Saturday, 11 January 2014

How To Tie A Rockabilly Hair Bandanna!

I have 2 methods on how I tie my Rockabilly headscarf's in my hair, obviously each person is different and I use my two depending on the outfit and what I'm doing/the weather! 

Simple Wrap Around

1. First of all you just want your bandanna in a diamond shape and then fold this in half. You might want to iron it first, unlike mine, because I wear mine so often I never have the time to keep ironing it!

2. (Image on the right) Next you want to fold down the top tip of the bandanna, how much you fold it down by will determine how thick your bandanna will come out. I like to fold mine by about 5-6cm just so its just right for me. Now you just want to keep folding right down until you get one long strip (the 3rd image on the right).

3. I normally have my hair tied up in a ponytail or a bun with this style, and my fringe is in either betty bangs or its quiffed up (like in my Rockabilly Zombie post). Now you want to take the two ends and tie them onto your head into a knot. I prefer to tie mine at the front, but others may prefer the side of possibly tucked under the ponytail for a neater look. And then you are done! 

4. OPTIONAL - If you want to secure you bandanna a little more then you can add bobby pins to secure it to your hair, this is especially helpful when its really windy out and you don't want to lose your scarf and mess your hair up!

Rosie the Riveter Style
I currently do not have a red polka dot scarf, but I still use my red paisley one as it works just the same. This is perfect for when you set your hair and you need to go out quickly, you can just put this on to hide your curls and no one will know!

1. The first step is quite similar to the other method, but instead of having the two tips meeting, you have the inner one shorter then the outside one, this is so you can bring the longer piece through when you are tying it up. I normally take mine from about 1/4 of an inch to about 3/4 inch, depending on if my hair is in rollers or just flat against my head. 

2. The next step is putting it onto your head, you want the straight edge against the bottom of your head/neck. You then want to tie the two side parts like in the top one and bring the excess part of the scarf on top underneath where you have tied your two bits together. (Look at image to kind of understand what I mean, it sounds a lot harder then it really is!)
3. Now you need to bring that extra strip dangling down back up, and then again tie your two strips above the part you pulled back again. This will secure it in place and will make it look a bit more flush. And you are done - again if you want to secure it in place then you can use bobby pins, but this is up to you!

If you have any other tutorials you would like me to have a go at then please leave a comment below or message me on my facebook page!

Much Love

Emma Victoria