 2 days away! I conjured up this really cute yet creepy Halloween look - it covers adorable retro chic, my favourite brand of clothing and being totally creepy and creative!

Here are the links to last years Halloween ideas!Rockabilly Zombie
Vintage Broken Doll
Seductive Devil
Dead Slutty Barbie Doll


Pink Cynthia Doll Dress, Collectif - £89 .50
White Bobby Socks, eBay - £5
Black Creepers, New Look - £12

Make-Up and Hair Tutorial

Step 1 First off you need to prime your face, I used a basic primer which I had come in a set. I primed my whole face so that the face paint would sit better.

Step 2 After priming, prepare your face paint - I used the Snazaroo face paint in White (you can use any strong pigmented face paint - this is the only one I can use as I'm allergic to others). I did about 2 layers of face paint and blended to make it smooth. When doing the first layer, apply and then smooth out, leave to dry before applying another coat.

Step 3 I then went on to use a blue shimmer dust to contour my face, again for a more dead look. I used a angled brush for a harsh line and then blended out using a blusher brush.

Step 4 Moving onto the eyes. I want a very harsh look to my eyes, seeing as I need to look creepy and dead I used dark greys and blacks. I heavily went over my under eye with a black eye-liner and then smudged this out used a Q-Tip. On the actual eyelids, I used a shimmery grey all over the lid, including the inner corner of my eye, and then in my crease I did a thick blended out line of black. I then used my liquid eyeliner to give myself a medium thickness wing. I tend not to wear false eyelashes (personal preference) so I just used my Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara.

Step 5 The next step is the scars. I used the same liquid liner I used on my eyes to make the scars. These are pretty easy and basic and you just need a steady hand. (I also added a beauty spot!) I then made some fake blood, using an old cheap red lipstick I don't used along with some Vaseline, I then added a scrapping of black eye-shadow to make the colour a bit darker. The gloss of the Vaseline in the light gives the scar a fresh bleeding effect (simple but effective!) I then filled the scars in and over with the fake blood. For the scar under the eye I made a gap between the two centre lines of the scar (seeing left above image) - this is an open wound, its the same process, just fill in the gap with the fake blood.

Step 6 The lips - I used my Rimmel Dark Berry Lipstick I got for winter last year (I love dark berry shades for Autumn and Winter). After applying my lipstick as normal, I added some black eyeshadow to the corners and outer line of my lips and rubbed my lips together for a dark red/purpley/black effect!

Step 7 The last step is the hair. I did a simple messy beehive, just cause its simple, easy and easy to make a mess of! I split my hair into two, I put the lower back half into a high ponytail where I want the beehive to sit, and the other half a bun on my head till I have the ponytail where I want. I then back comb the ponytail and fold it over itself, pinning the hair on the underside (use as many pins are you wish on this part, it will be covered over. I then took the rest of my hair, back combed it and put it over the now back combed folded over ponytail and pinned. I then took a comb and just made the beehive messy!

And your done!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! (Go be creepy...)

Emma Victoria