Monday, 6 January 2014

Betty the Sewing Machine! (Quick Post!)

Today's post is just a quick bonus post, I thought I'd just give you all a little update on my sewing machine, this is my 'Completed List' so far!

1. I've named my Sewing Machine - Betty-Sue, but Betty for Short!
2. I've already fixed a pair of knickers and 2 cushions using several different stitches (and backstitching!)
3. I finally learnt after about an hour of getting confused that the bobbin thread doesn't go through the needle, but the needle picks the thread up and loops (rookie mistake...)
4. I've learn't that I'm impossible at trying to get the thread through the needle.
5. I've got an itch to keep using Betty, even if it's just to practice. 
6. I think I might already be becoming obsessed with Betty...

I got Betty for Christmas and I've finally had the chance to start using her now after setting her all up! If in the future once I've had some practice, for some tutorials, then it'd be good to know if you would like them!

Much Love

Emma Victoria & Betty Sue