Wednesday, 12 February 2014

OOTW: Death by Love... (Valentines Day)

Today's post is an outfit I'd possibly wear on a date for Valentines Day - even though I don't have a date I will just be wearing this on Friday because well, I'm single and just screw what the world thinks.

This outfit is a little more edgy (I'm feeling a little bit Psychobilly this week and will probably have my hair in a pomp too for a more hyperbolic look). I really kind of like the subliminal meaning in this outfit, for me it says "Love till the Death" seeing with the black and white roses and skulls on my skirt, I'm trying to be somewhat romantic... And failing?

Ivory Pearls, Collectif - £15

Black T-Bar Heels, eBay - £15

I just really like the fact that this outfit is not too girly and stereotypical, but also that it has that edgy feel. Love is made out to be something easy and you just 'know' and yes that's somewhat true, but love can be painful and it can ruin you (I found that out the hard way), and for me personally that reflects how love has effected me. For my make-up I have done simple make-up, with my normal winged eye-liner and my dark berry Rimmel lipstick; my eye-shadow is just a pale pink as this just makes my eyes pop a little more instead of having a really bold colour, I just chose to have my eye-liner thicker for a stronger look. For my hair in this picture I just have it tied up in a ponytail and rolled in on itself with a leopard print headband. But I may also just do a large pomp with my fringe for a more 'psychobilly' look.

Happy Valentines Day for Friday to you Singletons and those in a relationship!


Emma Victoria